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Jan 18, 2020, 02:08 PM
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Novarossi r528f

Has anyone run one of these? The novarossi 28f airplane engine. If so what rpm and props did you use. I'm sure it's a great speed engine and probably needs to be run in the high teens minimum. Yes I know this engine likes small props like a 6.5x6.5. So let's not turn this into some lecture or people arguing about prop choice. Just post some numbers.

I'm interested in how well it runs with 8 or 9 inch props. I'm guessing anything over 9x4 is to much.
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Jan 18, 2020, 03:50 PM
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I have been wanting one but the $160 price a few years ago went up, and our dollar went way down, so it won't happen any time soon. We run an 8-6 on our LA .25 racers and it keeps it in the 16,000 power band. (it is an LA) I would not load it up much more than that. It is a similar size motor. A 7-7 might also be a good try if you want some speed. Not sure what you are after. I'll try not to argue or lecture, but have no first hand experience. I don't think there are too many guys using them, it may be a lonely thread.
Jan 18, 2020, 04:13 PM
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Thank you for the response. Yes unfortunatly I can't seem to find anyone who was run one. I may need to just buy the 28f already and just tach it. And hopefully my no lecture request ins't to blunt, but Ive seen way to many threads get hijacked and turned into arguments between two people haha.
The application is for an MK Aurora 25 pattern plane that has a 52 inch wing and weighs in at 4-4.5lbs. (So a big 25 size plane, but I wont cram a 40 engine it it) And it's a toss up between the Dubb Jett bse 30, Novarossi 28, or the West Eurotech 36v1.
Jan 18, 2020, 05:11 PM
GloBroz PowerLab
1QwkSport2.5r's Avatar
I haven’t run the R528F, but I have a few Nova truck engines. I have my doubts anyone would be disappointed with it. Nova makes some very nice engines.

If you’re considering a Dub Jett engine instead, get the .35 instead of the .30. Same size, a tiny bit lighter and more power.

The West engines are no comparison; they run well and make power, but the Novarossi and Jett are true ABC/AAC. Those West engines are ABN. Not trying to start a choke war, but there are distinct advantages to Novarossi and Jett. Personally, I’d take a Jett as a first choice. I have a BSE .35 and .56LX. They are a work of art and sound amazing.
Jan 18, 2020, 11:28 PM
Pylonracr's Avatar
Dave, I think you may be a little light in your prop choice. Like Tim, I have never run that engine, but I have many Jett engines and a couple Novarossi 61 Speed 13 engines. The Novarossi engines like to rev, and I would put them in the same ballpark as the Jett, give or take. Dub states 17,600 with a 9 x 5 for his .25 and 17,600 with a 9 x 6 for his .30. I would break in the .28 on a 9 x 5 and see how happy it is, it should be close.

Jan 19, 2020, 12:48 AM
GloBroz PowerLab
1QwkSport2.5r's Avatar
I’d be using an 8x6 for breaking in. I run a fat oily fuel for the first half gallon on a 1” smaller prop so it can get to rpm. I think the 9x5 would be a decent flight prop. The Jett .35 likes a peak of about 18,000 with the red muffler which I get close to with a 9x5 or 8.5x6. I haven’t tried Dubs peaking method on either of my Jetts, but I plan to once we thaw out.

One thing I wish I would have gotten is the LX porting in the .35, but she’s still a fine beast as she is. I at least went for the AAC upgrade in it (of course now they are all AAC standard).

The 528 shouldn’t be a lot different than a .25 or .30 Jett. I mentioned the .35 because it’s the same case as the .25 and .30 which I think use the standard OS .25 mounting pattern.
Jan 19, 2020, 05:18 AM
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surfer_kris's Avatar
I don't have the R528F myself (only smaller engines), but I think it is timed to be used together with their tuned pipes. So you would still need to use a tuned pipe, and a much longer header to get the full power at lower rpms.

Their R26CR engine might be much better suited for non-speed RC flight with a muffler, see prop recommendations here:
Jan 22, 2020, 10:37 AM
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Here is a thread on the .26 with a video of one flying.

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