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Aug 25, 2020, 01:30 PM
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Atlantis can be easily identified

These wonderful beings who outstripped all other races in THE QUEST OF KNOWLEDGE, and incidentally overlooked the need for SPIRITUAL ADVANCEMENT in themselves.

Lord Dowding, Lychgate

◄► Beyond The Pillars of BRIAREUS is situated (kui-land أرض القوي) , THE GREAT RULER OF THE EARTH .. .. Briareus = (kui قوي) = strong ..

James Churchward : The Great Ruler of the Earth ​, exists no longer, she was shaken up and down by earthquakes in various places. The land rolled like ocean swells.

Finally, the Pillars that supported her gave way. She then sank into a fiery abyss.

As the Great Ruler went down, flames from the fires of the underneath arose and enveloped her. The waters rolled in over her sunken form ..

Pillars (عماد) were supporting Mu, a lost continent in the Pacific Ocean? .. An absurd story, that is not based on facts! ..

However it must be admitted that the allegory is funny! .. Because Pillars allegorize Haughtiness (الطول) stemming from (improper pride) owing to (Arrogance and Aufgeblasenheit) ..

Vgl. mit. Hrothgar's Hall and Iram of the Pillars ..

◄► (pacific) meaning (peaceful) suggest an allegory with the saying : (where early mankind dwelt for ages in peace and happiness) - Ignatius Donnelly ..

Unlike other nations, Atlantis brought the benefits of civilization to other nations by peaceful means ..

Oannes, a fish-man mentioned by Berossus, play the part of a culture hero, and a bringer of civilization ..

Murry Hope cannot conceive of Oannes and his band of followers as being Frisians or a sea people from the north ..

Their strange clothes and their refrain from sharing food, suggest an Atlantean priestly caste ..

Robert Graves' information that (Atlas was the first Astronomer) induce one to conclude that Astronomy was introduced by the Atlanteans! ..


◄► Athene ward off, avert, ثنى, abwehren, a danger, in order to help someone ..

Many heroes like odysseus, overcame difficult odds by the help of Athene? .. And that is (a ruse) to say that (Athene) means (Avert) ..

Because (Overcoming adversity) is owing to, zurück zu führen auf (avert ثنى) phonetically evocative of (Athene) ..

verb (ثنى avert) = obviate, abwenden, avert, prevent, interpose ..

The Arabic prefix "Mu" added to the beginning of a verb, is usually used to express The doer (الفاعل), who make the action (الفعل) happen .. (إسم الفاعل ~ the name of the doer)

Athene is, then, (the doer الفاعل) who (help overcome difficulties) .. Because she is who (avert / ثنى) dangers..

In other words, on fait l'amalgame, and confuses the term (the act of averting) with the term (Athene) ..

◄► As initiator of inventions, Athene's genius attest to her pioneering role, son rôle d'avant-garde ..

The phonetics of (ثناء) is evocative of (Athene) .. In this case, (Athene) is confused with (ثناء praise), which is etymologically related to (ثنى avert) ..

She was the first, who taught the science of numbers, and all women's arts, The first who invented the horse—bridle, the chariot, and the ship, etc. ..

(she was the first inventor of the ship) throw light on the origin of the first seafarers ..

(Mu) as connected with the largest ocean in the world, allude to a seafaring peoples! ..

From this data , it emerges that (Athene) and (Mu) , are but related clues, representing accomplishments of some ancient peoples speaking a proto-arabic language ..

Athene and Mu, throw light on the developments of world's first civilizations ..

◄► Athene was affectionately known as the mother (om / أم), by the matriarchal societies living beside Lake Tritonis .. Hence it comes to mind that (امة and امام) are but reminiscences of this matriarchal-epoch! .. (امة) meaning (community, nation, group) .. (امام) meaning (in front of, leader) ..

The term (omma أمة ) would refer originally to the community presided by the mother goddess Athene .. Mother = ( ام om) ..

Murry Hope .. This matriarchal society whose women bore arms and often led their armies, a society acknowledging the ascendency of women ..

Speakers of Celtic languages entered history only around 400 BC .. The boastful name (ancient Celtica) is ludicrous! ..

What is out of the common is usually a guide rather than a hindrance .. (Ancient CELTICA) could be a deliberate mascarade, and The Frisian goddess would allude probably to Athene ..

"She" of Rider Haggard .. There are similarities between the awe-inspiring, Ehrfurcht-erregend, [She who must be obeyed] and [the goddess Athene] ..

(Aysha عائشة ) meaning (prosperous/Gedeihen/عمران), and inferring (flourish/progress), is evocative of the designation : آل عمران (q) of the family of Mary ..

