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Sep 24, 2020, 02:53 PM
I'd rather be flying!
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Eflite 2.1m Carbon-Z Cub SS

Finally able to do the review on Eflite's 2.1m Carbon-Z Cub SS!

Decided to not do an unboxing/assembly review, as there are plenty of those already - plus this plane is straightforward to assemble for those in the target experience range.

This is my first giant-scale electric. My other giant-scale planes have been balsa/ply, and were either glow or gas powered. I have over 30 yrs of fixed-wing RC experience.

Equipment used:
  • Spektrum DX9 Black Edition
  • Spektrum 6s 5000mAh 30C Smartpack
  • Spektrum S1200 Smartcharger


Assembly took me ~1.5 hours. Everything went together well - except a few parts bags were mislabeled. Was fairly easy to figure out what was what.

Binding/initialization/balancing & trimming:

I bound the plane with SAFE disabled. Had to raise the tail to approximately level before it would initialize, though. All surfaces centered-out well when I checked everything out. Spooled her up to check the prop balance, and everything was good - so no prop balancing required on mine.

I ended-up mechanically maxing the rudder throw, and still wanted more rudder authority. I heard that if you bind with SAFE Select, there's a lot more rudder throw available in AS3X-only mode - so, I'm going to rebind & just leave SAFE Select disabled to see if I can get more rudder throw.

I needed to mount the Spektrum 6s 5000mAh 30C pack at the rearmost position in the battery compartment to get the CG back to 120mm aft from the LE at the wing-root. I found the battery tray to be convenient.

Transport/field assembly:

With the wings removed, the plane fits in the back of my Buick Rendezvous with the back seats folded - but with only a few inches to spare. The wings easily fit beside the fuse. Field assembly only takes a few minutes, due to the clevis pins used to secure the functional wing-struts to the fuse, the 4 thumbscrews used to secure the wings, and the convenient wing servo ports.


The Spektrum S1200 Smartcharger is fully automatic when charging or discharging/storage-charging a Smartpack. Just connect the balance & main plugs to the charger & the pack communicates with the charger via the extra pin. Simply select charge or discharge from the main menu. You can also access the setup menu & adjust things manually.

Flying characteristics:

The Eflite 2.1m Carbon-Z Cub SS is an excellent flying plane! On 6s, it has ample power for any Cub-like aerobatics, plus a LOT more. At our low elevation (less than 1000 ft AMSL), the plane does effortless "scaleish" takeoffs @ 1/2 throttle & can stay airborne at ~1/4 throttle. At WOT, it can climb straight up out of a hover.

The flaps are VERY effective. With just 20 degrees or so of flaps @ WOT, the plane leaps off the runway in 1-2 fuselage-lengths. Be sure to set-up your approach far enough out when landing clean, as this plane loves to glide! I did not set up a flap-elevator mix as I usually find that unnecessary if you simply slow the plane down appropriately before extending the flaps. However - even when dropping the flaps only 20-25 degrees at low speed, the plane pitched-up fairly sharply. You can see that in my videos. I'll experiment with slowing down even more before dropping the flaps - but I think I'll most likely end-up using a mix.

Stall-speed is just above walking speed with the flaps down. The plane has zero bad habits during slow-flight. Thanks to the squared-off wings & Hoerner tips, it has none of the usual scale Cub "tip-stall" tendencies. There is also a generous amount of aileron differential, which significantly improves edge-of-stall maneuverability.

Definitely a fun plane to play with right at the edge of stall, rather than being a handful!


The 2.1m Carbon Cub SS is a great plane for those who have a large enough vehicle to transport it & are a member of a club. In the US, you need to either have a large private flying area or be a member of an AMA-sanctioned club to fly it. It's way above "parkflyer" size & weight.

Although it's an easy flier, it's not a trainer. Too big & heavy to be safe for that. However - for anyone who has mastered a 1.2-1.5m sport-plane, the 2.1m Cub would be a good choice for a first giant-scale. For example - if you can fly a 1.5m Timber in AS3X-only mode, you could easily step-up directly to the 2.1m Cub!

Videos (be sure to watch in HD):

Maiden flight:

2 .1m Carbon Cub SS maiden flight! (8 min 51 sec)

"Shakedown" flight:

Eflite 2.1m Carbon Cub SS review flight (16 min 51 sec)

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