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◄► Robert Graves .. Poseidon's name, which was sometimes spelt Potidan, may have been borrowed from that of his goddess—mother, after whom the city Potidaea was called: the water—goddess of Ida ..

Ida meaning any wooded mountain .. "Poseidon" means "forest" .. literally ‘(wood) outside’, from Latin foris ‘outside’ ..

The names : Forestier, Forrester, Förster, etc., in literary works, appear to have a philosophical association with the symbolism of Poseidon .. (?) ..

The wild forests of (Le Tell septentrional), s'étendent, before the destruction of Atlantis, sur 2 500 km from Morocco to Tunisia ..

(Atlantic or Atlas) refer literally to (Tall, High)= (الطَّوْل) denote (strength) .. verb (طالَ) = be long, high, great, superior, powerful ..

Murry Hope .. It is amazing to what irrational lengths people will go to disprove something they find difficult to accept, or to prove that which takes their fancy ..
Muck asserts, that Atlantis received its name from the high mountains, that dominated its impressive landscapes, and gave it, in turn, to the surrounding Ocean ..

IT'S FIRST KING was designated the son of Poseidon, GOD OF THE SEA, and paralleled with Atlas, bearer of the heavenly vault ..

◄► The Tell Atlas is a mountain chain over 1,500 kilometres in length, belonging to the Atlas mountain ranges and stretching from Morocco, through Algeria to Tunisia. It parallels the Mediterranean coast.

L'Atlas s'étend sur 2 500 kilomètres de long selon un axe ouest-sud-ouest à est-nord-est, du Maroc à la Tunisie en passant par le Nord de l'Algérie. Il forme une barrière entre la mer Méditerranée et le Sahara ..

Landscapes of the past .. The Tell Atlas, as seen before the Deluge, that is, before 3000 B. C .. The Past Is a Foreign Country .. Past is a collective ghost – always here but never fully recognizable. (Lowenthal) ..

Plato says that the country surrounding Atlantis was deeply afforested .. Lewis Spence - In the Welsh account Peredur rode through wild forests, "from one forest to another." ..

Chretien de Troyes wrote the first written narrative about Percival and his venture into the land of the Fisher King in hunt of the Grail ..

The phrase : [THE WASTE LAND] means [desert] .. The climate of the Sahara, a desert located on the African continent, was different 5000 years ago! .. There is strong indication (beaucoup d'indices) that the stories of Peredur, Perceval and Der Eisenhans, have a similar background→ It's not even past ?! ..

The civilisation progress of Atlantis is associated with ATHENE, with (the inner side of Atlantis), that is, the shores of Lake Tritonis → The surroundings of Lake Tritonis (Greek: Τριτωνίδα λίμνην) ..

Poseidon is associated with The Northern Forest, that is, (The outside of Atlantis) e. g. The Tell Atlas .. Peredur rode through The Northern Forest → That is, he rode through The Tell Atlas ..

Robert Graves .. At about 3500 BC, the Pelasgians believed that Atlantis was located in the Far West → [the Atlas mountain ranges] stretching from Morocco, through Algeria to Tunisia ..
There is a science, Archæology, which collects and compares the material relics of old races, the axes and arrow-heads. There is a form of study, Folklore, which collects and compares the similar but immaterial relics of old races, the surviving superstitions and stories, the ideas which are in our time but not of it.
Properly speaking, FOLKLORE is only concerned with the legends, customs, beliefs, of the Folk, of the people, of the classes which HAVE LEAST BEEN ALTERED BY EDUCATION, which have shared LEAST IN PROGRESS.
Andrew Lang .. But the student of folklore soon finds that THESE UNPROGRESSIVE CLASSES retain many of the beliefs and ways of savages, just as the Hebridean people used spindle-whorls of stone, and bake clay pots without the aid of the wheel, like modern South Sea Islanders, or like their own prehistoric ancestors ..
Robert Graves .. That the Hundred—handed Ones guarded the Titans in the Far West, may mean that the Pelasgians did not abandon their Titan cult, and continued to believe in a Far Western Paradise, and in Atlas's support of the firmament ..
The earth—born Pelasgians, whose claim seems to have been sprang from Ophion's teeth, were originally perhaps the Neolithic 'Painted Ware' people; they reached the mainland of Greece from Palestine about 3500 BC, and the early Hellads — immigrants from Asia Minor by way of the Cyclades — found them in occupation of the Peloponnese seven hundred years later. But 'Pelasgians' became loosely applied to all pre—Hellenic inhabitants of Greece ..
◄► The allusion to Cronus as being imprisoned in a still more distant island "with Briaerus keeping guard over him as he sleeps," is, as Rhys justly remarks, a parallel with the sleep of Arthur in Avallon, the island which I have already shown to be in all likelihood one and the same with Atlantis. ..

