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Apr 28, 2020, 12:37 PM
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WPL truck electronics

I am looking for suggestions on equipping my WPL kit trucks. I've got C14, C24 and B14.

The goal is to make them reliable rock/trail trucks without spending too much. They are projects I want to work on with my kids.

I think they all came with 180 motors (based on the motor extends a little beyond the plastic gearbox cover), 9 gr plastic servo and what I think is a resistor for the LEDs perhaps.
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Apr 29, 2020, 03:19 PM
John_Edward's Avatar
Equipping how, are you looking for basic electronics setup, or upgrades to the trucks?

In any case, I would say the bare minimum upgrade for converting them from a toy to something usable is replacing the plastic gears in the drivetrain, as they simply won't last. I personally got this kit for my C24 and it's been fine, though there is now this one that's a little cheaper (and has the upgraded steering joints) and probably tons more if you look through the topic linked above - especially post 19 with the all metal kits. After that upgrade, the next weakest part are the driveshafts.
And finally, you need to add weights into the wheels, as the CG is rather high and the trucks tend to roll over easily. There are many ways to do it for next to nothing - steel or lead BBs, solder, copper wire, actual lead wire, actual (car) wheel weights and so on, just google for tips.
Apr 29, 2020, 11:23 PM
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Thanks, I'll be searching through this over the weekend.
Apr 30, 2020, 12:18 AM
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[QUOTE=John_Edward;44393985]Equipping how, are you looking for basic electronics setup, or upgrades to the trucks?

Both really. I have no experience with rc trucks/cars. I need electronics for each. Is a 10 amp esc ok? I see a lot of guys upgrade to 30a. Any suggestions on electronics is appreciated

I'd like to get the two speed gearbox which I guess requires three channels. I also ordered a C44KM from WPL that came with a free winch, four channels? Will that 9 gr plastic servo last?

I'd like to upgrade anything likely to break. All three came with brass gears. I heard the drive shafts will break immediately. The B14 center drive shaft arrived jacked up and center axle has binding issues that i'm guessing shims may help. I assume the steering components are likely to fail.

I'll definitely look through links you guys sent. Looks like a lot of good stuff. I'll start working on the C14 first and hopefully be a little wiser after each completion.

Thanks for the info.
Apr 30, 2020, 05:08 PM
John_Edward's Avatar
The kits have been upgraded a few times since I bought mine, the driveshafts are slightly better (but still rather poor) and I guess now they already come with metal gears. You still have to make sure they mesh properly and shim them if necessary though.
And IIRC the C44 comes with a bunch of upgrades already compared to the older kits, though how many depends on which kit you buy.


Any RC stuff at all?
I personally run my C24 using a regular stick radio (old Turnigy 9X) and find it almost easier to use for crawling than a pistol grip - I run Mode 2 and have mapped the car throttle to Elevator, and steering to Rudder. If you need a radio too, that is a giant rabbit hole you can spend days researching.

As for ESC, the larger you go, the smaller the load on it. Technically 10A should be well enough, but the price difference is so small you might as well go a little higher, I've been running a 20A ESC so far. Some ESCs come with an integrated BEC so it will provide power for your receiver and servos, others don't so just know if you need an external BEC or not. And a brake is also nice to have.

The servo that came with the kit has been perfectly fine for me but you should always keep a spare one at hand as it's not the best quality.

These trucks are fairly robust because there are usually two things that break RC cars, speed and torque. Metal upgrades on the drivetrain removes the torque component, and there isn't really enough speed to break anything unless you count rolling sideways down a hill as "speed" - in which case anything can break if you get unlucky. Oh, and water, of course, but that's a whole other can of worms.

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