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May 11, 2020, 05:03 PM
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H&M Performance Electric 60 size Spitfire Redux

I originally did a review of this model for RCGroups' Ezonemag wayyy back in 2009 (HERE). She has been lurking in the back corner of the hanger for about a decade now? SO dusted her off, bound her up to my DX9 and took her out for a few flights this morning. Though admittedly more of a stand-off scale model, she flies pretty nicely IMO. And I was able to squeeze two 5:00 minute flights out of one 6S 4000mAh pack.

Are there any other pilots still flying one of these old school ARFs? Original offerings included a Spitfire, a Corsair and a FW-190.

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May 13, 2020, 10:39 PM
Dont forget the velcro straps
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I remember your H&M reviews! I had the f4u. Great flyers!
Jul 09, 2020, 05:22 PM
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Just found this!

Yes! Still flying the H&M and still loving it - one very spectacular flying airplane. Got mine about 4 yrs ago from an old fella who just ran out of steam trying to get it done; he said he bought it several years before but just wasnít able to get it flight ready and lost interest. He had most of it done/assembled, without electronics, and had done a good job of it. He decided to cut a hatch into the top, between the firewall and first bulkhead, for battery installation. This turned out well - makes batt changes a walk in the park.

One of his principle complaints was getting the ship to balance - always tail-heavy, said he never could get it right. The parts I had on hand were a big olí Turnigy SK3 6374-192kv and a ZTW120a ESC, as well as some Futaba standard servos. Had to get a retract servo, and a buddy had a BlueBird he wasnít gonna use - in it goes! The slow turning SK3 just begged for decided to go 12s power; prop is an APC 4-blade, 15.5x12. With 2 each 2650mA 6cell batts up front, balance required about 6 ounces bolted onto the tail. No more balance troubles.

Still havenít put a wattmeter on it, simply out of laziness. But the plane is a projectile - WOT is a matter of a couple seconds max before turning is necessary. Vertical is without limit - it will climb out of sight straight up. Restraint gives good 10 minute flights with batts at 3.85v/cell on landing. At reduced throttle it is a joy to fly and looks really majestic - like Spitfires do.

I suspect the FlightLine Spit is prettier to look at, being much more scale-finished. This sweet old H&M cannot be replaced, even by newer, as it simply flies so honest and well. I do wish it had flaps to slow landings a bit, but 3-point touchdowns came with some practice and just look spectacular. Flying off grass exclusively made them kinda important, as rolling out on the mains usually resulted in the plane going up on itsí nose - ungraceful and undignified for such a gorgeous airplane. Even the stock mechanical retracts have been trouble-free. Just a really wonderful plane.

I found one here on RCG a year or so ago, NIB. Bought it at asking price and am now looking at assembling it. The Spit is in Florida and we come back to Pennsylvania in the is the pits to be without it, so #2 is hearing the call. This one will likely go with a slightly smaller (shorter) 63mm outrunner, and probably 8 cells. Have a few options on hand, so the decision-making process hasnít been fully sorted yet.

It is great, Mr. B, to see you are still flying yours. Your original review remains in my subscribed files, and is going to stay there. Your pics are exactly the tribute this plane deserves, beautiful and compelling, each delivering the awesome grace the plane flies with. Gonna have one of these for many, many moons to come, the gods willing.
Aug 14, 2020, 09:29 PM
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Back again.

#2 is almost ready to maiden. Got it balanced tonite, 7-1/4 ounces into the nose (!). Whoof. Well, AUW now is 8 lbs 13-1/4 oz which is about 4 oz lighter than #1. Will use the same 6s 2650mA batts the other uses, just in parallel instead of series. Using the FlightLine 16x10 4 blade off the Freewing Spitfire instead of the APC 4 blade. The FlightLine canopy is almost a fit, too - could be used in a pinch if necessary. The canopy on the #1 is getting yellow with age, was hoping to find a useable alternative.

Anyway, hoping the flaps mod helps out with landing speeds. Stock flies very well indeed but comes in a little hotter than entirely happy with. Gonna try to get the maiden in this coming week.

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