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Sep 09, 2020, 11:41 PM
Just Plane Nutts
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You and I know that MAC's are far more superior then any PC on the market and thats a fact!

Appreciate the chuckle. I started with Apple in 1980. All they have done since then is push me away. I've owned PC's for 40 years, but only got my first Windows-based PC in 2000 and never looked back. Apple never gave me a reason to.

Mid-1980s. They stopped supported all types of Apple 2 computers despite the 5 to 6 MILLION apple 2's sold and still out there (including mine) just so they could promote their new and overpriced $2500 Macintosh computer with a black and white screen and one floppy drive.

1990s. Apple has sold licenses to several computer manufactures to start making and selling cheaper MAC clones. Like IBM PC clones running windows, this would have brought their price down and made MACs affordable, competitive and more widespread. MAINSTREAM is the word we looked forward to.

But then Jobs came back onboard after his NEXT computer company did so-so, cancelled all the clone licenses (basically stabbed all those investors and start-up owners in the back) and gave use those silly colored and non-expandable $1500 egg-shaped eMacs instead that so many users hated. Prices stayed unacceptably high.

2000's. Apple released the iPod, licensed many favorite songs with exclusive contracts and sells them in an ACC codec format only their player supported. It was like a 1970s record company licensing favorite albums only they could sell that only played on record players only THEY sold and ignoring all established audio formats. BOGUS! I was done with these greedy crooks.

2010. The iPhone comes out. I'm not even going to bother with describing all the exclusivity and proprietary bull they have shoveled at us with that junk. I will never own a Apple phone

We have universal standards for good reason, to make our lives easier and to give all manufacturers an even chance at sales. For example: If you buy a CD you know it will play on any CD player on the market. Apple ignores this all for more profit. Buy a song from iTunes in 2004 and you would need an Apple player to use it, or else convert it to another format to use on other players and lose some audio quality in turn.

I always liked founder/engineer Steve Wozniac, but never cared for businessman/founder Steve Jobs. Money was and always was the only thing on Job's mind. Steve W. had other ideas that I admire.


P.S...I did recording chores and multi-track editing for a rock band in the mid 2000s on a Windows PC running XP and a variation of Protools, and did great with it. All it took was a dedicated PCI card with 24-bit audio plugged into the PC.
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Oct 08, 2020, 06:47 PM
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Why isn't there a price with the review ?($)

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