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Sep 03, 2020, 02:13 PM
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The Wonderful Adventures of Nils

The Boys We Need, by Anon ..

I trust the boy who’s not afraid.
To do his share of work;
Who never is by toil dismayed,
And never tries to shirk ..

shirk = sich drücken (um eine Pflicht) .. need = benötigen, brauchen .. share = Anteil .. toil = mühsame Arbeit, Plackerei .. dismay = erschrecken ..

◄► Nils is a Scandinavian given name, chiefly Norwegian, and Arabic (نال) resemble to Scandinavian (Nils) .. ..

Nils is a lazy boy, ein Faulenzer .. He came across the coincidence of taking an elf, as a prisoner .. The elf proposed to offer him a gift = (Nawel نوال), in return for his liberation, but Nils tried to seize the opportunity and bargain with the elf, in order to (win ظفر) bigger things .. Contrary to expectations, Nils (received نال) a degrading punishment .. ..

offer = give, bestow, donate, spenden, (نَوَّلَ or أعطى or أنال) or (أحظى , allot) .. (receive نال) a gift, eine Gabe, عطية, un cadeau, a prize ..

Semantically and phonetically speaking, (Noël) is close to (نَوَّلَ) and (Nawel نوال) .. Hence connectedness between the elf and (Père Noël) ..

◄► Sharp clawed predators give chase to fleeing prey .. The moment when they take hold of their prey is called (الظفر), that refer to the act of snatching, grasping, seizing, a prey .. But when the pursuit of the prey end in failure , or when the prey escapes by fleeing rapidly and cause the hunter to remain behind* .. Then, the hunter is undone! .. (الظفر) can be defined in opposition to (نوال ) Nawel ~ Noël .. Because (الظفر) meaning (kriegen, winning, davontragen) contrast with (giving a gift of free will, a concession, eine Spende machen) ..

This explains why the elf who acted as un (Père Noël) became un (Père Fouettard) .. The elf instead of allotting (نَوَّلَ) a gift on Nils, allotted (نَوَّلَ) him a punishment ..

◄► The Pilgrim’s Progress .. Mercy : But my worst fears was after I saw that you were (taken into his FAVOR) = (ظفر), and that (I was left behind)* .. Now, thought I, ‘tis fulfilled which is written, 'Two women shall be grinding together, (the one shall be taken) = (ظفر), and the other left'.

I had much ado to forbear crying out, Undone, undone .. (الظفر) presuppose (superiority, or worthiness, or FAVOR, or good luck) ..

◄► Der treue Johannes .. (der goldenen Dach) allegorize (preservation الحفظ) which is of great value! .. C'est quelque chose qui n'a pas de prix ! Etwas von unschätzbarem Wert! ..

Johannes devised a plan designed (to retain احتفظ) the king's daughter, on the ship .. (retain her / احتفظ بها) , vor Flucht .. Bewahrung = (preservation الحفظ)

Johannes' idea is a funny subterfuge, eine lustige List, which could attest to the Arabic origin of the German term [ Bewahrung ] as having been indirectly related to [goods بضاعة ] .. And this by likening the the preservation of valuable goods (الحفظ) to the retaining (الاحتفاظ ) of the king's daughter, on the ship ..

◄► The story of Kamar Al-Zaman ..

Kamar AL-Zaman is proven to be worthy (جدير) of Budur (بدور), the daughter of the king of China ..

Literally or geographically speaking, He went to China for her sake , in order to (win فاز) her hand, or (ظفر بها ~ marry her) ..

Philosophically speaking, since (China الصين) allegorize (safeguarding الصون), and Budur allogorize (The symbolism of the color White), Kamar AL-Zaman don't need to go very far, in order to (win ظفر) the hand of Budur ..

◄► Der träge Abu Muhammed, by Martin beheim-schwarzbach ..

The name of the captain of the ship is (Abu Muzfir ابو مظفر) allude to (ظفر) .. Abu Muzfir travels to China (الصين) and brings a monkey with him, whereby a correlation arise between (The allegorization of monkey) and (الصون) ..

