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May 06, 2001, 11:37 PM
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photos from electric and glider fly-in

Our local club hosts the "Celebration of Silent Flight" fly-in, I've posted a few pictures from the weekends activities.
I've added a couple of pics of Earl Aune's B-2 bomber that was there. If anyone has other pictures of planes from the meet, if you email them to me I could add them as well.

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May 07, 2001, 04:15 AM
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Thanks for the pictures.They are great!!! I wish I could have been there.

May 07, 2001, 09:53 AM

Thanks for the pix.

For the curious: Bob Benjamin and Randy Smithhisler came down from the Olympia/Tacoma WA area with their 1/4 scale award-winning models - you can see Bob holding one of his, the blue/silver biplane. Randy's big yellow, and big red, cubs are shown also.

Norm Cecil and his son came down from Whidby Island, WA and although I don't see a picture of his Jug, he had it (he builds and finishes like I Wish I did). His Hog-Bipe is shown in one of the pictures, behind another model - red and beautiful!

I don't know many of the glider crowd, but there were plenty there!

Jerry Holcomb, CD and co-founder of the Celebration, owns the B-17, the P-39 (Sure-Flight foamy with MEC Turbo-10 and retracts (!) - and 6+ pounds (flys like Heavy Iron, and doesn't mind the wind!). He has been flying a FlapJack-like twin for months now - curious that Keith Shaw and Jerry both developed one, unbeknownst to the other. Jerry also is the builder of the red, pointy-nose model in another picture; he had 11 models there total, all unique in one way or another.

Bernard Cawley also came down from the Tacoma area, and "wondered if my SR x-250 had 27 cells?" (Bernard and I are opposites on the power curve - he does wonders with few cells; I like multiples of 7-cell packs...21 and 27 are very good numbers)

The PT-17 you see in two of the photos belongs to Art Newland, the photog.

Deiter Mahlein came up from Eugene - Deiter is the Shredd-Aire owner. He flew an F-5B (I believe I have that right) ship that only used 7 cells, but flew like a rocket - and whistled as it "glided" by! He said that it was a "retired" Urs Leodolter (right name? World Champ) 27-cell ship, autographed by Urs.

Many more models; over 40 modelers - and the weather gods smiled again. I saw one of the guys in Tammies Hobbies just before 5 pm Sunday (gas fliers get to fly after 3 pm at that field) and he was really sunburned...and this was from one day in May, in Oregon!

This Celebration of Silent Flight is an annual event, always the first weekend in May. It is held just outside the Portland, Oregon metro area near Canby, WA (if you have a good map).


May 07, 2001, 04:25 PM
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Terry, its Camas, not Canby for clarification.

That was a great fly in. I had never been to one before. I had a great time flying my Twinstar, and Eindecker (Photo on the link) and a foam 747 that belonged to another person attending. It was great fun.

I did touch and goes (in the contest) with my Twinstar, and I also got really sunburned.
May 08, 2001, 01:03 AM
Camas, Canby - Hey, it begins with the same two letters, and you didn't give me credit for having the State right, either! Geeze!

If you have me sell your house, check the paperwork for me, will you?

Terry the poor speller
May 08, 2001, 03:10 PM
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Thanks Terry for the write-up, And I forgive your for the Camas/Canby thing, but my plane is a Sig Spacewalker! Just happens to have a PT-19 (17 is a biplane) paint scheme. BTW, I have docs for the paint job.
May 09, 2001, 02:04 AM
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Great pictures...especially the one of my Senior Telemaster and my Dad's Sundancer.
Had a great weekend. I particularly love the ground effect caused by the crosswind flowing over the berm on the far side of the runway. Enjoyed flying the Senior Tele, the Fantasy and the Rascal. Will attend next year.
Keith Cecil
May 10, 2001, 01:03 AM
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I got to see the P-47 fly on Sunday. It sure is interesting how quiet it is and how good the prop sounded. And it had retracts and flaps. Nice!

The B-17 was fun. But rolls?

One of the F5B planes Dieter brought is his landing practice plane. It doesn't have a motor or prop. He said he shoots it off a high start (must be a strong one!) and practices landings.

I kept thinking the Telemaster should have entered the All Up Last Down contest. It sure thermalled well, better than some gliders!

It was a fun event.