OXY5 Nitro AKA the Nitroxy 5

The Nitroxy 5 is shipping later this month. Check out the details on this .50 size nitro heli from Lynx Heli Innovations


ETA is due the end of this month

From Lynx Heli Innovations:

Like many of you already know, OXY HELI is part of the Lynx Heli Innovations Upgrade Heli Division owned by Luca Invernizzi. After over ten years of incredible upgrade experience and six years since the first OXY 3 changed how people looked at micro helicopters, in 2019 OXY HELI introduced the first BIG OXY in it’s line: the OXY 5 that thanks to it’s incredible performance and sexy look, set one more time new standard for it’s class, becoming one of worldwide pilots favorite 550-626 Heli. Now 2020 because Luca Invernizzi Love Heli and Love Nitro is the time for a new exiting and exotic OXY HELI: the NITROXY 5 (OXY 5 NITRO). Thanks to the feedback from the OXY 5, Luca worked with Lynx Heli Innovations R&D Department to deliver Luca’s dream… a Nitro Machine!

Let’s talk about the NITROXY 5 specialty design features!

The nitro feeling... by Luca Invernizzi

“I am a Nitro guy.. I was competing when no electric Heli was available and I stop when they start to come... I was consultant in Novarossi for the Nitro Heli Engine Design Line… I love Heli, any but I am addicted to Nitro... the smell the feeling the tuning... to fly a Nitro Heli is like dealing with a living creature... when in fly she talk to us, she give us sign, if we learn to listen and feel, we fly together with a Nitro Heli and deliver the best performance and fly routine... flying Nitro we learn to respect the limit of the machine and to follow her... get the best performance with mutual limit respect... learn pitch management... cyclic traction… tuning… many situation that actually flying electric Heli we no need to care or feel, electrical fly style is nice, is extreme, is super-fast.. however, the Nitro style, the sound, the smell the feeling the tuning... the tricks on set up…. and all-around the Nitro is for me as for many a pure addiction.

…. longer fly time compare electric help learning process... mindset is the base of every good perfect fly... Nitro help with her full tank and slow reaction in the beginning... to become more and more aggressive and quick, losing fuel weight... I can talk forever about how I love Nitro and who already enjoy Nitro, I am sure can feel what I am talking about... who have not yet should try... is not for anyone I agree… but if we like mechanics... motors and Heli... I think the click will be immediate."

Design a Nitro Heli..

Even if is not simple, but let say design an electrical Heli is easy compare designing a Nitro Heli... lot of power… immediate torque... zero vibration... and from that the famous joke: even the stone can fly... but... but a Nitro?? that is the challenge... in particularly a 50 class Heli... weight... mass distribution... CG… Vibes… Thermal and Cooling… efficiency… and overall, all the aspects on the frame, the aerodynamics and transmission playing a huge role on the final result. With all the Nitro rules in mind and my long Nitro experience is how we design, tested and approved our NITROXY 5!

With two optional gear ratio transmission, you can easy switch main blade set and fly standard kit with 600 to 625 blade or just replacing the clutch bell pinion assembly ramping up the gear ratio and fly 550 to 575... like any OXY we overthink about options without performance compromise. Engine block parts and frame are designed to easily adjust the mesh of the 2 gear ratio option, like an usually electrical heli. I think that our NITROXY 5 with it’s design features and an incredible ready to fly (420ml full tank!!) 3500g weight will set one more time new standard in her class.

Frame System:

Everybody follows the wide frame philosophy for some mechanical reason, but Luca chose the opposite direction. Super slim upper main frame (only 35mm inner frame) with a necessary enlarged frame for the Nitro Engine need. To define that vision, he must overcome many vibration and resonance, but in the end the result is an astonishing rigid, strong, lightweight and clean looking frame. Every assembly situation was revised many times. Reduction of screws count, overlapping layer components, high efficiency gearing system, CNC Lynx Turbo Fan and high performance Fan Shroud assure the best efficiency in cooling and the innovative Clutch Bell heat-sink effect, Sprag One-way System, elimination of main shaft collar with a sliding lower bearing block system and easy a solid and easy to access Tank holding system yielded a simple adaptive design.

