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May 20, 2005, 07:55 AM
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Rocky Mountain Electric Fun Fly 2005-Golden, Colorado

First Annual "Rocky Mountain Electric Fun Fly 2005" To be held on Saturday, July 30th, 9am to 4pm at the Arvada Airpark, State Highway 93, Golden, Colorado. This is the home field of the Arvada Associated Modelers, who have been kind enough to loan us their field for this event.
Events; Speed 400 LMR Sailplane (AMA event 610) with motors limited to "can" or Speed 400 only, 7 cell NiCad or NiMH packs only. 45 second run, 5 minute glide, no spot landing, 3 rounds.
Limbo- Any Plane, motor, battery. Start at 10', 1' lower each pass.
Heli Pad Hop- Any E-Heli, 4 pads, 10' square. Lowest E.T. wins
GWS "Slo Stik" Precision Flight. Any Motor and battery, plane must be "Slo Stik" Mods OK. R.O.G., 3 loops, 3 touch + Goes, spot landing, in two minutes. Each second over/under 1 point lost. 2 attempts per entrant
AMA License req'd to enter, $ 10.00 entry includes 1 event entry, add'l events $ 5.00 each. Spectators free. Raffles and Fun Flys all day. CD George Baxter, contact Event hosted by Rocky Mountain Electric Flyers in cooperation with Arvada Associated Modelers. Maps, Flier and Rules on website.<> Ron,
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Jun 01, 2005, 12:22 AM
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Will definitely try to make it, Ron:-)
Jun 26, 2005, 08:12 PM
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Colorado E-Fun Fly, July 30, 2005

Just a reminder regarding the All-Electric Fun Fly July 30th (Saturday) At the Arvada Associated Airpark...I sent out letters to electric suppliers asking for donations to sponsor this meet. So far the results have been fantastic! We have enough merchandise so that 1st place in EACH event will receive a brushless motor and matching speed controller. 2nd place in each event will receive a brushless motor. 3rd place prizes and Award (non-flying) prizes will value about $ 50.00 each. There will also be free contestant raffles and a give-away to each contestant. A few of the contributors have been Castle Creations, Aero-Model, Dymond Aerosports, Quiet Flyer and ElectroFlying Inc. Thanks to ALL the Sponsors, it's going to be a great meet! Sky Sharkster.
P.S. If you plan to attend there is no pre-registration but could you post a reply here? RMEF and AAM would like some idea of the attendance. Maps and info @ <> or <> Thanks!
Jun 26, 2005, 11:57 PM
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I might make it out there. I know I plan on going to Teke the weekend before... Possibly.
Jul 07, 2005, 07:32 AM
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Colorado Electric Fun Fly, July 30th

The First Annual Rocky Mountain Electric Fun Fly is moving right along, here's the latest updates; We've received an AMA Contest Sanction, # 05-1769, this is a class "A" sanction, which means it has 1 official AMA (rules) event, the Speed 400 LMR glider, but we've shortened the times, 45 second motor run, 5 minute glide, 3 rounds. The rest of the events are non-rulebook, it's a FUN FLY! Fly what you bring. There are also 3 award categories, best finish/covering, pilots award(best model) and Best Origional Design so there will be a static display for voting. The prizes continue to come in, now it looks like there will be 10 additional free raffles with prizes worth about $ 30.00 each, plus a couple of kits worth about $ 50.00. If you have a model that other flyers might be interested in, bring it! We'll either give you a spot in the flying Demos or put it on static display.
The Contest Director is George Baxter <> and additional info and maps are at <>. The location is about 12 miles NW of Denver, Colorado off I-70. See you there! Sky Sharkster
Jul 14, 2005, 12:21 PM
BYOP - Build Your Own Planes
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Dang! If it was any other weekend, I'd be there. Unfortunately, I'll be in Oshkosh for EAA Airventure :-)
Jul 24, 2005, 09:42 PM
What Canary?
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Any chance of a swap-meet area or should I just sell my treasures out of the back of my car?

I plan on attending,
Jul 25, 2005, 05:48 AM
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Swap Meet?

