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May 17, 2005, 04:12 PM
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BladeRunne® Converted to Millenium Falcon

Above is a link to show a HUGE BRUSHLESS model made by GO-RC post #354. Does anyone think a Blade®unner has the POWER to make it possible ?¿ Does anyone have a Grounded Heli ,broken rotors or motors and wants make it reality.?¿ I Want to try, but my first PAPER model didnt come out even and FLAT without a FULL LENGTH Balsa wood base.( I followed the PDO model and made one of the two BACKBONEs a Circle wich i should have made larger to brace the front aswell . BUT it CAN be VERY VERY easy to make it flat and to Make it Hollow JuSt like GO-RC made his HUGE one. )

They talk about the fact that it will fly MUCH better and flat with twin motors, and got me thinking____ I posted my Idea on post# 497 below is what I said

<><> ▓ ↑ <><>

About making a small flying model..

I myself TRIED to make a small HAND sized Falcon from the Pepakura Paper craft 3d Model from this .. I might also suggest you get the PDO file, and Pepakura VIEWER

With the viewer you can right click the model move and manipulate it to view it 3D. And also click the piecies to see were they go on the JIG~SAW model.

<>← ▼<> My plan was to use the model on Thick waterproof paper. 1 piece balsa wood for a FULL !!! "back-bone" and to use a spare BLADERUNNER electronics for converted plane flight....sounds good right ?¿ , well this would be my FIRST RC plane. so it was scraped for somthing that had wings & lift.

BladeRunner heli info :
2 small N20 "Type" motors( they are hard to find high output)
3 ch. PROPORTIONAL radio with Steering left/right by use of motors.
300-360 mah Lipo battery and very small RX board. It charges from TX too!
I got 3 Blade®unners $18 each (christmas safeway sale) Reg $70.00 +

Too much to take on for first plane. I'll post Your thread and ideas in the Blade®unner Forum. To see if anyone with a Grounded Helicopter wants to tackle a MINI GO-RC Falcon.

Below are BladeRunner Convertions. 2nd link has a Video to show the power.
I hope it might work. Just in time to fight the SITH


Anyway. Im working on a "large" Micro Guided Mite by Ralph Bradley converted to Twin engine, as I want to MAKE SURE my first plane will fly. Plans are here

EDIT <><> I should point out both GO-RC and SnakeX2 made theres from Scratch !!! the Paper model Posted comes out to 6inch "Wing" span and is 8" long. maybee small clear wings, ewwwwww
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May 18, 2005, 03:04 PM
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i've read through that thread before actually, but for a first model attempt, it might not be the best choice. due to the shape of the Falcon, its pretty unstable without proper controll. a twin motor/thrust differential might do, but again, the design of the Falcon still makes for a difficult flight. i've built a few of Ralph's Guided Mites/Micro Mites and they work wonderfully. i think you would have better results starting with the guided mite rather than the falcon, just to get started at least. once you get the basics down, try the Falcon. as a side note for the falcon, the clear verticle stabalizers are needed, they dont look pretty, but without them, it wouldnt really have any controllability in flight, it would just "wander" and then probably crash.


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