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Oct 17, 2020, 07:40 AM
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iFlight Chimera4 or Flywoo LR4? Which one to get?

Anyone been following this Micro Long-Range topic?

Two new FPV Micro Long-Range (Mid- to Long-Range actually) have been released from Flywoo and iFlight (more to come I guess)
Both quads seem to be very different approaches, one slightly lighter and less powerful (more efficient) but the other one a little more heavy and higher kv motors for faster speed and acro. Durability seems to be very different in those two, also the "strong wind abilities" with the low kv motors and these small props givese me a headache. Posting some recent videos below.

Flywoo LR4 Which one to Get? (15 min 4 sec)

37minute FPV flight - Flywoo Explorer LR (37 min 18 sec)

iFlight Chimera4 LR - Setup, Review & Flight Footage (18 min 18 sec)

iFlight Chimera4 vs Flywoo Explorer LR 🤔 (9 min 5 sec)

iFlight Chimera4//7 Flight footage (1 min 38 sec)

Flywoo about 20g lighter
Flywoo self powered lost model beeper
Flywoo slightly longer flight times
Flywoo default DC layout gives more flight time (iFlight offers a DC conversion option for 9.99$)
iFlight default X-geometry for better PID performance, Acro abilities, more balanced for day to day flying
iFlight 4mm bottom plate for higher durability (unibody)
iFlight higher kV motor options for faster speeds, better strong wind abilities
iFlight better hardware (20x20 stack, better ESC, enough FC UARTs for the OSD)

Both versions are available in analog and digital (Vista HD)
Product Page Links:
Flywoo LR4 HD
Flywoo LR4 Analog
iFlight Chimera4 HD
iflight Chimera4 Analog

Banggood Links:
Flywoo LR4 Analog
iFlight Chimera4 HD
iFlight Chimera4 Analog

Fun fact, Caddx ran out of chipsets for the DJI cam so there won't be any DJI cam solutions available until end of November (I've been told).
The Caddx Nebula Cam is available, but no 120fps feed and lower image quality but a little lighter. So there might be a little supplier delay here we have to deal with!
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Oct 18, 2020, 02:57 PM
fly by night
BCSaltchucker's Avatar
Airblade Transformer Mini 4, too

How to Build a Micro Long Range FPV Drone - Transformer Mini (10 min 19 sec)
Oct 25, 2020, 01:58 PM
Registered User
P.I.Engineer's Avatar
i went with iflight, i like iflight electronics and an f405, i know it's the heaviest one and not deadcat but, i'll take the pros/cons.
Oct 26, 2020, 02:24 AM
Crash tester
Drunkskunk's Avatar
I went with the Flywoo. I'm replacing the camera with a Cat 2 and going to use it to fly at night.

The Iflight version seems like they just wanted to jump on the hype wave of this new trend and threw something out quickly... That said, I think the Iflight would be better at freestyle and more aggressive flying styles. It could be argued that these two are different enough to warrant getting both.

The Transformer Mini gets everything wrong. The Motors are too high of KV, the build is too heavy. The receiver, VTX, and GPS antenna are too closely placed. the VTX antenna is too short and too close to the carbon frame. And the receiver is on the wrong end for a long range setup. Also, a Whoop style 25X25 single board weighs more than a 16X16 double stack.
Oct 26, 2020, 10:26 AM
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P.I.Engineer's Avatar
i'll also be swapping to a Cat2. I'm breaking down my 7" for this.

if i can get 12minute flights on a 4s 850, i'll be happy.

it's arriving today.
Oct 28, 2020, 07:14 AM
Registered User
P.I.Engineer's Avatar
got my chimera, in stock form with a r-xsr and a 4s 107g 850mah battery, i'm cruising at 3-4 amps. It's super quiet too. I've never had a nice prebuilt quad.

so far my first flight was 8'ish minutes.

my cat2 is installed, that adds 7 grams, but will be a lot nicer image.
Nov 02, 2020, 12:38 PM
Prying Open My Third Eye
slo_dave's Avatar
Want to go with Chimera4 but only stock with the Nebula camera.. not going there
Nov 29, 2020, 12:07 PM
Austrian FPV Freak
schim's Avatar
I agree with dave, dont use the Nebula cam
In my recent review I show the difference between nebula and orig DJI cam.

iFlight Chimera4 - Sub 250gr Longrange! (17 min 25 sec)

greets, Mario

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