Following the user manual, you can easily get stet-by-step building and all the wiring for a clean pro-build result, because the details are so important when we love what we do and fly. We should also empathize our R&D Heli design approach: We test our Heli’s not only in the air, but our process also follows the after crash analysis to minimizing the damage by reducing the impact energy, saving the core of the Heli. Crashes are an unplanned event we all have unfortunately, but it is part of the game. Heli must be designed to fly with perfection, but be quick to repair without a huge expense. Crashes are part of our game, “no pain, no gain”. As they say, not crashing? You’re not pushing for improvement. Anything can be damaged, but we truly believe that an adaptive design method can like in the car industry, define what we want to save, and form a pilot experience. Luca chose the frame with all the expensive components to be saved, sacrificing other areas that are easy and low-cost to replace.

Main Gear and Main Pulley System:

Looking for efficiency and simplicity, NITROXY 5 has a single stage transmission with Spur 163 Mod 0.8mm CNC Main Gear, 19T Pinion in the kit with optional 22T Pinion as accessory. Sprag oversized One-Way System, and a simple and innovative gear mesh system. The Main Pulley 84T with HDT 3M Tail Belt Transmission and metal frame tail pulley to cancel nasty EDM (electrostatic) issue.

Head System:

Luca’s experience shows him that a solid head system with 10mm hollow shaft, 8mm hollow spindle, serrated center hub and interchangeable adaptive dampening system was the solution to pursuit. This was a milestone to pass. Something present in any 3D Heli, the pitch mechanical aberration, or deviation error from Zero to full negative and positive collective. Thanks to a different cinematic simulation OXY R&D ended with special, simple but mathematically proved geometry that reduce the mechanical aberration to only 0.25-degree pitch with 28-degree maximum travel. There’s no need any more to play with FBL end points to have the same exactly negative and positive pitch, giving the NITROXY 5 a precision and crispy head feeling. Exactly what the new 3D generation pilot are looking for, agility and precision in one single spot!

Tail System:

Here we come with OXY’s specialty: Tail Performance. We all know that when we fly, if we cannot thrust 100% in the tail authority or precision, 50% of our mind is lost just thinking: Which move I can do next? If I do this, will I lose the tail, just like before? The tail is so, so important on the last generation of Heli design. It is where every company tries their best to improve what today, feels perfect. Improvements don’t have a limit. OXY introduces in each Heli from the small OXY 2 up to the new NITROXY 5, design and features that assure the best tail efficiency with the simplest design as possible. Bigger count tail pulley with the best revolution efficiency, super low belt wearing, tail belt tensioner, Delta rod angles, reduced mechanical travel aberration, double pinned Pitch Slider and 6mm Tail Shaft are just some of the different mechanical NITROXY 5 tail solutions.

After reading all that, you probably normally thinking it’s enough, but it isn’t. Many other detail and features are inside the NITROXY 5, many personal Luca “touches”. It’s too hard or takes too long to list them all here, but we are sure. Those who will get one, will love it!

OXY 5 Technical and standard specs:

  • Main Blade Length: From 600 to 625mm with Standard Kit Transmission Ratio/From 550 to 575 with optional Transmission Ratio sold separately.
  • Main Grip Clamping: M4 / 10 and 12mm Root.
  • Tail Blade Length: Any from 85mm to 105mm.
  • Tail Blade Clamping: M3 / 5 mm Root.
  • Standard Main Gear: 163T Module 0.8mm with Sprag Bearing One-Way System.
  • Standard Pinion: 19T – (Optional 22T sold separately).
  • Standard Main Ratio: 8.578 – (Optional 7.40).
  • Standard Main Pulley: 84T.
  • Standard Tail Pulley: 19T (Optional 18-20 sold separately).
  • Standard Tail Ratio: 4.42 (Optional 4.66 / 4.20).
  • Standard Landing Gear: Plastic Strut Black Color with Black Tubes Skids.
  • Tank Capability: 420ml.
  • RTF Approx. Weight: 3500g (full tank).
  • Motor size: Any .50 to .60 Nitro Heli Engine.
  • Servo Size: Kit comes with Std. Size Cyclic Servo and Std. or Mini Tail Servo

Check out the Nitroxy 5 Here

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Jul 13, 2020, 04:23 PM
Still gassin' it.
That Italian dude really gets it, that fascination with wet fuel...
Even in his broken english, but I really could not have said it better!
Jul 13, 2020, 04:48 PM
RCG Admin
Jason Cole's Avatar
Thread OP
Lol, right!
Jul 14, 2020, 09:49 PM
I Love 30mm
FlyinAg's Avatar
We've come full circle! Nitro is back... Just took a decade or so lol. I think the flight time would be the biggest perk.
Jul 15, 2020, 08:34 AM
Still gassin' it.
I think it is great that somebody is investing time and effort (and some business risk) in introducing a new wet fuel heli...