Plato's account of Atlantis, duplicated in British tradition, the belief in the submergence of a former insular marine locality situated in the West, its destruction by flood, volcanic or seismic agency ..

The inevitable conclusion is that ATLANTEAN REFUGEES or EMIGRANTS who had come closely in touch with them, must at some period have settled on British soil, and that the impression of the great catastrophe which had befallen their ancestors in THE ATLANTEAN CONTINENT remained undisturbed for centuries, acquiring a literary and religious significance which mere legend could never have achieved ..

A study of Irish traditional lore also makes it clear that numerous ATLANTEAN MEMORIES are enshrined therein ..

◄► The Atlantic island of British Celtic myth is in many of its circumstances the PARALLEL OF ATLANTIS . Not only is it an insular locality, but it boasted a city, Caer Sidi, which was built, like Atlantis, in circular form, surrounded by a great fosse, or canal, garrisoned by heavily armed infantrymen ..

The history of Atlantis - Lewis Spence .. The circular plan of Atlantis was copied in many subsequent city-sites .. The Atlantean design is reflected not only in that of Carthage, but in numerous other ancient sites scattered over the length and breadth of those areas where we might expect to find architectural remains approximating to the ATLANTEAN MODEL, on the one hand along the entire stretch of the Mediterranean, and on the other along the sea-coasts of the Western Atlantic to Britain and Ireland. It will not serve to regard them as arising in historical succession from east to west.

The IBERIANS, the builders of these venerable monuments, did not originate in the eastern region of the Mediterranean, so that it is impossible to regard that sphere as the starting-point of their architectural history ..

◄► Joseph Campbell — The Masks of God - The History of Egypt .. A second high neolithic stratum overlies the Badarian (4400 and 4000 BC) — the Amratian, where five new types of pottery appear ..


TRADING FLEETS sailing the seas to Crete, Syria, and Palestine, flying the signal flags of their nomes, the harpoon flag and the fish flag! .. There is an elegance in the arts and life style of pre-dynastic and dynastic Egypt completely different from those of the mythogenetic zone of SOUTHWEST ASIA ..

Furthermore, in Egypt the new arts were applied to life IN NEW WAYS ..

But a complete contrast in style does not rule out in any way our recognition of the impact of a new idea, derived by diffusion from AN ALIEN LAND ..

Robert Graves .. A large number of goddess-worshipping Libyan refugees from the Western Delta seem to have arrived there when Upper and Lower Egypt were forcibly united under the First Dynasty about 3000 B.C. ) .. The goddess Athena indicate (Lake Tritonis) as country of origin ..
The date of the introduction of writing, the calendar, and their associated arts to Egypt was c. 2800 B. C. that of the wheel, c.1800 B. C. ..

The harpoon flag ⇒ The trident is the weapon of Poseidon, the God of the Sea in classical mythology ⇒ Plato pronounced Poseidon the founder of Atlantis ..

LAKE TRITONIS was part of a huge inland sea in the Sahara east of the Atlas Mountains .. L. Taylor Hansen mentions that a ship was once found in the desert, not far from the Draa Depression (the border of Morocco and Algeria) ..

◄► Joseph Campbell — and then, finally, the high neolithic of the Halaf and Samarra pottery styles, circa 4500—3500 B. C. and of the Obeid style in the riverine south, circa 4000—3500, when the abstract concept of a geometrically organized esthetic field and certain abstract and stylized symbols (the Maltese cross, swastika, rosette, double ax, and buccranium) FIRST APPEAR in our documentation of HUMAN THOUGHT ..

However, in the period immediately following - that of the hieratic city state, which may be dated for the south Mesopotamian riverine towns, schematically, circa 3500—2500 B. C. — WE ENCOUNTER A TOTALLY NEW AND REMARKABLE SITUATION. For at the level of the archeological stratum known as Uruk A, which is immediately above the Obeid and can be roughly placed at circa 3500 B. C., the south Mesopotamian temple areas can be seen to have increased notably in size and importance; AND THEN, WITH STUNNING ABRUPTNESS, at a crucial date that can be almost precisely fixed at 3200 B. C., (in the period of the archeological stratum known as Uruk B) there appears in this little Sumerian mud garden —as though the flowers of its tiny cities were suddenly bursting into bloom— THE WHOLE CULTURAL SYNDROME that has since constituted the germinal unit of all of THE HIGH CIVILISATIONS OF THE WORLD .. ..

