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Jun 05, 2001, 08:14 AM
aka: A.Roger Wilfong
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New GWS/Wattage Plane & Hitec

My mostly glow club held a meeting at The Prop Shop last night. I noticed several new items and bought one. The one bought was a Wattage speed 280 park flyer. I know, you're going to ask the name, but I forgot. But the retail price was $35.

The model is reminicent of the German plane in the Great Race - although is comes with British markings. The fuse is a triangular section made from depron and the wings are very similar to the LiteStik. Comes with a speed 280 motor and gear box; however, I haven't seen a 280 like this one - it's the same diameter as a 280, but it is flatted on the sides. I put the fuse together last night in about an hour of puttzing around. I let you know how it comes out.

Second new item was a Hitec 3 channel FM with a new receiver. The Rx is a 5 channel single conversion unit about the same size as the 2/3 channel AM Rx, but it's FM. Price for this combo with 2 HS-81's and NiCds in the Tx was $99.95

- Roger
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Jun 05, 2001, 09:46 AM
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Roger your plane is the Mini Max and I have one as well. I have had the same size motor before from another supplier and it was called a 250 in that project. Mine has been ready to fly with the exception of two missing clevises from my kit for over a week. So far no answer to three e-mails to Hobby People about the Clevises. While the plane has been sitting the doubled sided tape that holds the wing together has weakened on the edges so I have applied a little extra tape on the edges in hopes of holding it together. Good luck with yours. Mike Heer
Jun 05, 2001, 10:01 AM
aka: A.Roger Wilfong
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Yeah. Before I gave up for the night, I scanned ahead to the wing. I'd worried about holding the whole wing assembly together with just the double sided tape. I also wondered at the durability of the wing if you tried to do anything other than flying around in a circle.

I thought about adding a carbon rod/tube to the leading edge, but haven't decided. I have some packing tape that's a perfect match for the orange wings so I'd though of adding some tape to where the top reinfocedment meets the wing.

- Roger
Jun 05, 2001, 07:59 PM
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I have about 30 flights on my Mini Max now. Using stock motor and prop with IC-5A esc, and Focus III with CS-21 servos. Battery is 6C 650NiMH. This airplane flies very well.

I would not worry about how the wing is assembled. Once you get it together you will realize that it is actually quite a strong setup. Much stronger than the Lite stik. I've looped mine numerous time without fail.

Jun 05, 2001, 09:07 PM
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How does it handle? Does it turn pretty precisely? I have heard several people tell me that the only reason they can not fly the lite stick in small places is because it does not handle that well.

Jun 05, 2001, 09:47 PM
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First: It is called the Mini Max. It is inspired by our 40 size Glow Powered Blue Max.

Second: It is our aircraft made for us in Taiwan by someone other than GWS

Third: Motor naming is an odd thing. However, Mabuchi calls the motor we use a 280 so we use the EXACT same name they do.

Fourth: The tape solution works fairly well. However, we've found that variances in the surface of the foam affect the way it sticks. So, if you decide to buy one, contact me and I will send the parts we are now including with it. If you've already built one, I suggest simply adding a little tape around the leading and trailing edge.

Fifth: For the customer that has emailed us three times... If you've emailed us three times, obviously there is some other problem. We answer all email daily.

As to how it flies, everyone has their opinion. However, EVERYONE that we've sent the plane to for review has reported back that it flew much better outdoors that other planes in the same size/category. Fixed dihedral, stiffer wing, more power all add up to a very nice flying plane.

Feel free to contact me directly and I will send you whatever was missing from your kit. Sorry for the hassle.

-Mike Greenshields
Product Manager
714 964 0827 ext 402
Jun 06, 2001, 02:10 PM
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My Mini Max flies very good. I always fly outdoors and this time of year it's usually breezy. It handles a breeze very well.

It will fly extremely slowly at about 1/4 throttle. Flying like this, I get nearly 20 minutes flight time with the 650Mah battery. At full power, it climbs with authority and loops quite easily. Tight turns are very easy, too. What is especially fun is flying around at about 1/4 throttle, putting in full rudder deflection and punch the throttle at the same time. It will literally turn within its wingspan.