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Jun 02, 2001, 04:43 PM
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Modifying GWS Props?

Looking at the thickness of a 10x4.7 GWS prop hub, from front to rear it is a full 5/8th inch. This seems like more "meat" than is really needed for a slowflyer prop. Has anyone every bothered to shave some of this thickness off? Any advantages to this, or is it better to leave well enough alone in this area? I'm in the process of doing the full gearbox and prop saver modifications to a DX-A, so I'm looking to see if there are other things to be done to help reduce weight and improve performance.
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Jun 02, 2001, 05:48 PM
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Hi Dave. I've come to the conclusion that anything like GWS GB lightening and prop cutting of- hubs- off and other tricks are best suited for the micro-est of lightest figit flyers that can't fly even if there is ANY breeze at all. Such as the Kestral, or Stubefliege, or Kolibri and all their indoor ilk. While I like these, their use here in my neck of the woods is not practical as there are no indoor facilities being used. So removing 2-4 grams of weight does not give me any NOTICEABLE performance increase on my backyad planes. I think this mod was by Gabe, who flies helium blimps, where 2-4 Grams DOES make a difference. On the downside, covering the motor with tape and/or gluing on does inhibit cooling of the motor can, which is not good. However, since you are a devoted and unstoppable tinkerer, who loves reverse anti-aeronautical engineering, I say. try it and let us know.Good to hear from you and what plane are you getting this shaved down power sytem ready for? Best Regards

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Jun 02, 2001, 08:47 PM
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Actually, while a few grams of weight loss never hurts, I'm more interested in shortening the prop shaft to lessen prop vibrations and increasing my motor mounting options. I agree that wrapping the motor with tape is not wise from a cooling point of view (I'm using the famous Bleriot GWS motor cooling tips). I'm leaning toward rubber banding the motor to the fuse for impact protection. First application for this motor is for my resurrected Lite Stik, which I'm back to re-engineering with a brand new, unwarped stik.
Jun 02, 2001, 09:06 PM
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I machined off the hubs and threaded the prop shaft closer and also drilled the shaft to form a tube from the back bearing to the front gear. I removed 2.8 grams with these labor intensive modifications. It took a couple of hours. It was worth it because my plane had to lose weight.

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