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Jun 17, 2021, 06:10 PM
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I registered on here to relay my experience with the EX4.

It's a best seller on Banggood, like one of the top 5 drones they're advertising, so I thought I was getting a great deal. The drone arrived yesterday, so I went to my usual spot, a small field and a parking lot to see if the thing works. Read the manual inside out, didn't want it using GPS as it seemed a bit unstable, and there's houses around with an apartment building some 20 metres away.

Set the thing to attitude mode, linked up with my phone, hey, it works! Pretty wobbly, but it definitely works. A couple of minutes later, the drone veers to the left and quickly gains lots of altitude on its own, it does not listen to my controls whatsoever. It started to do the toilet bowl maneuver, something I was not aware of, for a solid 30 seconds, flying in a very wide circle over people, cars, and houses, before slamming itself into a tree some 20 metres away from me at full speed.

The damage is extensive, the entire body is cracked in many places, a leg is torn off, some wires were torn off, it's a total mess and I'm not sure I can even repair it. It really sucks to lose a 200 dollar drone within 2-3 minutes of its first flight. The video the drone was taking is corrupted, a problem that happens if you power the drone off before pressing the 'end video' button.. unfortunately the crash tore the battery from the drone and sent it flying a foot away from it. All I have is a .txt log file from C-fly saying it went into 'failsafe' RTL mode.

After googling around and seeing so many other people having so many issues of horrible GPS, 'magnetic field interference', toilet bowling, crashing, and run aways...

I whole heartedly advice you AVOID this drone entirely.

It would have been a very bad day if the out of control drone would have slammed itself into someone's window, or a person. Not a single drone I own has ever locked me out, only to spin wildly and attempt an incredibly unsafe landing. It's not just a bad, faulty drone, it's a safety hazard. Nowhere in the manual does it state you need two football field's worth of empty grass in case this thing goes haywire, and I followed the manual to a T.
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Aug 07, 2021, 12:18 PM
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Spaceman11 -

I'm sorry to hear about the experience you had - that's awful and frankly really disappointing. Flying should be enjoyable and relaxing.

I've found the only way to have a predictable experience with my EX4 is to:

1. Make sure you've got at least 9 satellites in GPS
2. Complete calibration (gyro and compass)
3. Take off and get at least 30+ feet and then have the EX4 do a full rotate (left stick, full right or left)

I'm the camp of avoid this drone or at the least, go in eyes wide open. I do fly it and enjoy the photo/video capabilities, but am acutely aware of the electronics limitations of this poorly designed Chinese drone.
Sep 22, 2021, 10:45 AM
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Firmware update for EX4 Pro

Hello, I have an Eachine EX4 Pro, and i was messing around with the drone's settings in FTP, and lost access to the drone's wifi. There is this firmware update for the drone:
I flashed it but this firmware is meant for the older EX4/C-Fly faith, so the firmware update was successful for me, I can't bind the controller to it.
Is there a Ex4 Pro firmware upgrade? Is it possible for someone else to extract the firmware from the drone? I contacted c-fly and asked if they could send me a update file, but I don't think they will help me, and the only option for me left is to buy a new drone
Oct 17, 2021, 12:07 PM
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JC Eachine ex4 issues, please help ¡¡

Hi all, I purchased the Eachine Ex4 up to 3km drone, I paid £170.00 UK , Itoo it to a large field where I flew it for the first time, I took it out, set it up (according to the manual), it flew around for about 2 minutes then started to do its own thing, so I landed it and started again.Mysecond attempt, it started OK then, it went way up in the air and started to vier badly to the right where it crashed into a small hedge, doing about 12-15mph now, I can power the drone up but, it will not connect to the App, it says I need to bind to the app and I find I cannot get WiFi connectivity so, I spokeI to a lot of “so called repair shops offering a repair service for this drone, no Luke, they all want to sell you something but said that the drone was to new and they couldn’t recommend anyone so I gave up. As I-wanted to get better with a drone, I found out, that Eachine has now done an upgrade to the ex4, taking the drone out to 8km, so I spent £180.00 UK, and after 2 flights this started to toilet bowl and crashed at low speed into yet another bush, I now have 2 ex4 drones with no body problems with every thing in place and no damage, that will not bind. If any one can help me I would be really great full or, if someone would like to buy them for spares, please contact me, I’m sure we could reach an agreement

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