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Oct 27, 2020, 11:44 PM
tree scavenger
Thread OP

Salvaging a $9.00 classic...

...the mags had rotted on this blue wonder,
i posted it in Electric Motor Design and Construction awhile back but got little interest or comment,,
and i didnt recognize anyone over in that neighborhood anymore,,

ive a fondness for em, great little 3D foamie motors, even rewound a couple yrs ago...
thought i'd take a stab at it...

basically the motor was locked-up tight,
so i made a 6-point wooden JIG, that would poke thru the Bell cooling holes, and Into the stator/tube assembly,
and using a green aluminum tube (from salvaged copier parts)
to allow for some clearance, else the bearing tube wouldve 'bottom-out' against the vice jaws...
actually the TUBE was just the Perfect Diameter to push against the magnets (and/or thus the Bell...)
whilst the Jig pushed against the stator from the top/front,

in the end i didnt actually glue the pegs into the ply base (as i mayve needed to utilize only 3 of the 6
if/when things didnt align accurately...) fortunately this allowed some wiggle-room which is basically what i did,
re-clamped a cpl times, tried to keep it straight, repositioned it,, tappa-tappa w/a light hammer,,
was about to give up when i WIGGLED the cr*ap out of it, then removed it from the vice and it came out.
i think i just got lucky maybe.

I initially hoped i could just re-mag it and move on,
after seeing how locked up it was i feared destroying it during this process,,
again, got lucky,, as it came out fairly intact as far as the Stator and windings.

but this was just the beginning...

Motor Template from GoBrushless Rotor Calculator
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Oct 28, 2020, 07:48 PM
Registered User
I find this interesting but have no idea what’s going on in the photos without any description or narrative.
Oct 30, 2020, 12:38 AM
tree scavenger
Thread OP
hey Jim
srry mista,, its just that, i spent over 40 mins tossin that all together, and i DID actually
Caption each and every pic (kinda as an after-thought, but quite descriptively, almost eloquently,,
and a little humorously even..) BUT, after subsequent 'Previewing' it somehow Didnt retain the darn
captions when i hit 'Submit Post'!
and (apparently) you Cant Edit the pics (or captions anyway)...

i was so mad.. lol
anyway, i did futz with this thing some more today, but it'll be tomm before i have the wits
to followup, i'll take another stab at it then... its so late and im soo tired....
thanks for peekin in
Oct 30, 2020, 01:44 PM
Registered User
Edit the post, go to Advance, scroll down to where you downloaded the pics, expand, add caption and the save after each edit; if memory serves me well.

Interesting subject, I would like to also know what was happening.
Nov 03, 2020, 04:57 PM
tree scavenger
Thread OP
hey fellas,
sorry about that, it shouldnt take this long to slap this all together, but it does...
i appreciate your interest,

thanks mista, im on it..

i measured the mags on several other BW Mtrs, as best i could, with them being assembled still,,
at 5x5x2mm, 'maybe' 5x5x1.8-?

i guess i should note: this is an 12n16P configuration, which 'kinda' surprised me,
i knew there were 12 stator arms, but i was thinging there would be only 14 mags...
but anyway, none of my mag sets would fit.

I tried 3-4 sets, IIRC (my) 5x5x2's would only fit 14 mags,,
and my 1st 5x4x2's wouldnt allow the stator to re-seat in that configuration (negative-airgap)
it was kinda annoying cuz i have a LOT of mag sets,, from GB, magnetman, the StrongRC days...
i dont know what the difference is, or what 'they' use on these things....

anyway i ended up going with 5x4x1.5's (?) and of course since it wasnt a perfect fit (fill)
i now had to Space Them all out equally,

i first tried some bits of motor magnet wire because thats just what i remember having used before, yrs ago,
on an earlier Komodo build, when that wasnt sufficient at filling the gaps, i got a little smarter,, i calipered the wire,
measured the remaining gap (after sliding them all together as best i could) divided THAT Gap by 16,
and added That amount to the wire diameter to approximate what i would need,

then searched around for something 'about' that thickness,
which ended up being some thick paper (cardboard) packaging material,,
(approximately .85mm just slightly thicker than a cereal box im guessing...)

...that i THEN cut into strips, then into tiny little pieces,, and commenced with
the tedium of inserting each of these into the spaces (gaps)...
Good Stuff! lol
Nov 03, 2020, 06:45 PM
tree scavenger
Thread OP

Update (2020.11.03)

this motor came with the long, threaded shaft (from HeadsupRC maybe..?)
i would be more likely to USE a shorter one with wobbly/adapter...
so i determined to replace the shaft,, (i just had to do something to sidetrack myself right?)
i cut the (E/C-clip) Notch first, then cutoff the wrong end and had to start over lol

beyond that, the Stator and windings remained mostly Intact, again, Got Lucky.
i basically reassembled her, and fired her up on the bench,

BW rebuild (salvage) 2020.11.01 (initial runup, averages)

GWS8040 3S 610mah (rhino, old, usable/using)
10.2v 5A 270g (9.54oz)

[EDIT:]i cant seem to upload the video, and ive no means to edit it down.

thanks for peeking in.
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Nov 04, 2020, 07:47 AM
Registered User
Nice, very nice. Old school determination paid off for you.

This past weekend I saw a BW advertised by one of the Asian vendors, not sure if it is the same as an original.

I think that to embed the video you will need to click the link icon (globe and chain) and paste in your video link; you might need to edit the http part out so there will not be two instaces of it.
Nov 07, 2020, 04:02 PM
Wake up, feel pulse, be happy!
Piece's Avatar
You just paste the URL directly into the post body. The rest is done by magic.

HXT 2713 (BW) re-magged initial bench run (2020.11.03) (1 min 14 sec)
Nov 08, 2020, 11:49 PM
tree scavenger
Thread OP
oh man, yer killin me, lol
well, i 'thought' thats what i did!?
obvious not too web-savvy here huh..?

man,, i spent waay too much time on that as it is, im leavin it as is.. get it nxt time.
good on ya's for havin my back tho fellas!
'magic' ..cracked me up, i needed that tho,,

(man, even your nick is makin me chuckle now srry mista)
im curious where ya saw that? havent seen em much lately,,
tho i did score a pretty clean 'silver' one off the classifieds jst recently, think that makes..8 or so for me?
Nov 09, 2020, 08:07 AM
Registered User
When I was choosing a name I found a user here named PrepH, or similar, so I though roids would be a good choice. It was more tongue-in-cheek than any thing else. I will hunt around and see if I can find that vendor.

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