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Jun 27, 2020, 03:31 AM
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Another Orange bind question

First of all, what I got.........see pics.

My bind procedure.............
1) Put Tx to desired model, everything off, bind plug in the Rx bind port, apt router unplugged, and comp.'s bluetooth off.
2) Plug in Rx battery.......flashing orange LED.
3) From just over 2 meters away, hold bind button on back of module as I pwr. up Tx until Rx has a solid LED.
4) Remove Rx bind plug, pwr. off Rx, pwr. off Tx.
5) Turn Tx on then Rx on to verify still binded with Rx solid LED.

Using the equipment in the pictures, I can bind them no problem, my problem is when I switch from one model to another........and each time I do, I have to rebind them.

I printed out the manual for the module
( see 5th pic ) but not sure what I am missing.

Hopefully someone knows the trick to not have to rebind when switching models.

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Jun 27, 2020, 10:30 AM
Sagitta Fanboy
That's normal when switching between models with different class receivers. Unless all your receivers are the same class (channel count, protocol, etc) they will need a rebind.

You need a transmitter with Model Match to get remembered binds when switching between models.
Jun 27, 2020, 02:58 PM
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Ah, well, that would explain it I guess.

I've heard of "ModelMatch" and believe it's a Spektrum only term.

I just assumed any Tx that had a model memory (including my JR) automatically had ModelMatch because if the Tx is on the wrong model, when you turn on the Tx then Rx on, the model wouldn't work until the correct model in the Tx memory is used (selected).

But I guess it does make sense that all (Orange Rx.'s) used would need to be the same class (using the same protocol), for example........X, 720x, 820x, etc., for DSMX, vs one being DSMX and another one being DSM2.
Same amount of channels for all Rx.'s though?
That shouldn't matter, but maybe it does.

It's my 3m F3F plane that I am using a 7ch. Rx.
Most other models, like my 3 ch. Rotor pitcheron that's using the Orange 610(?) Rx (pictured), only need 6 or less channels, and are preferred due to the smaller size of the Rx.

The (current - V2.0) Orange 2.4 Tx module manual was written 'pretty' well, but still there are a few not very well worded sentences, or instructions in it.
I will reread parts of the manual, such as the page pictured, to maybe better understand if perhaps using the ID button on the back of the module will help, and will try that, and report back.

In the description of HK's V2.0 module it says;
"Note: OrangeRX Modules use a unique Global ID for binding. In case of binding issues with other branded receivers press the "Change ID" button on module to change the Module ID to another unique value reserved for that module. There are over 4 billion unique ID's assigned to OrangeRx modules."

I've heard that Lemon Rx.s are better than Orange Rx.'s, and that where there are some bind issues w/ Orange Rx.'s, those aren't present w/ the Lemon Rx.'s.

I was planning on buying some Lemon 6ch Rx.'s w/ the 2 long(er) diversity antennas anyway, since I'm sure one of those would probably be better than the Orange 610 (if that's the Rx it is), which is currently in my Rotor, only has one short antenna, and is probably more considered a 'park' Rx vs full range.

Having to rebind each time I fly a different model isn't the worse thing in the world, but is a P.I.T.A., and just one more step I'd like to elliminate if possible.

Side note;
One other thing I didn't mention in the original post is that the red LED on the module is suppose to light up, and is capable of three modes.
Single blinks = DSM2
Double blinks = DSMX
Solid = auto mode
Sometimes when I turn on the Tx, then the Rx, I get a solid LED on the Rx, but the LED on the module isn't on or blinking, nothing, yet I have good control (w/o interfernce or glitching) of the servos.
Range check in either case is fine.

Also, I got my Orange 2.4 Tx module in like 2015, so it is not the V2.0 ( current ) version, and in the current description states;
"This version also has a major firmware change that allows for the module to work with multiple receivers without rebinding."

So it sounds like I might have to get the newer version of the Tx module, and that might take care of the problem.

The question it enough of a PITA to want to pay $33+global shipping ($50?)

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Jun 27, 2020, 08:45 PM
65 years of RC flying
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If you really want to solve the problem of rebinding, donít go for another Orange module. Rather, get a Multi Protocol module, such as the iRange4X Plus. Very reliable and well tested over several years. Also with lots of support. I have two of the iRange modules.

Regarding the Orange 610, this is a very old and not particularly good receiver. I have replaced all of mine. Later Orange receivers are much better, but my preference is for Lemon.
Jun 28, 2020, 02:03 AM
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Hmmmmm yeah thanks but no thanks. Just wasted a 1/2 hr reading some of the RcGroups threads on them and just barely touched on the info. Looks very confusing and like they have their own problems (things) you gotta figure out.
Besides, I don't need an openTx.
My Orange Tx module is A LOT easier to use, and works fine except for having to rebind when switching models that have Rx.'s with different protocols, and the V2.0 version description says it has solved that problem.
My friend has a V2.0, and I don't remember him ever having any bind issues.
Any future Rx.'s I get will be Lemon though.

