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Apr 05, 2002, 04:13 AM
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Interference/Glitches with Eco 8

Hi there,

As anyone had any interference/glitches with the Eco 8 during flight.

I also fly the Piccolo and experince glitches with that also, but it's controllable. Every now and then i get a twitch with the heli and i'll get short power loss. The same thing is happening now with the Eco 8.

My Eco 8 has under gone some changes heres the spec:-

Carbon fibre sides
Complete aluminum roter head
Aluminum motor mount plate
Aluminum pitch compensaters
Auto rotation wheel
Power motor (Ikarus)
Standard servos, gyro, recevier (came with the package deal)
Tail boom support
Wooden blades
Using 8cell 2400mAh Sanyo batteries
Controller- Sanwa RD6000 Super 79Mhz FM
(Using electronic mixing)

I've had various problems the last couple of months, since i upgrade, i couldn,t get the set-up right and so found it impossable to fly, then the other week, i started to fly it resonable well, i had it about 1m half off the ground and all of a sudden i lost tail control and the heli went spinning out of control turned up side down and landed on it's blades.

So after ordering some parts, i was soon back out there, wednesday, and it flew great, it was a joy to fly, i soon flattend the first battery and replaced it and off i went again. I'm still learning how to fly and i cannont fly with the heli facing me (yet) so when all of a sudden the heli nosed in on me panic set in but i managed to land it, now as i approched the heli the blades were still spinning, (due to having the auto rotation wheel fitted) i normally place my hand on the top and gently slow down the blades; as i did this the motor kicked in and the blades were running at full speed, i couldn't stop it i hadn't moved the throttle control that was still down, i tried increasing the throttle and it did slow it down, until i passed half throttle then it speeded up again (all this was happening while my hand was on top of the main rotor making sure it wouldn't take off. Then it stopped and i manged to disconnect the battery. It has scared me a bit because if i was disconnecting the battery at that time i would have had a face full of blades and i haven't flown it since.

I'm unsure about what to do, i thought about replacing my crystles with the old ones from my previous controller.

If you've manged to stay there reading this then thanks, sorry it was a long one, but any help in this matter is greatly appreciated.


E A Rushton

(P.S which way should the gyro be placed, i have the one that came with the package deal called "GWS PG-03 Piezo Gyro", i have the gain down to 0 if i turn it up i have no control over the tail, it just spins around)
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Apr 05, 2002, 04:33 AM
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Sounds like your gyro is mounted incorrectly. The PG-03 needs to be mounted 'vertically' - ie, stuck on the side of the heli. The 'ridge' on it also runs vertically.

Which way up it goes depends on the way your tail servo is connected up, if you mount it like this and the heli still spins like a top, flip it by 180 degrees.

Don't know about the glitching, but you do need to keep the receiver & gyro well away from the motor & ESC wiring.
Apr 05, 2002, 08:45 AM
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Where is your Rx? My Eco had lots of glitching problems when I first built it and flew with a ferrite motor and the Rx up front. I mount my Rx and Gyro behind the mainshaft - glitches solved.
Apr 05, 2002, 11:10 AM
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I've moved the radio around a few times to get the best installation. I too experienced radio glitches. My recommendation is to keep the power components completely separate from the control components.

I have my brushless controller in front of the motor, so the power leads go from the battery pack to the controller, and then from controller into the motor. I don't mount anything else at the front apart from my separate RX battery pack which is slung way over the front of the frame (I have a tail mounted micro servo).

My Futaba gyro is mounted on top of the frame behind the main shaft. My RX is mounted with PVC tape way at the back of the frame. The CCPM servo cables are routed on the right hand side of the frame into the RX. The ESC servo cable is routed on the left hand side of the frame up to the front.

The RX aerial exits the RX (at the back of the frame) and I then route it to the tail fin (where I use a rubber band to tension it) and then the free end just dangles.

No more glitching problems.



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