Sure, Keith, we'll set up a "Swap" area near the static displays! We Also have a couple of Local Hobby shops bringing small displays. If it's electric, Bring it! Regarding the weather, Colorado, like most of the West, has been having a heat wave, in fact today (Sunday, July 24th) was the first sub-100 degree day in a week. Expect temps in the 90's, bring water! Arvada Associated has Sun Shades, tables, port-a-Pottys, a very nice frequency control system, but it wouldn't hurt to bring a canopy and food. No cooking or fires allowed. Sky Sharkster
Jul 25, 2005, 08:02 PM
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Hey Ron!!Remember me!!Dustin from last summer!?I moved to South Dakota and flew with you guys for about 3 months....well im comming back to colorado tommorow and i will be in town on sat. for the event!! ...what luck!im bringing my .40 size elec. conversion camera plane so i can take some aerial pictures and my tribute for some 3-D action..I cant wait to see everyone again!!!! ....I have many items to swap or sell....Now that I moved out here to SD theres tons of room so ive kinda gotten into gas models and am currently working on a 81" sig four star to be powered with a 25cc homelite weedwacker engine! ...hehe should be ive got lots of motors,esc's, and a big box of batteries I dont use anymore!!I'll see everyone there!!!-Dustin
Jul 26, 2005, 06:41 AM
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Hello Dustin!

Hey Dustin, good to hear from you! We'll all be glad to see you, bring whatever you want to swap...We're going to have a flying demo at lunchtime, Think Jorge will have his "Suprise" Hotliner, Helis,3D, other hi-performance planes, maybe you can take Arial Photos? Cory is running "Slo Stik", Gregg S is ED for "Limbo". I'll tell'em you're coming! Ron
Jul 31, 2005, 11:58 AM
What Canary?
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I would like to thank the Rocky Mountain Electric Flyers and crew for hosting the "first annual" Rocky Mountain Fun Fly. I had a great time and hope this turns into a yearly event!

Thanks again,

Aug 01, 2005, 08:57 AM
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Event Report: Rocky Mountain Electric Fun Fly 205

Hello All, Here's the results from the First Annual "Rocky Mountain Electric Fun Fly 2005". We had GREAT weather, hot, not windy and a little overcast in the afternoon to cool things down. About 150 Electric Flyers, "Swappers", Vendors, Hobby Shop Owners, and pretty much everyone else interested in Electric Flying in the Rockies. Bringing displays and booths (and Donations!) "Stevens AeroModel", "Mountain Models", "Aero-Works", "Colpar Hobbies", "Sky High Hobbies", "Mile Hi Hobbies", and most of the staff from "Hobby Giant" who were pressed into service as "volunteers", Thanks, Guys! A large fenced-off area (formally the "pit" area, but electrics don't NEED pits!) looked like E-Model Heaven, with swap, sell, buy, order, look and talk all happening at the same time.
Big Time "Thanks" to the Arvada Associated Modelers, without the loan of their field and their many volunteers we couldn't have even HAD a meet. Jim W, Pat V, Phil T, Mike B and of course our Contest Director George Baxter all worked hard to make this go and we greatly appreciate their efforts.
Lots of fun flying, Helis, Gliders, 3D, sport/scale and of course our "Events", "Limbo" was hotly contested with "GWS Slow SticK" the next most popular event. I will be posting a list of winners on our club website as soon as I get results from our Event Directors.
Sponsors: Sure we could have flown without'em, but then there wouldn't be any PRIZES! A big THANKS to; Aero-Model, Aero-Works, Castle Creations, Colpar Hobbies East, Colpar Hobbies West, Electro Flying Models, Dionysus Designs, Dymond Model Sports Ltd., Hobby Giant, Horizon Hobby, Mountain Models, Sky High Hobbies, Stevens AeroModel, Thompson's Arts & Crafts and Quiet Flyer. Support them, they support us!!
Another large THANKS to all our club volunteers, Event Directors Gregg S, John G, Keith and everyone that gave their time and sweat to run the event.
Last, we've got photos now, and I'll be posting a full event report soon, on <> click on "Forums" See you next year! Sky Sharkster
Aug 03, 2005, 12:53 AM
Truss-Loc Monkey
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Ditto, thanks guys for a great time... See you next year.


Originally Posted by KeithK
I would like to thank the Rocky Mountain Electric Flyers and crew for hosting the "first annual" Rocky Mountain Fun Fly. I had a great time and hope this turns into a yearly event!

Thanks again,


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