And WE CANNOT ATTRIBUTE THIS EVENT to any achievement of THE MENTALITY OF THE SIMPLE PEASANTS .. It was actually and clearly the highly conscious creation (this much can be asserted with complete assurance) of the mind and science of A NEW ORDER OF HUMANITY, which had never before appeared in the history of mankind; namely, the professional, full-time, initiated, strictly regimented temple priest .. Newcomers arrived to Sumer (circa. 3200 B. C.) ⇒ That is, before 3000 B. C, suggesting that more than one catastrophe had occurred in Atlantis before 3000 B. C. ..

The precedant catastrophes, were less severe than the deadliest Desaster, The Deluge of Ogyges (?) ..

◄► De Frank Joseph — Survivors of Atlantis : Their impact on World Culture .. Newcomers who arrived suddenly at Troy during the early third millenium B. C. were forced to flee their ATLANTEAN HOMELAND by the second catastrophe, known as the Deluge of Ogyges .. OGYGES' FATHER , Poseidon, was the same sea god who created Atlantis.

His followers were "GIANTS" like himself, just as the Atlanteans were known; after Atlas, as TITANS ..

His followers riding out the inundation of the third millenium, washed ashore in Greece .. Little is known about him save that Homer wrote concerning his abandoned homeland, Ogygia, where Calypso (herself an Atlantis, the daughter of Atlas) was high priestess ..

◄► Robert Graves — The catastrophe had also destroyed: sixteen cities .. Seize cités antiques des iles britanniques et de France, datant du IIIe millénaire avant J.-C ont été submergées par la mer .. .. According to the Welsh Atlantis legend of the lost Cantrevs of Dyfed (impossibly located in Cardigan Bay), a heavy sea broke down the sea-walls and destroyed sixteen cities. The Irish Hy Brasil; the Breton City of Ys; the Cornish Land of Lyonesse, (impossibly located between Cornwall and the Sicily Isles); the French Île Verte; the Portuguese Ilha Verde: all are variants of this legend .. These catastrophes seem to be the reminiscence of ONE CATASTROPHIC WEATHER EVENT, a phenomenal rainfall, a disaster of unimaginable scale in the Atlas Mountains, which destroyed Atlantis ..

◄► The Neolithic men of Europe were white men ancestral to the modern Europeans. They may have been of a darker complexion than many of their descendants; of that we cannot speak with certainty .. H.G. Wells : The Irish People is a very mixed one, its basis, and probably its main substance, being of the dark «Mediterranean» strain, pre-Nordic and pre-Aryan, like the Basques and the people of Portugal and south Italy.

Over this original basis there flowed, about the sixth century B.C. —we do not know to what degree of submergence— a wave of Keltic peoples, in at least sufficient strength to establish a Keltic language, the Irish Gaelic ..

Prior to that date, about the year 1000 B.C. the Aryan peoples were establishing themselves in the peninsulas of Spain, Italy, and the Balkans .. The People of Atlantis, its main substance, being of the dark «Mediterranean» strain, pre-Nordic and pre-Aryan ..

◄► The Eleventh Labour .. The true explanation of this Labour is, however, to be found in ritual, rather than
allegory. It will be shown that the candidate for the kingship had to overcome a serpent and
take his gold; and this Heracles did both here and in his battle with the Hydra. Herodotus associates the god with the Atlas Mountains with the god Atlas, who was condemned to stand at the western edge of the Earth and hold the sky on his shoulders .. .. Atlas, the first astronomer = (the founder of astronomy) .. He had taken over the burden of the sacred kingship from his predecessor, and with it the title Atlas—‘the long-suffering one’ (الصابر). It is likely that the burden was originally not the globe, but the sundisk. (?) ..

He knew so much that he carried the celestial globe upon his shoulders, as it were; hence Heracles is said to have taken the globe from him (Diodorus Siculus). Heracles did indeed become Lord of the Zodiac, but the Titan astronomer whom he superseded was Coeus (alias Thoth), not Atlas .. Atlas is associated with Atlantis and therefore it is from before 3000 B. C. .. Heracles in Ancient Greece is from about 1100 BC to 146 , the names (Heracles/Coeus/Thoth) came into being after the fall of Atlantis ..

Robert Graves — Some, however, deny that it was Heracles who set up these pillars, and assert that Abyle and Calpe were first named ‘The Pillars of Cronus’, and afterwards ‘The Pillars of Briareus’, a giant whose power extended thus far; but that, the memory of Briareus (also called Aegaeon) having faded .. The name "Aegaeon" refer to athena's aegis .. They were renamed in honour of Heracles, perhaps because the city of Tartessus, which stands only five miles from Calpe, was founded by him, and used to be known as Heracleia. Vast ancient walls and ship-sheds are still shown there. Pre-Phoenician Greek colonies planted in Spain, Gaul, and Italy under Heracles’s protection have contributed to the myth; and, in the geographical sense, the Pillars of Heracles—at which one band of settlers arrived about the year 1100 BC—are Ceuta and Gibraltar ..

