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Apr 08, 2002, 08:57 PM
aka ben wilson
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HLGs/DLGs on the cheap, one mans journey :)

Welp, i happen to live in louisville, and saw bruce davidson chucking about last june, and decided to look into the idea of a DLG. However, i'm a cheap, cheap bastard. And the DLGs, well... thems some classy ladies.

Aaaanywho, i picked up one of the last Red Herring DLG's from thermal gromit works , and it flew well, but it was made of styro -- which considering my nature of using my servos in any number of planes that i fancy, didn't hold up too well (styro will fall apart, and is really meant for permanent fixtures). it is still in flying condition, and was a good stiff craft that wing launched very well, but is now waiting for a bit of an over-haul. My Red Herring Gallery

Next up, i have a Noseeum from Aerofoam , which is made from some spongy EPP, and is a great, hardy, light ship. However, i can't get her to launch quite right DLG style. Maybe she's a little too flimsy (she's got a spar! She's got strapping tape! What more can a man give!), and the CG is a little touchy.

Now, i had some stuff left over from the NoSeeum, and i found a great foam glider called the "Ultra Flyer" with straight good wings that i intend to turn into at least a small HLG, if not a cheap little DLG. So, here continues my cheap HLG/DLG journey! My YellowBelly Gallery

Really, i just intended this post to generate some feedback on cheap hlgs/dlgs and others experience. So far, i've found it is VERY possible to do. Now, you may not get the HUGE heights, but for a fly-anywhere, any-time craft, these can't be beat. Anyone have any other CLG (Cheaply Launched Glider) experience?
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Apr 09, 2002, 06:48 AM
Registered User
I like your own design. I have also been playing around making HLG's but none really to post up yet - but soon. A quick observation - are you going to use ailerons ? if not you have no dihedral in the wings so the rudder will not be effective. I reckon around 4" either side will work nice !

Cheers and good luck

Apr 09, 2002, 06:53 AM
[intentionally blank]
fprintf's Avatar
Thanks for the idea! I had built a SkyRider into a somewhat swept 48" wing and had no clue how to build a pod, but now you have given me an idea. I'll use a pod out of BlueCor foam and an extra arrowshaft for the boom. Very cool!!!!
Apr 09, 2002, 07:17 AM
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emoone's Avatar
Not a glider, but the "Wally Wing" foamie hack uses the cutdown fuse of the Sky Rider as a pod. Might be useful in this application. All he does is slices off about 9" of the nose and cuts off the top and bottom and builds a little tray from coroplast to hold the equipment. Very nice and lightweight.

I will watch this thread because I have bought a few of these gliders to motorize, but I'd like to give gliding a shot as well.
Apr 09, 2002, 11:24 AM
[intentionally blank]
fprintf's Avatar
I posted a note on the foamie forum about non-electric wally wings and the only note of encouragement I really got was from Ken Hardlock indicating that I could make a pod out of styro just like a wally wing. However, since the blue foam is so light and a heck of a lot more durable than the styro I think I will use it instead.

I am also going to watch this thread closely. Like I said, I have my wing now I just need to make the rest, add batteries and servos and away we go!
Apr 09, 2002, 12:13 PM
Registered User
John Gallagher's Avatar
The Bug has been mentioned a lot on this forum, and before this forum was created, on the Electric Sailplane forum. RCM sells the plans and it's cheap to build. Here's the discussion group website:
The little Nipper might also meet your needs.
Apr 09, 2002, 04:36 PM
aka ben wilson
thelocust's Avatar
Originally posted by John Gallagher
The Bug has been mentioned a lot on this forum, and before this forum was created, on the Electric Sailplane forum. RCM sells the plans and it's cheap to build. Here's the discussion group website:
The little Nipper might also meet your needs.
That Little Nipper looks interesting! Howard Locke designed the Red Herring, and I really enjoy flying it, thought my cores are crumbly styro! I like the side-arm design, and frankly, i think it's the only way to go! There is no reason why we can't have a foam-based side-arm, DLG style plane! Hopefully, that is what i'll find with this "YellowBelly". More work tonight -- maybe a test flight if i can sneak into the neighboring field!
Apr 10, 2002, 12:36 AM
aka ben wilson
thelocust's Avatar

yellowbelly completed!

test flight tomorrow!

My YellowBelly Gallery

Apr 10, 2002, 12:20 PM
aka ben wilson
thelocust's Avatar

test flight report!

well... lets just say that the test flight today was "promising". And i mean that! I really do.

It was slightly gusty, but a good day for thermalling, wind about 5-7 knots or so. I give the yellow-belly a toss, and she glides just great, however because i've only got ailerons on this puppy, she don't turn too well. (i'll probably use this wing/boom with a powered plane here shortly). The wing seemed to like speed more than just hanging about,.

It launched predictably, and the cool thing was that it side-armed even better! That is a reasonably good sign, methinks. I don't know if this wing foil is going to be suitable for hlg or not, but i am to find out!

So, my next steps are:

rudder control (no ailerons)
a lighter, smaller pod
some dihedral, w/ maybe a longer wing
a longer boom
Apr 26, 2002, 10:20 PM
Chemically Corrected
Grapeape's Avatar
Had a ball today letting the seagulls and pelicans chase my fan-fold foam mini sidewinder down at the beach. 42" wingspan and weighs about 6.5 oz, I just massaged the top panel section LE's over a closet rod and glued flat sections on the bottom, with some more of the 1/4" foam wrapped and glued around the radio gear. Fly's great, and it sure is nice to have something to thrash down at the cliffs without much worry about losing a couple of bucks of foam as long as I can get the radio gear back.

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