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Jun 28, 2020, 07:16 AM
I have been rather pleased with all my Lemon receivers. But Corono-19 is causing long delays in shipping now days.
Jun 28, 2020, 04:37 PM
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Thread OP
For the Lemon full range 6 ch. Rx w/ dual diversity (longer) antennas
It is ($) / At / Who ships from / Shipping cost / side notes
$15.25 / / China / $ ? maybe $10 / delivery time......IDK
$19.99 / / not sure / FREE / seller via amazon is RCJuice. Can't find a location for them, but shipping time is estimated
to be 1 1/2 - 2 weeks.
$15.25 / / Columbus, Ohio / $ ? maybe $10 / free shipping on orders over $80 - fast delivery time - 3 to 5 days

For a (generic) satellite receiver w/ (short) connection wire extension;
It is ($) / At / Who ships from / Shipping cost / side notes
$13.10 / / see above / see above - also see below this Sat Rx is the same one from amazon but Lemon doesn't describe that restriction or main Rx.
$15.99 / / see above / FREE shipping on orders over $25, not in stock for a few days, then 1 1/2 - 2 week delivery time. Also, it says that the Sat Rx is DSM2 compatible but the main Rx must be a DSMX Rx.
$9.95 / / see above / all same as above, Kensun brand
best deal;
$11.60 / / China / $3.35 w/ almost 2 wk delivery / CM brand (item CM921), , discount the more you buy, plus $20 worth of discount coupons (for various other things) for new users. (note: they don't sell Lemon brand)

Gonna get myself;
a newer (v2.0) Tx module from HK, and what ever other little stuff I need from there,
two of the Lemon 6 ch. Rx.'s from amazon, and
2-3 sat Rx.'s from

Did this comparison for my own benefit to compare products and price from where, but thought I'd share.

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Jun 29, 2020, 03:16 PM
Thank you for sharing, Bob
Jun 29, 2020, 04:55 PM
Everything is broken
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Beware of shipping times from HobbyKing's overseas warehouses to the US right now. I ordered some stuff from the Hong Kong warehouse April 24, still waiting for delivery, and getting the run-around from HK "support". I'm thinking that's 40-something dollars I'm never going to see again. Buying locally, especially in this time of world weirdness, is probably worth the few extra bucks it might cost.
Jun 29, 2020, 05:01 PM
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Uh bummer.........a little too late.
I placed the order with HK last night.

Thanks anyway Jim.

Jun 29, 2020, 05:03 PM
Everything is broken
JimZinVT's Avatar
I hope you have better luck than I!

I usually figure 3 weeks from HK and if it arrives sooner I smile. Not smiling this time and probably won't order from them again unless it's in stock in the US warehouse.
Jun 29, 2020, 05:26 PM
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Well I only ordered two things; the newer (V2.0) Orange 2.4 Tx module, and a CA hinge sheet (where you cut your own from it as you need them).

If the module was available from the USA warehouse, I would have ordered it from there for sure!

What shipping option did you use?
I opted for the DHL Express - Express worldwide, which cost me $14.95.
I think the default shipping (the cheapest) would have cost about $9.00, so it was an upgrade which I felt was worth it considering the reason you mentioned.

What is the 'status' of your order?
You can go to their site, sign in, view your last order, and there are buttons to see your order status, track your order, and to submit a claim.
I paid via Paypal, and after placing my order, I received an email conformation from Paypal.
As seen in my past orders, pymt went to 'hexTronik Limited'.
Their support site is; [email protected]

Two months + for shipping is crazy and ridiculous, unless one or more of your items were / are out of stock, and they
hadn't / haven't shipped your order until they had all your items!

Boy I sure hope you get some resolution soon!!!
I wouldn't be happy either!!!

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Jun 29, 2020, 05:38 PM
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Jun 29, 2020, 06:07 PM
Everything is broken
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Everything was in stock. Don't recall exactly on the shipping but I think it was the second option up in price, not the cheapest one. Status says "in transit". As it has for the last 6 weeks. I have always found their tracking information to be extremely vague. It will say "processing" for a long time, then "in transit" for a longer time, then just when you're starting to get really annoyed, it arrives. They don't give you the day by day location the way UPS or FedEx will. Oh well, another lesson learned. Never again.
Jun 29, 2020, 06:54 PM
Everything is broken
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Well here's something funny. My wife just got home from work, and says "you got a package today from Dynamic Modeling Services".
Well, turns out it's my HK order. Not sure what the shipping alias is all about. The return address is in Singapore.

So that's 66 days from order to delivery. Sit back & relax Bob, it could be a while
I hope yours moves quicker. Being on the west coast should knock a few days off anyway.

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