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Apr 11, 2002, 02:47 AM
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Scratch built pylon 400 flew today!!!

This is my first built pylon....specs:

35 1/2" wingspan
6v speed 400
16 amp eflite speed control
9.6 v 500ar's, 700ae, 1600nmh
2 hitec hs-55's
JR micro reciever
6x3 cam prop (i'll will be experimenting with a 4.7x4.7 cam)

I built the fuse from 1/8" competition balsa and 1/8" lite ply for formers...than covered the fuse with fiberglass and painted it.

The wing is a foam core from an anabat slope glider (rg-15) with spruce spars and carbon fiber tape.

The tail feathers are from 1/8 balsa sheet.

Flight report:

The wind was pretty gusty today....about 15-18mph.....since i have used an anabat before on the slope in stronger winds than this....I decided to give it a try.....I started with the 700's and a MAS 5.5x4" prop....with a couple of clicks of took off nicely...I was pleasantly surprised!....I started to climb so that I might be able to recover from any mishaps.....after making a couple of circuits...the flight characteristics seemed to be very responsive but a little bit twitchy with the ailerons (is this normal for a pylon racer?) maybe because there is absolutely no dihedral...... at about 100-125 ft up i decided to try some aerobatics......a few rolls... some loops and finally a terminal dive!!!!! this thing was hauling downwind!!!! I think I'm hooked on this pylon stuff....I came in for a landing (upwind of course) and touched down perfectly....even after what I thought was a perfect landing....I had already broken a prop(first flight)! I replaced the battery pack with the 1600nmh'sand changed to a 6x3" cam folding prop....took off just as well but I had a signicicant increase in flight time..... This thing banked like it was on rails!......I finally cam in for a landing.....perfect again!(lucky)...this time no damage to the prop!

... Third and last attempt....500ar's ....OMG!....this thing really hauls!.... I have got some 800 AR's that I might try....but I've got to make some mods to the formers so that they may fit...

this thing is a lot easier to land than I thought!.....

Any suggestion on another pylon (bought kit or ARF).... that is fast....yet manageable for a new pylon flyer.....

If anyone knows of a simple cure or suggestion to fix the twitchiness in flight on the straights (wants to wander and tip a wing both right and left). Other than that I LOVE IT!! It flies great!!
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Apr 11, 2002, 11:14 AM
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Sounds good. Glad you enjoy the genre.

First impression from the photo (which may be misleading because of the perspective) is that the fin may be a little small. This could cause the "wandering" you mention.

For the twitchy ailerons, can you program in some exponential? This should make it fly smoother.
Apr 11, 2002, 12:26 PM
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Thanks for the info Dave..... I'll have to try a bigger vertical stab.... right now it measures about 5" tall and about 5' at the widest part on the bottom and rakes to about 2 1/4" at the top....dont ask how I got these specs to build......I was just guessing! .... any suggestions on how large I should make it??
Apr 11, 2002, 12:58 PM
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I would have thought the fin was big enough from your dimensions. (I assume you mean 5 inches wide, not 5 feet! )

However, the symptoms you describe still suggest the fin is too small. I would try a temporary fin about 20% bigger. If that cures the tendency, cut it down bit by bit until it starts happening again then make a new permanent fin to the right dimensions.

Anyone else got any ideas?
Apr 11, 2002, 01:17 PM
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Hmmmmm.... maybe that's what the problem was......I should have made it 5"x5"....I guess that the five footer was too wide! .... I really appreciate the advise.... I will try that out later today!

Thanks Again!
Apr 11, 2002, 02:25 PM
Sport R/C Flyer/Sailer/Driver

Nice! :)

Great looking plane!

Do you know how much it weighs?

From the dimensions, I bet this would make for a great sport (piker) class plane.

Glad you are having a fun time with it. I'm finding the sp400 pylon planes to be great fun for sport flying ... fast low passes into climbing rolls, then a long diving curve to really get the plane cruising before shooting into a vertical climb that wows the gas flyers. Then set up into a low imaginary pylon circuit to show off its speed and nifty looks ... fun fun!
Even nicer when you can land, change a battery, and be back into the air before a gas flyer is even refueled.
Apr 11, 2002, 03:23 PM
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If she 'wanders left and right', could it be that your aileron linkage is sloppy or that the servo doesn't center? From the pic, it seems to have enough span to give roll stability and dampening.

Apr 11, 2002, 03:29 PM
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Thanks MMangus...

As far as the weight.... I'm not quite sure....I'm guessing about 15 or so oz AUW .... It feels pretty light.... I chose not to skin the wing with basla.... the core is a really thin rg-15. My hs-55 servo that I mounted on top re-inforced with fiberglass and poly-u goes all the way through the wing! It seems pretty stiff with the carbon and spruce....I also added some stapping tape on the leading edge and on the top and bottom spars....along with the came out really rigid! (i guess after flying foam deltas...strapping tape becomes one of your best friends in rc flight!).

and yes.....I feel this is a great sport plane.... I tried some inverted flight today with hardly any up on the stick!....
The dives into vertical rolls are amazing!... These things really retain their energy well.

I ran a (pretend) circuit today and over again..........OH WHAT FUN! I can't wait to get a kit like the vixen or a skat....or maybe a flea!

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