I just wished somebody would follow up on what Gaui attempted, and try to make small gassers a viable option for helicopter use.
Jul 15, 2020, 11:44 AM
I Love 30mm
FlyinAg's Avatar
Wasn't there some 450 size effort from 3-5 years ago from an Asian producer? Can't remember the name but it was something corny sounding...
Jul 15, 2020, 03:43 PM
Registered User

one of them

Originally Posted by FlyinAg
Wasn't there some 450 size effort from 3-5 years ago from an Asian producer? Can't remember the name but it was something corny sounding...

scroll down on http://www.vrhc.co.uk/index.php/en/r.../j-r/p/protech
Jul 15, 2020, 03:45 PM
Registered User

a trex 450n would be greath

Like my 600n and sometimes even fly the 700n.
Would love to see a 450n with a car engine for example
Jul 15, 2020, 03:59 PM
Registered User

look at that engine clutch setup

One of the pictures shows how they implemented the clutch.
Would they had a extender that screws on the crankshaft or went all the way with a special engine version with a longer crankshaft (like graupner/ heim used to do? )
With "hobby" grade desktop cnc machines making that clutch should be possible, once you have that cnc cutting sideframes and machining the engine mount is relative easy. all the other things like main gear , head can be used from a existing electric.

So all we are looking for is a glow conversion kit
Jul 15, 2020, 04:18 PM
Still gassin' it.
Originally Posted by cmulder
One of the pictures shows how they implemented the clutch.
Would they had a extender that screws on the crankshaft or went all the way with a special engine version with a longer crankshaft (like graupner/ heim used to do? )
With "hobby" grade desktop cnc machines making that clutch should be possible, once you have that cnc cutting sideframes and machining the engine mount is relative easy. all the other things like main gear , head can be used from a existing electric.

So all we are looking for is a glow conversion kit
I had (have, but not flightl ready anymore) one of those Zoom 450 Nitro's. Flew fairly OK, but compared to even the contemporary electrics (and that was, mind you, in the early days of brushless, last days of brushed) it was not really powerful, and what was worse, fuel consumption was really appalling: it nearly consumed as much (in volume per time) as my .60 class helies, but those burned 2% Nitro fuel, the Protech Zoom Nitro drank 20%...
I got about 6 minutes of flight time out of 120 ml of fuel.

So it was also a horribly expensive little beast to operate.

The clutch however, indeed was fairly along the same lines as the Heim/Vario system, and absolutely troublefree. That part they definitely got right...
Jul 15, 2020, 05:55 PM
Registered User

engine power does not really scale well does it?

At those smaller sizes they need to run at relative high rpm to get any usefull power.
And yes that takes loads of nitro and the fuel use that comes with that.....

Is your engine still in running order? and if so an idea if the teeth size fits a current heli like the trex 450 main gear?

The fuel use will remain thought ; not sure if there are any small ignition systems avaiable but the added weigth might make it dificult.

Or one could try a contra piston and run the engine as a diesel but then fuel cost will be really high .
But hey being able to claim the smallest diesel powered heli might be worth it
Jul 15, 2020, 09:19 PM
Still gassin' it.
The engine probably needs new bearings, as I never conserved it, I expect it to be a bit stuck, but for compression it should still be OK.
The gear train is, believe it or not M=1, same tooth size as the large Vario helies.
Probably has something to do with the engine being IC.
Main gear is something like 98 teeth (judged by diameter) but otherwise more or less same dimensions as common for 450 size heli's.
What is a bit remarkable, is that the tail drive gear also has module 1, and I don't see a technical reason for that.
Engineering really isn't that bad for an older heli.
It is slighly larger than a true 450 size, it uses 380 mm blades instead of the more common 360.
Engine is a no-brand (Sanye?) tiny .12, but looks like it is not a straight swap with any car engine in that size I know. Different head, different crank, different carb.
Sep 10, 2020, 12:12 AM
Registered User
jcervantes11's Avatar
Originally Posted by cmulder
I really miss those protech/helipro helicopter. I had 3 one was all metal nitro, one plastic nitro and one ep. And had one of their 450. cmulder weren't
u one of them with a ic? Man i wish i can go buy one. There is a smartech pegasus 18 i once had they even sell them still
Sep 10, 2020, 07:11 PM
I Love 30mm
FlyinAg's Avatar
Actually it was this heli I was thinking of

Sep 11, 2020, 07:46 PM
Registered User

thing has been out for a while


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