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Apr 17, 2020, 11:28 AM
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3ch highwing dtfb


I love this airplane so I figured I'd do a write-up with some pictures and tell it's story.

It's basically the plane I've learned to fly on and though I have ideas for other airframes I'm pretty into tinkering with this one

This is basically a mash up of different design elements from Andrew Newton's 3 channel trainer adventures and the plans on his blog.

This is essentially the 3rd rebuild as the 1st i beat on learning the basics of flying, and the 2nd was treed for a month and a half 200' up.

Each version I added tweaks here and there. on this one I have a balsa and basswood reinforcing in the fuselage just covering the stress fractures which presented themselves after numerous landings of varied skill from the 2 versions. Seems fairly bulletproof now.

Also changed the nose dimensions so that I could fit more battery.

The rudder seemed like it needed a good amount of force to turn so I didn't go for the long push rod as I knew there would be 2 much deflection in them. My elevator feels adequate in this regard. The rudder has excellent authority.

it's good fun to strap a camera on to it and get it up so high that it looks like a dot and see how long it can be kept soaring without thrust.

I have a matek f411WSE really dialed in on it and the GPS module just shipped yesterday

The pink orientations stripes are killer I regret experimenting with the gold paint but you can't see it then the air
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Apr 17, 2020, 11:34 AM
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Oh rough specs:
~1.2 kg all up currently
4400 mah 3s overa paralell harness
1300 KV 2832 dys motor
8x4E apc prop
Armin style wing 6" chord not quite 1500mm span with a 750mm x 6mm hollow carbon tube spar
I get bored waiting for the battery to run low
Apr 17, 2020, 11:39 AM
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get rth working on the f.c. with gps
win the lottery for fpv gear
use an old toaster's wires as a in igniter for smokebombs, maybe some roman candles
Jun 09, 2020, 07:39 PM
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I've made 3 major improvements which have all been wild successes.

Firstly and most simply i rebuilt the fuselage with double side walls. On the previous version id made an slapdash interior latticework of balsa - this had certainly improved the survivability on harder or unplanned landings. That one wore a bit better than the first single wall no balsa fuse. This one has had a few crashes and several high wind landings and its barely showing any strain.

Secondly i converted the tail to a vtail using the wonderful sailplane vtail calculating spreadsheet. Using that tool was so much fun. The result definitely lowered the AUW as indicated by much less nose ballast required with the same battery which was an issue. Turning is muuuch more predictable and nostick cruising tracks much straighter regardless of wind. The glide slope is also much improved - its floatier and requires less throttle to maintain level flight with said battery, which has been a 3300mah 3s for quite some time.

I'm pretty sure my off the top of the head tail surface area on the original cruciform tail was suboptimal

The 3rd improvement is a redesign of the wing which ill write another comment about when I take a picture of it
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Jun 30, 2020, 11:26 AM
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yet another rebuild

Welp I was flying low to the ground got distracted and Unexpectedly landed in a vertical orientation at about 30 miles an hour.

I shaved a quarter of an inch off of the vertical height of the fuse as there was about 3/4 of an inch of space between my prop and the control rods going to the vtail.

I'm going to mount it on this tapered nimbus pro boom I'm not sure how to do that I guess I'll just brute force my way through it with levels and plumline's and Shims and and abacus with a sundial to get tail angle and wing inclination flat.

At 95゚ with surface area calculated I'm just going to quickly re cut the tail feathers

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