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Mar 29, 2005, 05:21 PM
Big Pimpin

Flying with your Dog is not always a good idea.

Aaargh and Grrr. My stupid dog. Well I just got back from the field with the TX only. The darn dog wouldn't stop harassing these guys playing soccer (he has a big soccer ball obsession). I tried to bring the plane down on the ground so I could go grab him and glided the ABX gently down into the field lights. Grrrreat.

I hate you so much dog (actually he's a great dog when he's not around soccer balls).
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Mar 29, 2005, 05:41 PM
OCD: Old, Cranky and Disgusted
challenger_i's Avatar
At least he didn't think the plane was a chewy toy!

I have a large park, just behind my home. I went out back, today, with my E-powered Goldberg Eaglet 50. Whilst flying off the battery, my dear, sweet ones jumped the fence, and galumphed up to see what "Daddy" was doing. About this time, the timer starts beeping. Hmmmnnnn..... Where to land, and keep the puppies at bay?

Was interesting!
Mar 29, 2005, 05:42 PM
Twist n' Shout!
Matt Dziubinski's Avatar
hey man, well its not your dogs fault..but the pilots..should think twice..Besides the ABX can take some abuse ..dogs arent stupid, people are.
Mar 29, 2005, 07:04 PM
RC Geek
Scott_NJ's Avatar
Was flying in a small park near our home on Sunday afternoon, and a couple had a few puppies which were off leash and running around. Actually they weren't really running around until the plane got into the air. It was actually kind of funny, but being new I was worried I would crash into the puppies.

They finally lost interest and went back to Mom and Dad which gave me a chance to land lol.

Mar 30, 2005, 08:51 AM
Registered User
Pimpster, a little training goes a long way! My other hobby...schutzhund. Look it up.
Mar 30, 2005, 10:46 AM
Registered User
BuzzBomber's Avatar
Aw, c'mon dogs and planes are fun! Watch the video in my gallery .
Mar 30, 2005, 10:49 AM
Big Pimpin
Originally Posted by Duber
hey man, well its not your dogs fault..but the pilots..should think twice..Besides the ABX can take some abuse ..dogs arent stupid, people are.

Nope I'm pretty sure it was ALL the dog's fault. Couldn't have been me. Hell, I've never made a mistake learnign to fly these planes...... NEVER.

(please note the sarcasm, here)

As far as training, I'm with you. He won't cross the street without permission (even if there's another dog), listens very well to everything, EXCEPT when it comes to soccerballs. Then training goes out the window. Will need to work on some specific "ignore the soccerball" drills.
Mar 30, 2005, 11:40 AM
Just "PLANE" crazy
Spy king's Avatar
If your dog chases your plane and lasts longer then its stime to put in those Lipos...
Ps for my dog it's basket balls...
Mar 30, 2005, 12:21 PM
Deletedfor proving Nauga wrong
Umm.. this is why they make ropes.. and your car has a bumper. Then the dog stays where you put him.
Mar 30, 2005, 03:18 PM
Registered User
Next time just take the cat with you .. they generally don't show any interest in RC aircraft.. or large balls.. or people ..and will normally be so traumatized from the ride in the car you won't beable to get them out from under the seat, so they won't be any trouble..

sorry couldn't resist..
Mar 30, 2005, 04:10 PM
Big Pimpin
Originally Posted by fhhuber506771
Umm.. this is why they make ropes.. and your car has a bumper. Then the dog stays where you put him.
The dog stays where you put him assuming the car doesn't move!
For some reason, this really reminds me of National Lampoon's Vacation.

All in all I love being able to take the dog with me, but I definitely learned a lesson here. My bro's dog (great dane) is tons of fun with the plane because he chases it, but my dog just chills (assuming no soccerballs).
Mar 30, 2005, 07:11 PM
Registered User
podavis's Avatar
Our cats steal my wing hold-down rubber bands and I found a battery under the piano once. Other than that they show no interest in the planes.

I command the dog to sit when I have the wing off a plane at the Park so he doesn't step or lie down on it. Oh, and I take a plastic shopping bag along in case he *****
Mar 30, 2005, 07:21 PM
Deletedfor proving Nauga wrong
My cats...

Chew sevo leads off servos if I set them down in reach and look away for 5 seconds... I was installing a NEW RX in a plane.. and the cat rushed up and bit the antanna off of it (left me 2 inches... yea.. that works.. NOT..)

Anything they can knock off a tabel hits the floor. Lamps.. trophies... they tried to knock off the 19 inch TV! (darn near got it too... BIG cats..)

Anyone want a cat-skin rug?
Mar 30, 2005, 07:55 PM
build, fly, crash, repeat ...
Stuart Linfoot's Avatar
I got a black Lab that I take flying with me ....well did anyway, the last time I took her with me, she steped smack dab in the middle of the fuse on my park flyer and broke it, snapped it clean in half.

my dogs perfectly happy as long as she's got her tennis ball and someone to throw it
she steped on my plane when she was bringing me her tennis ball to throw
Mar 30, 2005, 09:59 PM
S.A.D. member
ivanc's Avatar
Originally Posted by fhhuber506771
My cats...


Anyone want a cat-skin rug?
Are these YOUR cats? Or maybe they are your significant other's cats?

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