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Oct 18, 2020, 02:26 PM
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Update to "Do not sell on Ebay"

Here is final email I got back from the liars at sleazebay. Read it carefully as it shows lowlifes policies towards bogus returns for any and all reasons. Scumbags at that website are turning a blind eye and deaf ear and are letting their precious buyers have a license to steal whatever they want out of your kits or whatever you sell. They wanted me to send them all the pics I took of the model kit before I shipped it and after I got it back that clearly showed missing parts. Why did sleazebay waste my time sending the pics of the kit when they were already going to favor the lowlife buyer? Since sleazebay doesn't allow sellers to leave negative feedback for the scumbag buyers I sent numerous sellers the name of the buyer and a copy of sleazebays policies on returns. Got a few replies from the sellers they put the scumbag buyer on block. Be warned. Consider this. If you have a rare/hard to find kit that is complete and you sell to a buyer on skeezbay if the buyer has the same kit but his kit is missing some parts all that buyer has to do is take the parts he wants then will file for a refund and guess what? You have to refund the scum and now you are stuck with a incomplete kit. Anyone have the same situation with selling on here using paypal? Here is the last email.

Thanks for getting in touch with us. I understand you’d like to appeal the return for the (174451417361).

I completely understand how frustrating it is when transactions do not go as anticipated and you are charged when there is technically nothing wrong with the item.

Please understand because we’re a selling platform we’re not in a position to determine if the condition of the original item differs from the returned item to assess if the return is valid or not.

Since the item has been successfully returned to you it is correct that the buyer received a full refund and we won’t be able to reverse that decision.

I can assure you we take reports of buyers misusing returns quite seriously. You may or may not be aware, we’ve made some significant changes in this space recently but we’re reliant on vigilant sellers like yourself to report buyers who misuse our returns process.
Oct 18, 2020, 02:47 PM
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Originally Posted by totenkopf
Since the item has been successfully returned to you...
You missed the message.
Your mistake was that you accepted the return.

You should have refused delivery because your ad stated no returns.

You broke your own policy. People deny package delivery every day. The guy would have wasted his return shipping money, and then you could have argued your point that you don't accept returns, and kept your money. You can't get your money and keep merchandise.

I'll continue to sell on Ebay. Thanks.
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Oct 18, 2020, 02:59 PM
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Thread OP
Balsa you never have anything good to say about my posts. Anyway sleazebay had sent me a email saying lowlife buyer wanted a return. Guess what. Sleazebay had it in such a way that there was a icon to check out this return. As soon as I clicked on the icon, boom it said I accepted return when I did not. I even called those lowlifes and told them I did not accept return. So next time balsa get info straight before before you toss out your 2 cents. Bottom dollar is the way the lowlifes policy is even though your ad says as is no returns guess what? Buyer showed package was sent back and delivered you still have to refund the money. Get it now?
Oct 18, 2020, 03:17 PM
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As a seller or buyer, hostility and a poor choice of words that are inappropriate and aggressive, are not what people are attracted to do to business with. Should anything go awry, who would want such a style of language to endure while attempting to work it out, with condescending tone and names? No one.

You are entitled to your opinion but so am I. I have no issues with Ebay or PayPal and have been exactly in your shoes with exactly the same situation and came out on top with no money taken from me at all. So we have had opposite experiences with the same venue.

If you slow down and read ALL the forums threads, no one is replicating your style of expressing themselves anywhere. That should be a clue as to being out of bounds with the forum. So, yes I get that.

