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Jul 07, 2020, 04:24 PM
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Challenge # 2 MPX Profi 4000

Hi Jim

I used tray radios most of my active modeling years. Mostly Profi 4000 . I still got 3 almost new condition Txs and tons of parts to it and what is most important Ernie Pitchard is still around with his service and expertise. My first transmitter with Jims module I have sold to finance new RoyalEvo back then
In the event to get tray Tx again I got perfect new condition X9E second hand and was on the mission to get involved to get all the updates and outfits with several multi protocol system including XPS. It was all good until I have opened the cover. Probably during the shipping battery tray broke loose and damaged a lot inside. Very fragile battery tray to say the least. It is a project for now. Radio works, but I have to get familiar with it first.
In this case I took the second look at good old Profi 4000 pizza box. What a difference in design. Massive battery box and all.

I went through manual how to install the XPS module there. My first Tx was outfitted by you and was working perfect. I am sure it is still in use.
I would like to put the XPS module in second one. I do have module from old RoyalEvo Tx for that purpose on hold.
Now I have noticed that PDF picture in manual shows there is only 3 wires in the plug without that white loop. I have checked the firmware and it is v3.8
Would it work with Profi?. Antenna positioning is made for profi , not for Evo. I had the hard time to run it in EVO at first. Maybe it is enough to flash it with older firmware, remove the white wire.
I am working on balls. I should have couple of them available soon

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Jul 08, 2020, 04:57 AM
I think you would need to pull the white wire. That was there for the EVO to pass a check that they added to determine what hardware was being used with newer firmware. Since the Profi doesn't use that it probably should be removed. I think you will need to set the startup delay to be for the Profi, otherwise you won't get all of the channels when more than 9 are available.
Jul 08, 2020, 11:26 AM
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" I think you will need to set the startup delay to be for the Profi, otherwise you won't get all of the channels when more than 9 are available. "

Thanks Jim
Seem like you never sleep
I can not figure it out how the clock on RCgroups work , but my judgement you responded like 3 am.

For above statement
I have seen this description on text files regarding each particular upgrade, but honestly I got no clue how to achieve it. Is it part of device manager of XDP or I need to downgrade the firmware ?


probably I will need one more Profi module soon
and one JR module to be installed inside the X9E as a external unit with long antenna wire. First I have to figure out how to fix the damages there. Open TX App is very tempting to get familiar with
Jul 08, 2020, 03:32 PM
The XDP has the option for setting the start up delay when working with a transmitter module. You can also set this from the push button programming.

Yes, I am basically up 24 hours a day.
Jul 09, 2020, 08:47 AM
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XDP manager is no go at this point. No matter what module is used the interface ( XDP window) is getting lost. Program is running and has to be manually shut. it seems like Window 10 thingy again. All other programs from the package seem to work except XDP device setting part. We have been talked about it on Jumper thread not far ego.
Where I can find current description of push button programming?
Manual for Tx module speaks about Powe Level ( red) , frequency hopping options ( green).
Maybe I have missed something
I am still waiting for plastic balls to arrive so is no rush.

Jul 09, 2020, 09:16 AM
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I think I found it on Royal Evo Manual

Jul 18, 2020, 08:39 PM
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another Profi 4000 is up and alive

I have spent more then a week to make antenna fixture robust and versatile.
I started with the original concept, but faced to make sort of broaching tool to make hex opening for antenna base.
It turn out to be on spot with expectation, but is little excessive in labor and need for additional tooling.
While playing with all that in my hand had felt that Antenna insert from Jim's website. I have tried to sit it firm in that ball. It was not that easy. Proper fit was crucial to make it right. I made the tool just for that also
The outcome is :
I got tools to make both versions
Ball can spin around about 15 degrees with very tight fit. No chance to get loose. I have managed to use spring loaded bracket from original design again.
Little hole in the back cover for programming and binding button. Nice little window to see LED blinks

I have set the module at these values

Power: 5
frequency: 2
Delay: 4 out of 9. This is about 2 seconds. Would it cover 12 channels in PPM or I need more.
Tomorrow I will test it with nanos and X10.

I am wondering when I will get stuck
This Tx is 30 years old. Older or equal in age with Airtonics Vision. By the way Vision is my next project. I got several.
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Jul 19, 2020, 02:51 PM
Our module needs at least a 2 second delay because Multiplex radios change the number of channels after they power up. They all start with 9 channels, and when the model memory is loaded the number of channels used is changed afterwards. The first thing our module does,on power up is delay (the delay period) and then look at the PPM data stream to determine the number of channels. I had to add the delay option because of the Multiplex radios.

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