Abu Muhamed sagte : Ich bringe dir diese Geschenke, o Vater aller Gläubigen, nicht aus Furcht, sondern weil ich dachte sie gebühren dir mehr als irgendwem sonst. Und wenn es dir so gefällt, zeige ich dir, dass [Macht, Segen und Reichtum] = [ظفر] = [sth. صعب المنال] auf mir ruhen , mehr als auf anderen Gläubigen, weil es Allah so gefällt ..

◄► The king : If my son sees the picture of the princess of DER GOLDENEN DACH, he will feel a strong passion for her, and fall violently in love with her ..

And he will go through great danger for her sake ..

Therefore you must [preserve حفظ] him from that ..

und wird ihretwegen in grosse Gefahren geraten, davor sollst du ihn [hüten حفظ] ..

Also denkst du, sie is aufallend schön ..

So, you think she is so beautiful, and possess such a striking beauty, that the king's son will fall violently in love with her? ..

No, you are wrong! That is not how it was intended ..

Du hast falsch geraten! Denn so war es nicht gemeint ..

"goldenen Dach" does not relate, in a way or another to "Beauty" → That turned out to be the cookery of the author! ..

Aha! .. Then, what does [Princess of The goldenen Dach] mean? .. Alors, ça signifie quoi ? ..

roof is [Dach] in German, [سقف] in Arabic, [toit] en français ..

[roof] symbolize [preservation] =[حفظ] = [hüten, bewahren] ..

But the last [chamber حجرة] in the long alley, in which is the picture of the princess, you shouldn't show ..

Johannes should [keep] him, or [hüten, يحفظ, bewahren] him, from seeing the portrait of The princess by [prohibiting حجر] him, the opening of the forbidden [chamber حجرة] ..

From the above, it is clearly evident that [prohibition حجر] is a necessary condition to [preservation حفظ Bewahrung] ..

◄► BEWAHREN is the most commonly used word for [preservation] .. [bewahren] = preserve, protect, guard, retain, surveiller, veiller sur, sorgen dafür .. [bewahren] is [حفظ] in Arabic ..

BEWAHREN diverge remarkably from the etymology of WAHR = (True /vrai) .. Wahr originate from latin (verus), néerlandais waar ..

Curiosity leads to ask the question : From where it comes? ..

Coincidentally, BEWAHREN, fait penser à, is evocative of [بضاعة] the Arabic word for [merchandise, Ware] ..

Man kann vermuten .. One can suppose that [Ware] took shape, from a prior Arabic word for goods : [bewahre /بضاعة], where the letter (w) substitute (ض) and (r) substitute (ع) .. It was afterwards reduced to [Ware] by dropping (be/ب), in order to make a distinction ..

Because [bewahre] seems to have been understood in two different ways! ..

Some Nordic Medieval merchants took it for [goods], and others took it for [preserved goods], which initiated the new meaning of [preservation حفظ] ..

Hence the dropping of (be) for making a distinction between (goods) and (preservation) ..

Take sth. to mean sth. .. Etwas so verstehen ..

Gott bewahre = God preserve us .. God is the preserver (الحفيظ) ..

Der Treue Johannes ..

The Princess : Es ist so schön gearbeitet dass ich dir alles abkaufen will ..

Aber der getreue Johannes sprach : Ich bin nur der Diener von einem reichen Kaufmann. Was ich habe ist nichts gegen das, was mein Herr auf seinem Schiff hat ..

THE PRECIOUS GOODS were (PRESERVED حفظ) in the ship ..

◄► The Crusades by Zoé Oldenbourg .. Delivery of goods through Arab Merchants into Medieval Europe .. Cities like Marseilles, Paris, Troyes, London, Cologne, Toulouse, Barcelona, Lyons, Milan, Genoa, Venice, and many others were all in varying degrees cosmopolitan meeting places for merchants of all nations, but ESPECIALLY THOSE FROM THE EAST (Arab Traders), because the East was still the source of most manufactured goods ..

