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Oct 21, 2020, 06:34 PM
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In the writer's room

I don't know what you've been doing during the pandemic but the WinchDoc and I have been hunkering down, staying close (more or less) to home and watching the telly while writing screen plays based on the antics portrayed by the 'actors' in Washington, DC.

* Disclaimer....all character names are based on real people, despite the fact that they act like caricatures in an SNL sketch. All actions portrayed in the following are fictional and probably only a little prophetic.

Season 4 - House of Trump Cards

After the surprise pandemic episodes, the old Russian villain who has remained silent, biding his time becomes angry with the POTUS and decides to drop the black mail bomb, the infamous "Compromat" DJT's Russian dominatrix sex tapes, almost a black mirror scene.

Melania loses her....composure (so to speak) goes to N.Y. with Barron, files for divorce and takes over Trump Tower. The youngster is kidnapped by the SLA, they turn him and he becomes a left leaning environmentalist and spills his guts about Ivanka and her dirty crime business with China. She's invisible, she can do anything. With Barron turned, the family AKA daddy, decides he's a liability so poof -- he goes underground for his own protection. Now every 30 days a new video appears on TikTok where Barron discloses another one of "my father's sins". Which spins off to an entirely new series.....'just like the sands of time in the hour glass....these are the sins of my father. A highly rate show! It goes viral. Barron, being a chip off the old block, has mean while embezzled from his father's secret slush funds - turning them into untraceable bit coins, thus making him independent of the influence of the family.
Oh-Oh better call Rudy!
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