◄► Robert Graves .. The Akan people result from an ancient southward emigration of
Libyco-Berbers—cousins to the pro-Hellenic population of Greece—from the Sahara desert
oases ..

A princess of royal line is judged capable, in unsettled times, of being overcome by Ngame/Athene’s lunar magic and bearing a tribal deity which takes up its residence in a shrine and (leads a group of emigrants to some new region) ..

The meaning of (امام) is (go in front of, leader) ..

This woman becomes queen-mother ..

The phonetics of (mother ام) is (om) .. She war-leader, judge, and priestess of (the settlement she founds) ..

The meaning of (omma أمة) is community .. The word (امة) being paralleled with the (امة) of ancient communities living beside Lake Tritonis, who imited the example and traditions of the goddess Athene ..

◄► Athene is identical with many goddesses, like: Neith, the Carthaginian Tanit, the Canaanite Anatha, Minerva* .. The Romans adopted a goddess of this name* from the Etruscans, whom some believe also had Atlantean ancestors - Murry Hope ..

[Athena] originate from the western region of the Mediterranean .. Arabic would have, then, diffused from west to east, and not the other way around .. Athene is generally praised by the peoples coming from the west .. The words: (idol وَثَن and heathen وثني), stem from (Athene), but are derogatory terms and ethnic slurs .. They could have been introduced by antagonistic patriarchal societies in the Arabian Peninsula ..

◄► ATHENE invented the flute, the trumpet, the earthenware pot, the plough, the rake,
the ox—yoke, the horse—bridle, the chariot, and the ship.

She first taught the science of numbers, and all women's arts, such as cooking, weaving, and spinning ..

The goddess Athene was born beside Lake Tritonis in Libya .. Plato identified Athene, patroness of Athens, with the Libyan goddess Neith, who belonged to an epoch when fatherhood was not recognized .. Coming to Greece by way of Crete, she lived first in the city of Athenae ..

Pottery finds suggest a Libyan immigration into Crete as early as 4000 BC .. Some of the finest Cretan pots are known to have been made by women, and so originally, no doubt, were all the useful instruments invented by Athene; but in Classical Greece an artisan had to be a man - Robert Graves ..

◄► North Atlantis (the forest region) appear to be linked with Poseidon .. South Atlantis (Lake Tritonis) with Athene ..
◄► Thorwald C. Franke .. The meaning of the phrase "Pillars of Hercules" does not exist in the Egyptian language ..

◄► H. G. Wells .. Atlantis could not have been situated in the Atlantic ..

Quite a large number of people are persuaded that there is evidence of a great civilized state beyond the Straits of Gibraltar .. It was a large country, a "continent." There was the garden of the Hesperides.

Their belief is sustained by numerous allusions in Greek and later literature to such a vanished land.

The story is of the quality that makes things acceptable to cinematograph producers and audiences.

Scientifically speaking, It has no support at all in geographical, geological, or archaeological fact.

For, in THE EARLIER GREEK LITERATURE, in Homer and Hesiod, there is a total ignorance of the existence even of SPAIN, much less of THE ATLANTIC OCEAN .. It is an accurate judgment ..

◄► Treffsichere Urteile .. According to Aristotle, the Pillars of Heracles were also known by the earlier name of ‘Pillars of Briareus’ ..
Plutarch places Briareus near Ogygia (Malta), from which we can assume that the Pillars of Heracles are close to Ogygia .. Consequently, the great civilized state of Atlantis must have been close to Malta ..
​​Since Malta has been identified as Ogygia, it was not unreasonable, to conclude, that the Pillars were in Tunisia, which is close to Malta ..
Le poète Callimaque de Cyrène situait Ogygie, l'île de Calypso, à Gozo près de l'île de Malte. Cette localisation, venant de l'un des plus grands érudits de son temps, et maître du géographe Ératosthène, mérite intérêt.
Gozo fut, entre 3550 et 2500 av. J.C. le centre d'une puissante civilisation .. Ogygie (en grec ancien Ὠγυγίη / Ôgygíê ou Ὠγυγία / Ôgygía) est le nom d'une île mythique où, selon Homère, vivait Calypso, et où aborda Ulysse ..

There were many special laws which the several kings had inscribed about the temples .. They were to deliberate in common about war and other matters, giving the supremacy (Attowel الطَّوْل , Überlegenheit) to the family of Atlas ..

But it must be remembered that the earliest Heraclides had also been called Briareus = strong ..
◄► An often neglected detail is, Plato describes Atlantis to have ruled Libya as far as egypt.

That means Atlantis must have been located west of Libya and Libya itself must already have been part of the Atlantean territory ..

