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Mar 02, 2020, 07:44 PM
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"The Ebay Engine Sniper"

So, the "Engine Sniper" moves stealthily through the tall grass of internet anonymity, eyeing his Ebay target in the manner of a mountain lion stalking a fawn, with his PayPal locked and loaded as the time ticks down.

Cold-blooded, he has little compassion for his fellow model airplane nerds that he KNOWS are lusting after the same treasure...for THEY are JUST as cold and unfeeling...and deserve no mercy.

In a low whisper that barely crosses the darkened room, the Engine Sniper's utterance is more breath than spoken word,
"Not today, my friends...not today..."

With a few moments to spare, he allows himself to recall his victory of the previous evening, when he snapped an Ohlssen & Rice .049 from the midst of a group of week-long competing bidders...
With a sum so massive, it was akin to aiming a cannon at a hamster, he'd waited 'till the last 5 seconds to unleash the Fury of "Auto Bid". He then punched the "B" button.

His fellow nerd bidders were scattered like so many hyenas forsaking fresh carrion to a pride of hungry lions.

The surge of electronic money swamped and exhausted all other efforts, and then shut itself down after claiming it's prize with only a few dollars above the previously highest bidder. Before the dust had settled, it's seller had received payment, and the Engine Sniper once again disappeared into the internet marsh.

Now, the target is a fairly nice Anderson Royal Spitfire 065. From the 1950's, it's severely cool name alone beckons to the Engine Sniper, plus, the vintage engine has garnered but two bidders...why, it's almost an insult!
"Well, little castor-slinger, you will be respected among MY brood."

Following the same scenario as the evening previous, the half-hearted bidders were no match for the Paypal-fueled tsunami that came blasting across the Plains of Ebay. The destruction was such that the high bidder never fought back, and the precious mini-engine was taken for pennies above the highest bid.
With the seller paid within seconds, the Engine Sniper once again returns to the never ending pursuit. Where? Well, wouldn't YOU like to know!!!!! turns out that several cups of Folgers in the afternoon may NOT be such a good idea...
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Mar 02, 2020, 09:44 PM
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Great read!

Mar 03, 2020, 06:15 AM
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Good Point

I use a sniper most of the time.

I feel a bit embarrassed to do so, but I have my excuses lined up and ready to go....

It would be poor if the vendor (or, worse, his widow and orphans) didn't get the best price. I do have my concerns that its not a fair playing field for those people who are bidding through the week for an item only to be trumped (pardon that word) at the last, in the dying embers of the duel.

Having set the tone and the price level, it might be very vexing to be sitting there glaring at the screen as the final few seconds of the auction tick down, heart racing, and fingers tapping on the table, hoping that nobody will get in with a higher bit, but poised with a counter offer, just in case. I know, I've been there.

I've also sniped and been outbid either by an automatic bid set days earlier, or another snipe set a second or two later than mine. In both cases its been a pain in the proverbial, but its not been to the detriment of the vendor (or his widows and orphans) since without my snipe the bids would not have gone up at the last.

So, these late bids whether from sharp fingered bidders, automatic bids, or snipes, push up the selling price to the benefit of the vendor and eBay, who take a commission. So its not going to stop. Besides, auctions are about getting to the highest price that anyone will pay. They aren't about getting a bargain for the only bloke prepared to sit in front of a screen long enough.

As for the reasons I alluded to earlier. I snipe when I see an item I need (or more accurately, I Want) and want to set a maximum bid that I know will go in whether I'm there or not so I can participate in more auctions than I have time for. It does mean that I'm not caught up in auction fever and continue to bid past good sensible levels. It means that if a bidder wants it more than I do, then his bid is the winner, but that I'm not going to suffer buyers-regret.

But its mostly so that I can continue my normal life without having to be watching the screen. Flying and drinking, in that order, are my priorities after all.
Mar 03, 2020, 09:12 PM
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Yeah, this was really supposed to be sort of a caricature to chide some of my buds who take all this VERY seriously. While the basic story is true, most of my ebay pursuits end without a winning bid...therefore the celebration when a score is made.

I've got to admit that I've always been a bit puzzled that guys would place bids 5-6 days ahead of closing, since that's the time that will determine who wins the auction. If I'm REALLY interested in an item, I'll make a note of it's closing time and try to remember to check on it. Usually, the bids have gone out to place I won't follow, so not harm no foul.

I'm not too familiar with the Sniper Program my friends have suggested over the years. It may be an obsessive disorder or something, but I like to place my bid, and get the seller paid off as soon as possible to close out the deal.

Anyway, it's all in good fun.

Thank You for Your Post!
Mar 03, 2020, 09:13 PM
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Originally Posted by imodel
Great read!

Thank You !!!!

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