◄► Jacques Cartier .. Le commerce d'Orient, d'un essor accru et considérable depuis les croisades, suivait plusieurs voies, l'une maritime et au moins deux autres, continentales ou mixtes. La route maritime se dessinait à travers l'océan Indien et la mer Rouge. De bonne heure de puissantes thalassocraties arabes avaient régné en ces parages. Leurs vaisseaux se rendaient au devant des jonques chinoises, lesquelles leur apportaient, après l'avoir cueilli en route, le commerce de la Malaisie, des mers de Bornéo et de Sumatra. Les petits caboteurs arabes remontaient ensuite vers Alexandrie où d'autres thalassocraties, celles des villes italiennes, ressaisissaient ce courant commercial. Flottes pisanes, génoises, mais surtout vénitiennes, s'élançaient alors vers les grands marchés de l'Europe méridionale, et, de là, par le col des Alpes ou la vallée du Rhône, s'écoulaient les richesses d'Orient dans les prospères cités de France, d'Allemagne, des Pays-Bas et de l'Angleterre ..

All our lives we are receiving and sending out information. Mix-ups occur frequently

Basic Linguistics for Secondary Schools [Brian N Ball]

◄► Bewahren is preservation .. Lernen is learning ..

PRESERVATION and LEARNING, are two completely different ideas .. In spite of this, they are designated by the same word (حفظ) .. What led to the amalgam of these different ideas ? ..

In The Pilgrim's Progress, there is a particular situation , where the word [حفظ] designate SIMILARLY three different ideas : [GUARD, LEARNING, PRESERVATION] ..

1. Guard .. as the opposite of (lose sth., égarer / اضاع ), (forget sth., unlearn) ..

2. Learn .. as read, learn by heart, auswendig lernen, apprendre, réciter, retenir par cœur ..

3. Preservation .. as Blessedness, Ewigen Seligkeit ..

◄► Christian Loses His Roll, from "The Pilgrim's Progress" by John Bunyan ..

So Timorous and Mistrust ran down the hill, and Christian went on his way.

But thinking again of what he had heard from the men, he felt in his bosom for his roll, that he might (read) ~ (حفظ) therein and be comforted, but he felt, and (found it not) ! .. (guard sth.) is (الحفظ).. And (عكس الحفظ) is (loose, perdre, don't find) ..

Then was Christian in great distress, and knew not what to do, for he wanted that which should have been his pass ~ (his Bewahrung (الحفظ) into the Celestial City ..

◄► Le Merveilleux Voyage de Nils Holgersonn .. La mère possédait un gros coffre de chêne, qu'elle ne permettait à personne d'ouvrir. Elle y gardait, BEWAHREN, toutes les choses qu'elle avait héritées de sa propre mère et aux-quelles elle tenait beaucoup ..

Mutter besaß eine große, schwere eichene Truhe. Darin VERWAHRTE sie alles, was sie von ihrer Mutter geerbt hatte und was ihr besonders ans Herz gewachsen war ..

Daar BEWAARDE Moeder alles, wat zij van haar moeder geërfd had, en waar zij bizonder goed op paste ..

His mother owned a chest, which she permitted no one but herself to open. Here she treasured, all the things she had inherited from her mother ..

Nils’ mother never left her precious chest open.

Ein Dieb könnte sich hereingeschlichen haben, Nils wagte nicht, sich zu rühren, sondern saß ganz still und starrte in den Spiegel hinein → Nils veille, BEWAHREN, sur les biens de sa mère ..

LERNEN, RÉCITATION, Learn by heart .. Nils Tâche de lire, LERNEN, attentivement! Lorsque nous serons de retour, je t’interrogerai page par page; gare à toi si tu as sauté! Le sermon a quatorze pages et demie, ajouta la mère. Tu ferais bien de t’y mettre tout de suite si tu veux avoir fini à temps ..

LERNEN, apprendre par coeur / learn by heart / récitation حفظ or محفوظات / auswendig lernen ..

Au sens de « texte littéraire récité par cœur », le mot relève du domaine scolaire : leur instituteur leur a donné une récitation à apprendre pour la semaine ..

Gib wohl acht, daß du ordentlich liest! Wenn wir zurückkommen, werde ich dich über jede Seite ausfragen, und wenn du etwas übergangen hast, geht es dir schlecht ..

"Die Predigt hat vierzehn und eine halbe Seite,“ sagte die Mutter, als wollte sie das Maß feststellen ..
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