Again, until delivery confirmation shows the item was accepted and delivered to your address, you are in control of your no return policy. You should have simply refuse the package. If you started a thread sooner before the end result, I could have given you timely advice early enough to act on it. It then goes right back to the sender. The tracking will show refused. Then Ebay would have no choice but to allow you to keep the funds, because they cannot take your money and you lose your merchandise also.
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Oct 18, 2020, 03:19 PM
most exalted one
Then I guess it was not an icon to check out a return but to accept a return. If I am wrong I would very much like to see the email and the text and icon. Then I will avoid ebay.
Oct 18, 2020, 03:48 PM
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Thread OP
The only way you will be able to see the return icon or the window that ebay emails you is to have someone file a refund/return to you from sleazebay. One you click on the window or slash icon the window is gone. Balsa you need to calm down. Everytime I see you reply to a post you are always negative. You just don't it. Once the buyer ships item back buyer has a tracking number. My postman/ups/fedex they don't ring door bell the just drop package on front porch. Once the post office/ups/fedex shows it was delivered thats it. Ebay is lowlife and come hell or high water you will have to refund the scumbag buyers. Only thing I am doing is warning you guys about the refund/return policies they have so you won't be in the same position I am. You use to be able to leave negative feedback to buyers. No more. Why is that?
Oct 18, 2020, 03:53 PM
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You set up the policy when you list an item.
If you provide a 30 day or 60 day return, then you have no choice but to refund the customer and handle whatever battle or cheating game they're up to.
However, to avoid that, in my experience,
you select no returns on the listing when you post it. They cannot return it to you because Ebay and PayPal do not provide a return shipping label for them. You should take pictures of the packaged item as you pack it to protect yourself until the time for a dispute expires. It's best to put that photo right in the ad, to run off the cheats from the start.
I've never had an issue with a no return listing. I had one attempt, as I stated, and Ebay handled it very nicely. When the buyer ignored them, he returned it with his own postage, so I reported that. Ebay said that I could keep the item. I made a reasonable effort to return the item to the customer, if he covered the costs but he abandoned it, so I sold it twice. I waited 60 days to do so.

As I stated in the previous thread on this very topic from yesterday, that the OP closed and started a new one here, I guess I'm lucky only dealing with glow engines and balsawood kits. It's guys my age typically that deal in that niche. They're boomers like myself, or older. Not the entitled generation that entered the drone world and killed our freedom to fly as we once knew it. But that's another topic entirely, although I believe its why I don't get into these situations. If I do get cheated, so what? They needed the money more than I did. Move on. It's a very low percentage as the OP stated, he's got a lot of transactions incident free. Just block that buyer and problem solved, for as long as it took for this one to show up.

The only excited one here, is the OP with his use of names. I've lost no money today. I'm very positive about the Ebay experience too. For the answer about feedback, go to the reply I gave in the previous thread that was closed.
Oct 18, 2020, 04:00 PM
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I had a similar situation happen to me a few months ago on Feebay.

Buyer started a return within 2 hours of receiving an expensive electronic item ($450) saying it was "not as described". The item was in MINT condition and was fully functional. I knew there was some funny business going on. Buyers remorse or maybe he had to spend money on Paypal and get funds back for it to take a cash refund. Not sure but that's another story...

The kicker was that Feebay sent me the notice that a refund request had been opened and that since it was "not as described" (that was total crap...) I MUST PAY FOR RETURN SHIPPING and if I did not, they would force the refund through Paypal and back-charge me for shipping as that is their default policy. Not only that but if I disputed the "not as described" refund and lost (I can be sure they will ALWAYS side with the buyer by default) that they would put a seller strike against my account and penalize me by keeping the "Final Value Fee" as punishment. This is how they put a "gun" to your head when a buyer pulls crap with returning an item.

It was easier to refund the buyer and ban him from any of my other auctions and move on. Shortly after, I pulled all my listings and have not been back since then.

So long Feebay!

Oct 18, 2020, 04:08 PM
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Thread OP
You must be selling on a different ebay. I did everything you did when it comes to the "No returns" set up. About 2 months ago I sold a very nice new set of retracts. Same thing "No returns". Buyer says retracts don't work. They were electric and I tested them before shipping so I know they worked. Just a typical remorse buyer. Opens a return case and I refused it. Buyer ships retracts back. Day they arrive sleazebay sends email to refund buyer or they will take money out of my auto pay with those clowns. Balsa you need to read up on the new sleazebay policies.
Oct 18, 2020, 04:23 PM
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Here is a excerpt from sleazebays policy.

if the item you received arrived damaged, doesn't match the listing description, or if it's the wrong item, you're covered under the eBay Money Back Guarantee. You can return it even if the seller's returns policy says they don't accept returns.
Oct 18, 2020, 04:30 PM
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Thread OP
Buyer can even return the item even if they change there mind and there is nothing wrong with item. Again I am trying to give anyone who is selling or is thinking about selling on that lowlife website.

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