Is it safe to use single quallcomm 830 for a rx/2 servo pack? - RC Groups
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Apr 04, 2002, 10:30 AM
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Is it safe to use single quallcomm 830 for a rx/2 servo pack?

Could I safely use a single cell quallcomm 830 (3.6v) mah to power a JR610m and two JR241 mini servos? I would like to power these for a Colibri MHLG. I know the usual pack recommendation is 4.8 volts but am trying to save weight and get a really good duration pack.

Are there any disadvantages to using the lower voltage cell?

What would the effects be of using a lower voltage pack? Would it just slow the servos down?

Could it cause the receiver/servos to fail in flight?
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Apr 07, 2002, 02:37 PM
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I use a single Qualcomm 830 in my DLG. I can't answer for your particular choices in equipment, but I tested and passed some of my own. To do this, I first set a low battery limit above which the equipment MUST work. I then measured the total current (servo's moving). I then discharged and recorded the voltage of the single cell with this much current. I was amazed and delighted. The battery ran well above the "must work" voltage for almost it's entire discharge. Net--I get about 5+ hours with margin!

Equipment tested:

Hitec 555
FMA Extreme5 (best running and rated by FMA at 3.5V)
Hitec HS-50 servo's
Ikarus Micro Gyro

The low voltage affected only the servo motors. This means slower response and less torque. Still fine in a small ship.