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Apr 02, 2002, 10:08 PM
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Balance GWS EDF-50 Rotor

by Dennis De Fevere

I have fixed the vibration problem on the A-10. It seems that the fans are not well balanced, so I made a special fixture to balance them. (See Photo below.) Once the fans have been balanced, they run smoothly even at the highest RPM. I received 6 new fans from AeroMicro yesterday and found them to be out of balance as well. All 6 had one blade that was thinner and lighter than the other 2 blades. After balancing, all 6 run well.

The balancer in the photo uses magnets from a Top Flight Prop Balancer and works the same way. The shaft is a No. 54 drill blank with one end ground to a point, and the frame is made of wood. Music wire of 0.055 in. diameter would also work as a shaft, but would not be as accurate.

Since the blade tips must run very close to the inside of the duct for best efficiency, I did not want to balance by removing weight from the heaviest blades. Instead, I chose to balance by adding weight to the lightest blade. I used Scotch transparent tape applied to the back side of the blade and that seems to work well. The fans were so far out of balance that almost the entire back side of one blade had to be covered with tape. Coating the back of the blade with a plastic model paint might also work, but I haven't tried it. The solvent in the paint might soften the blade and distort it, so I chose tape instead.

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