One is led to suppose that the land was lower at the close of The third millennium B. C. The date of the destruction of Atlantis .. Allowing a direct communication between the sea and Lake Tritonis, through The gateway of the estuary of (شط الفجاج Chott_el-Fejaj) = The Triton River .. A rise of land might have occurred afterwards ..

Robert Graves - Lake Tritonis, which, according to Scylax, a Greek explorer of the late 6th BC, still covered nine hundred square miles in Classical times, has shrunk to the salt-marshes of Chott Melghir and Chott el Jerid ..

Until 1400 BC the Triton river flowed out of Lake Tritonis (Chott_el-Jerid ) into the river Tacapae (Gabés ) and the Mediterranean Sea ..

Diodorus Siculus records that around 1250 BC catastrophic seismic activity across North-West Africa from the Gulf of Gabés to the Atlantic radically changed the topography of the region ..

◄► Le lac Tritonis et les noms anciens du chott el Jérid - Jean Peyras .. d'après Polybe, parmi les puissances tutélaires invoquées dans le sermont d'Hannibal, Triton occupait une place de choix, ce qui prouve du moins qu'il y avait un dieu carthaginois correspondant au dieu grec. Quant à la déesse Athene, Hérodote décrit un combat rituel que se livraient en son honneur les jeunes filles partagées en deux camps, chez des tribus que séparait un fleuve Triton ..

◄► The history of Atlantis, by Lewis Spence .. THE CIRCULAR PLAN OF ATLANTIS was copied in many subsequent city-sites ..

THE ATLANTEAN DESIGN is reflected not only in that of Carthage, but in numerous other ancient sites scattered over the length and breadth of those areas where we might expect to find architectural remains approximating to THE ATLANTEAN MODEL, on the one hand ALONG THE ENTIRE STRETCH OF THE MEDITERRANEAN, and on the other along the sea-coasts of THE WESTERN ATLANTIC to BRITAIN AND IRELAND .

It will not serve to regard them as arising in historical succession from east to west. The Iberians, the builders of these venerable monuments, did not originate in the eastern region of the Mediterranean, so that it is impossible to regard that sphere as the starting-point of their architectural history ..

Murry Hope .. The Irish scholar Bob Quinn tells us that E.L. Ranelegh, who had devoted his researches to the study of folklore, regarded the affinity between Irish and Arabian epics as remarkable 'because the early stories did not appear to have been mediated through normal Roman-Greek-Latin channels, i. e. through continental Europe' ..

◄► Robert Graves .. The legend of Dardanus, whom the Flood overtook in Samothrace, has a close resemblance in certain of its passages to that of ATLANTIS ..

The story is taken from Diodorus Siculus - The natives of Samothrace, averred that the sea rose and covered a great part of the level country in their island, and that (the survivors fled to the high mountainous land beyond) ..

__ To escape the deluge, one of the sons of Noah, thought it was sufficient to climb a high mountain .. Therefore he refused to take refuge on the ark, ..

__ The legend of Dardanus stands as an illustration of [scoffing الاستهزاء] linking Noah with Atlantis ..

As a memorial of their salvation from the Deluge they raised landmarks all round the island and built altars on which they continued to sacrifice to the gods for many succeeding generations (Allusion to the ancient traditions of Atlantis ) ..

Centuries later, fishermen [drew up / هز ] in their nets the stones of pillars, the eloquent witnesses of cities deep drowned in the surrounding sea ..

__ [scoffing استهزاء ] originate from [هز = draw up] ..

Fishing nets are torn by stones! .. [scoff استهزا ] is to laugh at persons talking about stones drawn by fishing nets, in a way that shows that you think they are stupid or silly ..

What is out of the common is usually a guide rather than a hindrance ..

While he was building the Ark, Noah often replied to (the scoffing الاستهزاء ) of the unbelievers in this manner : Though you scoff at us now, we will scoff at you hereafter ..

◄► THE DELUGE OF Ogyges .. The memory of a catastrophe was brought to the Atlantic seaboard by the highly civilized Neolithic immigrants from Libya , usually known as the passage-grave builders.
These were farmers and arrived in Great Britain towards the close of THE THIRD MILLENNIUM B.C. ..

But no explanation has been offered for their mass movement westwards by way of Tunisia and Morocco to Southern Spain and then northward to Portugal and beyond ..

Robert Graves .. A large number of goddess-worshipping (Neith/Athena/Tanit ) Libyan refugees from the Western Delta seem to have arrived there when Upper and Lower Egypt were forcibly united under the First Dynasty about 3000 BC ..

But if what the Egyptian priests really told Solon was that the disaster took place in the Far West, and that the survivors moved ‘beyond the Pillars of Heracles’, ATLANTIS CAN BE EASILY IDENTIFIED ..

