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Mar 25, 2005, 07:09 PM
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FOAMeIIx 3d Plan and video.

Hmmm ,another free plan :
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Mar 25, 2005, 08:21 PM
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Apr 10, 2005, 01:12 AM
Have a go, it might work!
Here's mine!

This is my first 3D foamy. When I saw the FOAMe IIx I just loved the look of the plane. I built it from 5mm "Cellfoam 88" foam ( ). I just finished setting up the radio. Now I just need the wind to calm down from the 25-35knots it is now and the downpour to stop so I can commit aviation.

Specs :
Motor :- Himark 2812/720Kv outrunner
Battery :- Etec 7.5C 3S 1200mAh
Servos :- JR 371's on ailerons, HS55's on rudder and elevator
Prop :- APC 10x4.7 SF (I'm limited to this by the Etec lipo's. The Himark easily spins a GWS 12x6 SF)
ESC :- CC10
AUW :- 351g (12.4oz)

Color is Texta. Looks a bit rough but it's quick and add's bugger all weight. Pushrods are 1.5mm carbon. I'd have preferred 2mm but I couldn't get it. I haven't put the undercarriage on because I fly from grass so it would probably just get ripped out on the first landing.

Anyway, here's the pics.

Apr 10, 2005, 02:40 AM
Have a go, it might work!
Just flew it! The wind died to nothing, the rain stopped and I headed for the local park.

I had a ball with this plane. I'm no 3D pilot but I've got 28 years of RC aircraft behind me. I had a ball! (Whoops, I already said that! lol) I did a basic trim (two clicks of right aileron) then started trying things out. My hovers aren't that good, but I managed a few. It has enough thrust with the 10x4.7 to pull vertically out of the hover. Rolls, loops, spins, snaps, etc were spot on and the spins stopped as soon as I let go of the sticks. In the end I was just pushing the sticks any old way and seeing what the plane did!

The landing was a non-event. After the esc shut down the motor, I did a circuit nice and slow then touched down and stopped on the grass.

Waiting for the battery to charge,

Apr 10, 2005, 04:58 AM
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I was thinking , nobody here is going to build this one. I build it two weeks ago and found it to be a very good 3d flyer.
Did you notice the almost no rudder Knife edge. The rudder is the most powerful I have ever seen, at first it wanīt to turn only with ailerons because it wants to stay in knife edge , seems like a heli in heading hold mode. Then I put the battery more forward and still enjoy KE loops with easy . A little mixing is required to make it effortless.
How much right thrust did you put in ? how good are vertical uplines?In mine I put something like 3 degrees and is still pulling to the left.

Hope you enjoy it.
Apr 10, 2005, 05:51 AM
Have a go, it might work!
Still working on KE, chichisport. I have found the rudder-aileron coupling stronger than I'd like. More trimming is needed. But keep in mind I'm not an experienced 3D flier.

The thrust line is 0-0 right now. That will probably change as I put more flights on the board.

Nice to hear from someone else that has flown the plane. Keep in touch

Apr 10, 2005, 03:56 PM
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dankodog's Avatar
I began to build the Foame a week ago, but still need more materials.
A boy from the spanish forum Miliamperios had built one and he had broken it because he had problems with the CG.
Apr 10, 2005, 04:44 PM
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With the recommended CG it flies but is a little in the back side , if he doesnīt have too much flying experience is easy to broke it.
Mine came a little on the back side, on the maiden day the wind was blowing and the plane behaves like a leaf , I throtle back to minimun and manage to land in one piece.
I had flown with this cg in a no wind day and its more manageable . The problem cames only when the turbulence is high and the stability is low.If you fly with high speed the problem gets worse and you loose control.
For the first try put the battery near the front of the plane and the plane will be much more sedate, and donīt forget to use at least 50% expo on all controls.

Apr 14, 2005, 03:11 AM
Have a go, it might work!
Over on the forum they recommend a CG 16mm (5/8") behind the leading edge of the lower wing. That's where I balanced mine and it is fine. On the plan it is shown at 27mm (1 1/16"). If you could post that on Miliamperios you'd help him get it in the air successfully, dankodog. I've posted over on asking if they can update the plan so others don't get caught out the same way.

I'm running 45 degrees each way on all controls with 50% expo. It's easy to fly like that. But with a roll rate of over 3 rolls/sec it would be nearly impossible to fly without the expo.

I'll hopefully get more flying in this weekend. I'm saving up to buy some better lipo's so I can run the 12x6 SF prop.

Apr 16, 2005, 05:22 AM
Have a go, it might work!
Here's #2!

I built this one for a mate. I just have to install his motor & gear. Paint is a mix of polycarbonate spray cans. The fluoro orange is Tamiya, the blue is Pactra. No problems with the paint and the foam. I like the way it came out.

The specs will be:

Motor :- Himark 2025/4200 with 5.33:1 Himark gearbox
Prop :- 10x4.7 SF to start
Battery :- Kokam 3S 1250mAh

Hopefully I'll finish it tonight or early tomorrow and we'll test fly it. Should be a good comparison between the outrunner and the geared inrunner.

Here's the pics,

Apr 16, 2005, 05:42 AM
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It will be ggod to know amp reading and rpm . Axi 2212/26 draws aprox.12 amps at 6200rpm on 10x4.7 SF.

Apr 16, 2005, 06:09 AM
Have a go, it might work!
Here's 1/2 of the comparison, chichi.

Himark 2812/720Kv on 3S 1200 pack. 7.9A at 5400rpm on APC 10x4.7 SF prop. Plenty of vertical thrust.


Apr 16, 2005, 06:17 AM
Have a go, it might work!
That 3S 1200 pack was my Etec's. I've lost faith in them as I have yet to get more than 600mA capacity from them. My mate has lent me his Kokam 3S 1250mAh pack to try. Hopefully it will allow me to fly the pack out.

I'm off to bed. I've been up since 4am this morning. I'll report tomorrow on the new plane and the better battery pack.


Apr 16, 2005, 08:33 AM
I would like to see a video of this plane in the hands of an average 3Der and not the same pros that seem to pop up to fly thier budies latest and greatest to help boost sales. Don't get me wrong..I love to watch the gurus work thier magic but lets face it, not all of us are 3D Gods yet so give it to someone that's still working on his/her 3D skills and lets just see how good the plane really does fly..I mean is it as easy as they make it look to fly the difficult routines or is it something an average joe like myself going to find out the plane is no better than anything else out there but immortalized by the likes of people like Josh, Jon, Zak and the whole circle of pros. Please don't think I am taking anything away from the wonderfully talented people which were born with the gift but I was NOT and I have to work extrememly hard to do just 50% of what they do and I am concidered a pretty darn good pilot.
BTW..I fly the Diablo from and I hated it at first but it is soon becoming a plane I really loves wind and is a dang good honest plane, and it was NOT the video that clinched it for me but I know a good plane when I see one.

Apr 16, 2005, 07:55 PM
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dankodog's Avatar
Redryder I will post it on Miliamperios but it's changing the server now and it's closed.
Yesterday the paints and the glue arrived from Madrid. The paints are Rc Styro puts " Acrylic paint for styrofoam and abs" and it's made in Belgium. I will post my scheme when are finished.



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