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Aug 25, 2020, 10:22 PM
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XK A160 ( KN protocol ) & Taranis

XK A160 thrust test (0 min 42 sec)

Video = Simple thrust test !
Model weighs 172 grams RTF
Current = 4.3 amps
Prop was well balanced .

Binding to the KN protocol was easy .
Usually rates are on CH5 , but I see nothing with the Taranis .
CH8 is the gyro ..
I really hate the rudder mix being built into the control board .
The rudder on the XK A160 behaves too much like the rudder on the XK A600 ( PITA and cause of crashing )
I moved the control rod on the servo arm to the inner most hole to minimise rudder .
@ 172 grams RTF , we dont have 1:1 power to weight , falls a little short . Plenty for flying , but not that magic 1:1
4.3 amp current draw ? What is the ESC ? ( 6A? )
If the ESC is 6A then there is room for more prop to try for 1:1 or ever so slightly better power to weight .
Motor: 1406 brushless motor but we are not told the KV .
I would guess the KV might be on the lower side .

6G 3D >

Well , all throws are minimal except for the rudder ( more later ) in 6G mode .
In 3D mode the rudder and elevator dont change ( on my Taranis ) but you get massive amounts of Aileron .
I moved the control rod on the elevator to the middle hole for a little more throw . ( Plan to 50% expo it for the maiden )

Rudder > Unfortunately behaves like the XK A600 rudder . A very small touch on the gimbals can give you massive amounts of rudder . So if you play with the throttle a lot , you may accidentally rudder yourself into the ground !
At least in 3D mode there is no rudder mix ..


What a massive Head ( something F ) the XK A160 is when bound to my Taranis .
In 3D mode for some reason I lose half my elevator throws ..
I have been forced to use the lowest control horn hole for the most possible throw .

Before you power the motor , the throws are really nice ( some thing you can work with = rates / expo )
But once you power the motor , it all turns to POT ( potty time ) .

I cant fly for another 4 weeks thanks to the Social Fascists in power ( No I did not vote for them ) .
Locking up innocent people to keep them safe from the stupid . What an inept incompetent Government that needs to imprison innocent people because they stuffed up . ( Were lazy and stupid ) Thats what happens when you give power to stupid people . They encounter a difficult situation and dont know how to deal with it so they imprison the populace rather than themselves for their incompetence . ( Stupid is as stupid does ) .

I guess I have 4 weeks to try and work out why ! the XK A160 is biting me on the maximus !

Battery Update !

I discharged the included battery to 6v and it looks like the cells are as well matched as chalk and cheese .
One cell was almost a full volt less than the other cell .
This means that capacity between the two cells is very poorly matched ( as if anyone attempted such ) .
One cell was 3.7v and the other 2.7v ... THIS IS BAD ( Very bad ) In fact I would seriously offer a WARNING in regards to the included battery . The one I have is potentially dangerous to use !
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