In his account of Myrine, Diodorus Siculus quotes early Libyan traditions which had already acquired A FAIRY-TALE LUSTRE; it is established, however, that in the third millennium BC Neolithic emigrants went out from Libya in all directions, probably expelled by an inundation of their fields. The Nile Delta was largely populated by Libyans .. ..
If, then, Atlantis was Western Libya, the floods which caused it to disappear may have been due either to a phenomenal rainfall , or to a high tide with a strong north-westerly gale ..

Atlantis may, in fact, have been swamped at the formation of Lake Tritonis ..
Lake Tritonis, which, according to Scylax, still covered nine hundred square miles in Classical times, has shrunk to the salt-marshes of Chott Melghir and Chott el Jerid .. IF THIS WAS ATLANTIS, some of the dispossessed agriculturists were driven west to Morocco, others south across the Sahara, others east to Egypt and beyond, taking their story with them; a few remained by the lakeside ..

◄► The writer has his own very strong and definite persuasions, and the reader must bear that in mind ..

Wonder stories about a lost country to which one once went by sea through the Dardanelles, might easily get changed, as the Greek and Phoenician traders opened up the western of the mediterranean, into wonder stories about the same legendary land transplanted now to beyond the new-found straits ⇒ The Strait of Gibraltar ..
Plato .. in a single day and night of rain all your warlike men in a body sank into the earth, and the island of Atlantis in like manner disappeared, and was sunk beneath the sea. And that is the reason WHY THE SEA IN THOSE PARTS IS IMPASSIBLE AND IMPENETRABLE, because there is such a quantity of shallow mud in the way; and this was caused by the subsidence of the island ..

Lake Tritonis apparently once covered several thousand square miles of the Libyan lowlands; and perhaps extended northward into the Western Gulf of Sirte, called by the geographer Scylax ‘the Gulf of Tritonis’ .. The mentioned [dangerous reefs] refer to a chain of islands of which only Jerba and the Kerkennahs survive .. [islands and dangerous reefs] make one suppose that before 3000 B. C. the sea was profound in the gulf of Gabés, as contrasting with today's depth, and that "chain of islands" is no more dangerous as in the past ..

◄► WHO BUILT PYRAMIDS - Murry Hope .. Ernest Renan points out that 'Egypt at the beginning appears mature, old, and entirely without mythical and heroic ages, as if the country had never known youth. Its civilization has no infancy, and its art no archaic period.

The civilization of the Old Monarchy did not appear with infancy. It was already mature' .. Egyptologists tell us that there is no evidence of an advanced technology in PRE-DYNASTIC Egypt ..

Surely, they cannot have landed on such precise figures by accident. This is one of many questions that had led even sceptical researchers to consider that there must have been another civilization of considerable technological advancement who actually built the pyramids or supplied the know-how to the indigenious population of those parts .. The first burst of civilization with The construction of Pyramids : 2686 - 2160 B.C ) and The First Minoan Age began, and Cretan culture spread to Thrace and Early Helladic Greece ..

Charles Berlitz — But Egypt did not develop much further and eventually seemed to retrogress, just as the early cultures of South and Central America seem to have been stronger, more vital, and more technically advanced when they started than when they were “discovered” by the Spaniards ..

It is almost as if they had received an initial “infusion” of the techniques of civilization from somewhere else .. An impulse which through the centuries became diluted and lost its initial force ..

There exists also the possibility that some of the other pyramids may be copies of the greatest one, without the builders understanding or caring to incorporate any messages other than a reminder of their personal fame ..

◄► H. G. Wells .. At some period in human history (it is suggested in Elliot Smith's Migrations of Early Culture) there seems to have been a special type of NEOLITHIC CULTURE widely distributed in the world, which had a group of features so curious and so unlikely to have been independently developed in different regions of the earth as to compel us to believe that it was in effect ONE CULTURE ..

It reached through all the regions inhabited by the brunet Meditarranean race, and beyond through India; Further India, up the Pacific coast of China, and it spread at last across the Pacific and to Mexico and Peru. IT WAS A COASTAL CULTURE .. Its region of origin may have been The Mediterranean ⇒ The Megalithic Temples of Malta date from 3500 B. C. ..

For thousands of years, from 15 000 to 1 000 B. C. such a heliolithic Neolithic culture and its brownish possessors may have been oozing round the globe through the warmer regions of the world, drifting by canoes often across wide stretches of sea. It was then THE HIGHEST CULTURE IN THE WORLD; it sustained the longest, most highly developed communities ..

The first civilizations in Egypt and The Euphrates-Tigris valley probably developed directly out of this widespread culture ..
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