Makerfire VR007 MiniFPV Goggles

RCGroups user Flying Fortress shares his personal review of the Makerfire VR007 goggles.


My review, and thoughts on Makerfire's VR007 mini fpv goggles:

I ordered the "Makerfire VR007 mini fpv goggles" off of about a mouth ago. I just started getting into fpv first getting the "Blade Inductrix Fpv Hd" to see if I even liked it, (Discontinued by Horizon Hobby, but can still be found online and at hobby shops) I paid $60 for it and I seemed to enjoy flying fpv! So I'm like heck, I'm going to get fpv goggles for my rc planes, when I saw the prices of Fatshark goggles and other brands, it took me off guard. Now I know a lot of people say that Fatsharks are totally worth it, and "Once a Fatshark guy, always a Fatshark guy." But as some of you other guys are, we have a tight budget, and are not willing to drop 200-600 some dollars on goggles.

I found these goggles on Amazon for $45, and I looked at reviews for it and lots of reviewers were impressed, the only complaint being "too small". Some of the reviewers were even Fatshark guys and thought they were great, so I decided I'd try 'em out for $45. I bought the goggles, a "Wolfwhoop" fpv camera ($18), and Makerfire Fpv antennas ($12). Comes in the mail and right after opening it I knew exactly what they ment by small. But wow after watching videos of Fatshark goggles, this is about almost as, or just as clear! It's not very immersive but they are definitely flyable with, the stock antennas work "ok" but the upgrade I did with the other antennas work great, I can fly as far as my transmitter can!!! (With a Dx4e and Dxe)

All in all, I'm happy with my purchase. I would recommend to anyone getting into fpv with a budget! I'd give the goggles about 4 stars, the reason from five is the size of the goggles themselves making it not entirely immersive, and second being the plastic it's made of is shiny and a bit reflective, while the goggles are on it reflects light from the screen. Another thumbs up though, it has a Av in/out plug with cords, it's meant to hook up a monitor to, or a digital recorder. But I've hooked it up to a Wii and an old Nintendo and played stuff in it, lol. Great Product!!!

Any questions I'll try to answer.

-Flying Fortress.

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Jan 10, 2020, 12:38 PM
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Here are some pics; the case is included and is good quality, you can see the stock antennas, and then the new ones(The patch, and omnidirectional). One of my favorite features is the "Search" function; you press it and it will automatically search for the channel with the best signal. My pics are not good resolution but you can see the screen is fairly clear (I used a hat to show detail). The pic of the screen (without clicking on it) is about as clear it really is.

If you are going to buy these goggles, get the upgrade antennas!

-Flying Fortress.
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