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Jul 21, 2020, 06:50 AM
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The Grimm stories .. Kinder Rätsel

◄► [Der Witz und seine Beziehung zum Unbewussten]. Trad. de l'allemand (Autriche) par Denis Messier .. (Scherzwort عبارة هزلية, joke) , Witz : (mot d'esprit), voire (jeu de mots), et aussi faculté d'en produire, et plus largement d'inventer une combinaison de choses hétérogènes, reste comme on le sait, intraduisible.

Le fait est qu'aucun équivalent n'est satisfaisant .. Traduire Witz et witzig par (wit et witty), écrit Strachey, eût conduit à de fâcheux malentendus. Dans l'usage anglais ordinaire, ces mots ont un sens fort restreint, ils s'appliquent exclusivement aux plaisanteries (jokes) les plus raffinées, les plus intellectuelles ..

Le Witz a donc partie liée avec le fragment, la trouvaille, la surprise (y compris pour son auteur: un bon Witz surprend aussi celui qui l'énonce). Il est proche de L'Einfall freudien, de l'idée qui vient sans qu'on l'attende; il échappe à la liaison discursive au bénefice d'autres liens déconcertants : il met en rapport des choses qui ne sont pas faites pour aller ensemble, il les condense, il les combine, ou mieux il les marie, le plus souvent dans une "mésalliance" ..

ER HAT SEINE GELDKATZE MIT GOLD UND SILBER GESPICKT .. (Der Witz / هزل / joke) suggest (هزل / thin) as opposed to (gespickt / fat) ..

Thereby (هزل / thin) est combiné en mésalliance avec (greed الجشاعة) allegorized by (a big fat purse) with a name evocative of the cat's greedy nature ..

◄► D'autres points de vue, qui, en un sens, sont connectés les uns aux autres, ont été sollicités pour définir le concept de mot d'esprit ou pour le décrire, ce sont le "contraste de représentations", "le sens dans le non-sens", "la stupéfaction et l'illumination" ..

◄► The force of attraction of the nail (الجلب), is represented by to the iron ferromagnetic properties → An allem Unglück, ist der verwünschte Nagel schuld .. The merchant imputed his mishap to his greedness (الكسب or الجشاعة) = (Der verwünschte Nagel) .. His misfortune was due to his unmoderated motive (حافز) for making profits .. The merchant's greedness (الكسب or الجشاعة) is to blame ..

◄► Our ability to understand (القدرة على الفهم ) come out CONNECTING THINGS to others ~ (عقل الشيء) .. The beginning of wisdom is the definition of terms - Socrates ..

INITIALLY, the term (عقل) meant (tie, ربط , bind), fasten, attach, fix ..

Tying an animal with a rope (عقال), creates an association between (the animal) and (the things in the place to which he is connected) ..

Analogical reasoning is fundamental to human thought .. It appears that (عقل) meaning (TIE), acquired, over time, the meaning of GRASPING THE SENSE OF SOMETHING = (عقل الشيء) .. A MENTAL ASSOCIATION that make it possible getting a hold of an idea ..

◄► F. R. Leavis : The only way to escape misinterpretation is never to commit oneself to any critical judgement that makes AN IMPACT – that is, never to say ANYTHING ..

I still, however, think that the best way to promote PROFITABLE DISCUSSION, is to be clear as clear as possible with oneself about what one sees and judges, to try and establish the essential discriminations, in the given field of interest, and to state them as clearly as one can (for disagreement, if necessary) ..

◄► Every product has a story? .. One is led to presuppose one source of provenance for the Grimm stories? .. This is suggested by the fact that they are supportive, consistent and complementary (vereinbar und ergänzen sich sinnvoll) ..

Le critique est celui qui, tout en consentant à LA FASCINATION que le texte lui impose, entend pourtant, conserver droit de regard – Jean Starobinski ..

◄► Der Nagel, The story of The nail ..

For the want of a nail, the horse was lost ..

The horse allegorize Advancement, that is, Making Progress without (Erring or Losing One's Time) = (تاه) .. Advancement is related to Motivation ..

Horseshoe (الحافز) allegorize Motivation, the reason for people's actions, willingness and goals ..

