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Feb 14, 2020, 09:55 AM
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FrSky Equipment and Aloft Hobbies Reviews

FrSky Taranis X9D + 2019 SE

I've been flying Spektrum for a few years now, ever since I started in the hobby, and I've always appreciated how easy it was to set up a model and get in the air with their radios, but I always felt like something was lacking. The cost, the lack of customization, and lack of features left me wanting more. Sadly, the only way to get even a portion of this with Spektrum was to go with one of their radios that cost $400+. Enter FrSky!

For a minimum of $100 with the X-lite or Qx7, or the choice here for $257, you get more options, customizability, features, and control than you could ever dream of with any spektrum radio! The price point and the power of the Taranis make the switch a no-brainer. I haven't flown yet due to weather, but I've got my first model set up, as well as the model for flying on Phoenix RC simulator and couldn't be happier.

The set up of a model is quick and easy for a simple (no expo or D/R) is quick and easy. You'll be flying in moments. When you decide to really get into all the features, the power of this radio really shines. In 20 minutes, I had my model set up with flaperons, triple rates with expo on each, motor disable switch, and voices to call out each when the switch is moved.

I can take any input or output, control exactly how I want it to behave, and assign it to any switch, slider, pot, button, or stick that I want. No longer am I stuck having my flaps on one specific switch, or the dual/triple rates broken out into 3 different switches when I'd rather they all be on one.

One of the super awesome features I didn't fully appreciate till I did it is binding receivers. On a Spektrum radio, when you bind a receiver, it is bound to a specific model on the radio. In OpenTX, you bind the receiver to the radio, then assign it to a model. So, since I have a limited budget, I can take the two Rx6r receivers, bind them individually to my radio, then assign which ever one I want to the model that I am using at the moment. Super easy simple. I never have to rebind a receiver again.

I'm so excited for the potential that this radio has and look forward to enjoying it for years to come!

New RC Transmitter - FrSky Taranis X9D + 2019 SE (0 min 47 sec)

FrSky Receiver Rx6r

With all the new changes FrSky has made with their protocols and switching over to ACCESS, it made sense for me to go right into an X series receiver that has ACCESS support. Upon receiving the receiver, I bound it up per the instructions included. At the time of my purchase, both receivers came loaded with ACCST D16. This is fine by me, because it still bound and works great. One of these days I'll get around to updating to ACCESS on my receivers.

I love how small and light these are. Makes it really nice to fit in my small FliteTest Foamboard planes. I'm excited to test them out, due to weather I haven't flown with them yet. But if the range and connection is anything like what I've seen in videos and specs, I'm excited for flying!

Binding was a simple procedure, but it does require an extra hand (for simplicity) or some very dexterous fingers. I love that I can bind all my recievers to the radio (not a specific model) and then assign the receiver to any model I want without rebinding. Really awesome feature!

Preloaded OpenTX SD Card

Probably the greatest thing that Aloft Hobbies has to offer! Ya, its $10 for a 1GB micro card and you can get a massive one amazon for the same price. BUT, having the card come preloaded with all the files for the current version of OpenTX as well as all sound files for the Amber Sound Pack is absolutely worth it!

Its as simple as inserting the card, loading in bootloader mode, and flashing the firmware on the card. BOOM! You're updated and ready to go!

2400mAh Transmitter Pack

Works great! Fits nicely inside the battery bay of the X9D+ 2019 with a little extra room at one end to coil up the wires. I also picked up a balance lead extension to use between the battery and transmitter, that way when I ever unplug the battery, I'm not constantly stressing the connector on the board.

Aloft Hobbies

I'm a fan of local hobby shops. They are the a huge portion of our hobby! Sadly, none of my local shops sell any Taranis gear. Aloft to the rescue!

As I was doing my due diligance and researching FrSky and their radio equipment, I spent a lot of time in the RCGroups thread discussing the release of FrSky's new ACCESS protocol. Lots of people seemed upset and had tons of questions. Not only was there a member of the OpenTX team and FrSky there to answer questions, but Wayne from Aloft Hobbies was there to provide his input and knowledge. I could tell that Wayne knows what he is talking about, he cares about us as hobbiests, and takes care of his customers. Even though there are places to get FrSky gear for a few bucks cheaper, I felt confident that I would get a good deal by spending the few extra dollars with Aloft. They may not be my local hobby shop, but they are still a "local hobby shop". They provide quality products, and their service is top notch. I'm very pleased with my experience. Their shipping options alone are worth the few extra bucks! Not only was it deliverd fast, but the packaging was deliberate and careful. They want to make sure you get your order and it is in good condition upon arrival. No matter how much USPS throws it around.

I will recomend Aloft to all my friends and family in the hobby. They have my business for many years!
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