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May 02, 2005, 04:22 AM
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Gerasis Dg800 Dg 800

Hi Guys,

Do any of you have any experiences with the gerasis DG800?

I have an opportunity to buy an unfinished 3.6m all glass version for a fair price.

Any info gratefully recieved.
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May 02, 2005, 05:50 AM
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Hi Orion,

maybe I can give you some information: Since 1996 I fly a Gerasis-DG800 with sheeted wings - so everything I can say refers to that version.

The DG800 is a thermal-duration-ship! It is very lightweight, elegant and really hungry for thermal conditions. Mineís got a retract for aero-tow, but is flown almost exclusively (because Iíve got larger semi-scale-ships since then) for a couple of years at the slope or in the Alps under light conditions.

The aspect ratio of the wings makes it a little difficult to fly really high, the visibility sets the limits.

The wings bend wonderfully during carefully flown large loopings. I often think: Will they break now? They didnít until now and hope they wonít. But you have to take care. Maybe the all-glas-versionís wings are stiffer. You can fly rolls and go inverted, but mineís no aerobatic ship. Maybe your version comes with winglets and extended wingtips. Then it should be possible to go aerobatic with the short-span-version.

I like the elegant appearance that the DG800 gives especially at close distances at the slope. Just look at the wing geometry ... oops, seems like I start to dream...

The fuselage is a veteran now with scars all over. But that makes it loveable and I like to fly the DG800 because I canít lose too much if anything should happen to her.

I will repair the fuselage, give it a new paintjob and Iím planning to install an up&go-unit (Uli Meyer of Suhl/Germany) with a robbe sports 430/6 and four-blade-push-prop, that waits for its first flight for four or five years now.

One last thing: In my now 20-year-modellers-life I had maybe 50+ models. And there were only one or two other models I ever thought of to buy and build again should the model be destroyed. The DG800 is definitely one of those...



Edit: If my description leads you to the conclusion not to buy the fair-price-offering, then just let me know...maybe I jump in for you...
May 02, 2005, 10:23 AM
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Nothing but great experiences with my sheeted version as well. A liitle slow in the roll, loops nicely. Lands very easily due to pretty effective spoilers and light weight. I would reinforce the area around the cockpit opening with unidirectional carbon. Spoilers were a bit of a pain. I should have put their servos in the wing but cheaped-out and put full-sized in the fuse.
May 06, 2005, 05:35 AM
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Thanks for info guys. I missed out on the all glass model but i'm considering buying a brand new sheeted version.

I'll let you know what happens!!

Thanks Again

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