◄► H. G. Wells .. While the Reindeer men prevailed in France and North Spain, the men who wandered over the greater part of the Spanish territory and North Africa were of a different culture, which Professor Obermaier of Madrid, calls, after a place in Tunisia, the Caspian culture .. The Caspian did not follow the Aurignacian, Solutrian and Magdalenian stages of France, but it was contemporary with it .. It was different, and on the whole it suggests more advanced social conditions .. It has provided a considerable number of paintings of human beings engaged in various activities. They are for the most part painted on rock surfaces, and they resemble in character and treatment many ancient and modern rock paintings done by the Bushmen of South Africa. Capsian paintings have also been found in Italy ..

Obermaier pointed out a curious disposition to distort the human figure, while representing animals without distortion very faithfully and recognizably. Always the human waist is elongated and much compressed, and often the legs are greatly inflated. This conventionality passes on in the later pictures into an almost diagrammatic treatment of human beings. The pictures cease to be pictures and become signs (self-suppression?) .. The conventional painting of the Caspian folk is still more diagrammatic in the Azilian stage, and great numbers of pebbles are found painted with brush strokes that we now know to stand for standard types of man and beast ..

◄► to have more words and to attend more to words is not simply to increase mental power; words themselves are powerful things and dangerous things .. Palaeolithic man's words, perhaps were chiefly just names .. But Neolithic man was thinking about these words .. One of the most notable things about the Neolithic Age is THE TOTAL ABSENCE of that free direct artistic impulse which was the supreme quality of later Palaeolithic man .. SELF-SUPPRESSION is beginning for men. Man has entered upon the long and tortuous life for the common good, with all its sacrifice of (personal impulse / الوازع الذاتي), which he is still treading today ..

◄► Joseph Campbell .. The Capsians, The forerunners of The Atlanteans .. The Capsian-Microlithic Style (c. 30.000 / 10.000 - 4.000 B. C.) .. The heartland of this new style was the grassy hunting ground of North Africa, where today there is only desert, and the type station is Capsa (Gafsa) .. From there a diffusion westward, turning into Spain, is to be imagined: Europe's monuments of the period are in eastern Spain ..

But the field extends across the whole of North Africa to the Nile, the Jordan, Mesopotamia, india, and Ceylan .. The bow and arrow have appeared, the hunting dog, and the art of rock painting alive with vivid little forms: bowmen hunting and fighting, etc. .. Sumer was originally one of the numerous colonies of The Capsians (?) ..

The Natufians of the mount Carmel caves, on whose appearance, c. 6000 B. C. , we based our dating of the proto-neolithic, were a A PEOPLE OF THIS CAPSIAN (Gafsa) CULTURE STYLE ..

Furthermore, with the progressive desiccation of the Sahara and departure of the teeming game, during the fourth millenium B. C., the Capsians and their painting art moved south, where their influence can be seen in the various styles of SOUTH RHODESIA; the now famous, more mysterious "White Lady" of Damaraland .. and finally, the curious murals of Rusafe, where the sacred regicide and resurrection of the moon-king are celebrated ..

◄► The number of Heracles’s Pillars is usually given as two; but some speak of three, or four. So—called Pillars of Heracles are also reported from the northern coast of Germany; from the Black Sea; from the western extremity of Gaul; and from India .. These ancient (commercial settlements) turn out to be the only remnants of the civilization of Atlantis (?) ..

Mysteries From Forgotten Worlds - Charles Berlitz .. But there is another stronger tie of racial memory—THE MEMORY OF LANGUAGE .. It is interesting to consider that the spoken sounds of language, one of the most ephemeral and easily modified means of communication, has been preserved through uncounted generations, ANTEDATING OUR MOST ANCIENT WRITTEN RECORDS, and in the case of some languages, coming down more or less directly from PREHISTORIC TIMES to the present ..

The word Tula or Thule forms a great triangle around the ocean, much as the different names for Atlantis form a great clockwise circle from Venezuela through Mexico, Central America, Yucaton and the Antilles to Europe, eastward to the Mediterranean and North Africa and westward again to the Canary Islands ..

This “word memory” of Atlantis or the most important component letters A-T-L-N, preserved by so many tribes and nations around the perimeter of the Atlantic Ocean, is perhaps the most striking linguistic race memory of all, and the regional variations of the name serve to make it only more convincing .. Die römische Bezeichnung "Ultima Thule" auf einer alten lateinischen Karte, bezog sich wahrscheinlich auf The Hebrides oder auf Iceland .. The most remote regions to the north of The Atlantic ocean .. Ultima Thule ≈ a commercial settlement of Atlantis located in the extreme north (?) ..
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