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Jan 25, 2020, 12:46 AM
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FC wont retain Flashed info after disconnecting from Betaflight

Hey all,
First off here is my setup with links so nitty gritty details can be looked up faster: (I selected the Lumenier AXII) (thus I also have the transmitter on my controller)

Ok so here is what is going on. Every time I plug the drone into Betaflight I am asked to flash it. I am using the LUXMINIF7 firmware. I have tried both the LEGACY and the LMNR. After I flash it I am usually able to click connect and get into the drone to change the settings. When it doesnt work It says that the serial port was successfully opened with ID: X (X meaning a number that increase by one ever other time I click connect). Example: click one after flashing firmware "Serial port successfully opened with ID: 1" click 2 "Serial port successfully closed" click 3 "Serial port successfully opened with ID: 2" click 3 "Serial port successfully closed"....and so on.

When I am able to get into the drone I see that the drone is bound by going to the receiver tab and playing with the controller to see that all of the bars move when I use the different switches on the controller.

When I plug in the battery to the drone after I flash the drone again I am only getting the initial 3 beeps. I do not the the "doooo deeee" beep. If i plug the battery in while the drone is hooked up to betaflight I get all 5 beeps as if it is working properly however when I unplug it from the computer (even with the battery still plugged in from when I just reflashed the drone I cannot get the drone to arm even if I set it up to arm in betaflight.

I hope I provided enough information. If there are any other details I can provide I will. I cannot figure this out.
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