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Sep 29, 2020, 10:57 PM
32 yrs. Of aircraft Flying!
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OMP M2 Helicopter.

Someone messaged me to ask me about the OMP m2 Explore that i own my thoughts and info about it so i thought i would put it all here also so that others can read it.

I have the OMP M2 Explore I purchased it back on July 10th 2020 so have had it almost 3 months now.
I got the Explore cause its a little cheaper then the V2 version, the difference between them is the Explore has plastic case servos where the V2 are aluminum, it has plastic swash plate and blade grips.
My first minor ( I thought) went down in tall grass crash broke the rear pin on the swash so i had to order the updated one.

Honestly if you have the extra to spend just get the V2 with all aluminum. I feel like the aluminum servos are worth it, cause i have looked and it doesn't seem like anyone sells the aluminum ones separate.

From what I have been told all of the V2,explores have the new updated governor and have been told they run better with a Flat curve.
mine is at 60%/70%/75% I normally just fly in stunt one, my tail holds great, I did bump up the speed for the tail from 5 to 7. for flying in mostly stunt mode 1
I flew more in stunt mode 2 this weekend and i did have the tail kick out with me on hard stops. (like doing a hard rainbow and stopping it fast going back the other way it kick 45 degrees on me.)
I might need to up it some more if i'm going to fly in stunt 2 more often.
it has so much power even in stunt one that i really don't need the extra power but it sounds cool.

I fly for a solid 4 minutes on the stock 650mah 3s pack.

I love the helicopter, it is the best flying smaller heli i have ever flown.
I taught myself on helis pretty much with all the Blade helicopters, Blade Cp pro, MCPX, MCPX BL, Nano CP, B180 cfx, B180 Trio, I have had the XK120, Blade 230s,.
I Think the OMP has the most power of all of them, it is a little heavy, i first took out of the box and went wow this is heavy. but it doesn't fly heavy at all.
Crashes, I have had it hit the ground 4 times

2 crashes i broke the rear ( elevator) servo horn..

Another one broke my tail fin once when it went down in some tall grass

I lost orientation and didn't flip back to normal/stability mode quick enough. i hit the ground pretty hard, i bent the aluminum the rear motor mounts to, didn't have a spare so tried to bend that one back and i guess i didn't have it totally straight, was flying it and the blade broke in half, i hit TH soon as it happened and it just landed on the gear up right. replaced the blade and the aluminum part and it flew great this weekend.

Even flying with the Spektrum radios, in some cases you can still use normal mode/stability as a Rescue mode. I am trying to learn piroflips and i got out of shape the other day and hit to stability and it caught it and up righted it before it hit the ground.

You can use any of the Spek sat with it,
This one is the one i should had gotten.
it has a build in bind button so you can bind it on the heli, that would be nice otherwise you need another rx that will take a sat. you bind it using that one then you put it on the heli. so sorta pain if you want to change transmitters.
I am using the SPM9745 but its triple the price of the one above. but i already had it here for another project

I am excited to get the M1 when available, folks ask why i want a smaller one, its cause my yard is pretty small and while i can fly the M2 in my yard im always scared it will get away from me and i will slam it into the house, building, power lines, concrete, tree or something.

I honestly not kept up with the flights on it, like i normally do most of my aircraft i would have to say im somewhere around 50 flights as of today 9-29-2020 i not flown it a ton like i do most of my stuff, but i do fly it when i go to the field mostly on weekends. It always gets flown.
So far its been pretty easy and cheap to fix after a crash and to keep it in the air.

would i buy it again today if i never flew one? Yes.
Would i buy it again if someone left me fly one? Yes
For right at $300 there isn't a whole lot of helicopters out there that fly like this one. I do wish it was a 450 sized heli (only so i could see it better) , but then again i probably wouldn't be as worry free with it and try new things. it is my go to for real world new manuvers before i do it with my larger helicopters.
I have a Trex 550X Dominator and a Fusion 480.
Latest blog entry: OMP M2 Helicopter.
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