◄► A merchant had done good business at the fair .. Then he wanted to travel homewards, and be in his own house before nightfall ..

On his return back to home, his thoughts were still focused on possessions, on (acquisition الكسب), on (making profits) .. the profit motive continued to monopolize the ideas of the merchant ..

Les pensées du marchand tournaient autour de l'appât du gain. Il était tellement obnubilé par le profit, qu'il a sous-estimé l'importance du clou ..

In Eisenhans, it is mentioned that, der König hatte einen Sohn von acht Jahren ..

Number eight (ثمانية) allude to verb (ثَمَّنَ) synonymous with (قَدَّرَ) = esteem, wertschätzen ..

(geringschätzen ~ underestimate ~ لم يُقَدِّر ) is antonym of (ثَمَّنَ , wertschätzen , قَدَّرَ , assess the true value of something) ..

The accident of the horse was due to carelessness .. For the merchant underestimated = (لم يُقَدِّر) the importance of the nail for the safety of the horse ..

Der Nagel war zu gering geschätzt und folglich, unbeachtet gelassen! .. The nail was underestimated and consequently unheeded ..

In consequence, the merchant arrived quite (late at night) = (سمر) = (spät in der Nacht)* ..

◄► The clue is an indication, un indice, دلالة, ein Hinweis .. It throws light on puzzling things .. For example it uncover the cause (العلة) for choosing particular scenes* and places ..

◄► Because the horse was (unable to move / تسمر فى مكانه) ~ (nailed to the ground, cloué au sol) ~ se planter .. The merchant was forced to (abandon the horse) → the horse liegen lassen ..

To notice something ~ jdm. Etwas einleuchten .. One notices a continuity of meaning, linking (سمر) to (تسمر) and (مسمار) ..

That being so, the origin of the word (سمر), is to be sought in its relationship to (تسمر) and (مسمار) ..

The amusing anecdote of the merchant might had been widespread at some in the past .. One can imagine people pretexted their lateness was due to (سمر) by comparing it to the ludicrous difficult situation of the merchant, and thereby justifying their coming home late, or (their remaining on watch for part of the night) .. A simile is a figure of speech by which we say that one thing is like another (comparison, Gleichnis) ..

However, since people are more romantic at night, the meaning of (سمر) changed over time, and got a romantic touch ..

◄► The fairy tale "die wahre Braut" .. Formerly (فكر) might have meant (umkehren) .. The bridegroom (umkehrt = فكر) .. (umkehren) means (kehrt den Rücken انقلب, turned back تولي) ..

By simple deduction, it is suggested the occurrence of a miscommunication as the the cause for attributing to (فكر) the meaning of (Thinking ) ..

Wodurch The word (فكر) = umkehrt, become meaning (Thinking, Besinnung) .. It occurred through a mix-up with [the moment of hesitation of the bridegroom], before he (weiter-reitet = continue riding ) = umkehrt .. ( كر / kehren) ..

The word (فكر) can be reduced into (f / ف) and ( كر = kehren) ..

Generally speaking, the use of the ( letter f/ف) is a way to express one action following another .. In this situation, (f /ف) is linked with (schnell), the short moment of hesitation of the bridegroom ..

Als er die Stimme vernahm, (blickte er herab und hielt sein Pferd an.

Er schaute der Hirtin ins Gesicht, hielt dann die Hand vor die Augen, als wollte er auf etwas BESINNEN = (فكر / think of sth. ) ..

Auguste Rodin depicted "Le penseur" sitting on a rock with his chin resting on one hand as though deep in thought ..

All our lives we are receiving and sending out information. Mix-ups occur frequently - Brian N Ball ..

Andrew Lang - The story of the Third Calendar, by Andrew Lang .. The force of attraction the famous Black Mountain, (الجلب) is so great that the iron and nails will fall out of the ships and cling to the mountain ..

A prince named (wonder man / عجيب), the son of a king called (Cassib كسب / acquisition), decided to sail to the numerous islands which lay off (the shore), in order to gain كسب , the hearts of his subjects ..

(shore) is indicative of (بر) ~ mainland .. Metaphorically (shore) acts as a a clue to (safety أمن) and (rightness) ..
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