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Jan 11, 2020, 08:32 AM
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Had a look last night, purple outrunner motor, 6 blade fan. I glued it back in and she should be ready to go again.
After comparing balance marks in your pics to mine I had the marks in the right spot but hadn't added enough weight to the tail. So I stuck another 1/2oz lead weight to it and was actually tail heavy so I took out a couple of the deck screws I'd put into the foam and now it's balancing right in the middle of my marks.
I'm looking forward to flying it again as soon as it warms up here.

I also drove to the city yesterday and bought an FMS 64mm F-18. Put it together when I got home.
Just waiting for the new 4S batteries I ordered for my 1.2m P-51 which I should be able to use in the F-18 as well. The 4S 3200 that I use in my Timber-x and Yak-54 are too big and heavy for the F-18.
Thanks for your help, I'll post an update after I test fly the F-16 again.
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Jan 15, 2020, 08:32 PM
She needs more power captain!
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I have on of these I bought new many years ago and I love it! I fly it on 4 s 2500,stock motor and fan. I can do 90 degree cobra manuvers with it .The factory cg is 85 to 95 mm back from where
the LERE meets the wing.I fly in there and have great flights .Make sure to get as much play out
of the control surface movement as you can without binding and Have fun!!!!
Jan 19, 2020, 06:41 PM
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Update with a smile

With the balance point where timmybeetle shows in his pictures she flies great now, underpowered but it does fly flat and smooth and is super easy to land. With some more power and switching to high rates it looks like it will also be able to high alpha well judging by the flare during my landing.

Thanks for the advice cobbster, I was planning to change out the pushrods to eliminate the slop in the originals. I'll be sure to do it before my next flight as there was a little twitchiness at times which is probably from the control system slop.

I installed a LemonRX with stabilizer + and launched it with no gyro, then tested it once trimmed and up to a safe altitude, I adjusted the gain on the receiver to give it more compensation on aileron than elevator then using the knob on the transmitter dialed it back to very mild compensation, it flew great in both modes. I did not test the recovery mode.

Thanks to the advice here I now have a very nice flying EDF.
Thanks to all who contributed.
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Jan 22, 2020, 03:51 PM
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So now that it is flying well I decided to upgrade the fan, ordered an 11 blade fan, 3S 3900KV with 50A ESC combo. Was cheap and according to the measurements shown on the listing it should be a direct drop in.
I'll have to be careful and watch temps so I don't cook my batteries but it should give almost 300g more thrust than the stock one if the info on the box the jet came in is at all accurate for the stock fan.

Hopefully it gives it a little more zip.

I need to reinforce the inlet tube on the F-16, cracked it again on my last landing even though it was pretty gentle. Not sure what to do without adding a bunch of weight trying to make it strong.

I had a bad day trying to maiden the 64mm FMS F-18 V2 I bought, again appears that the manual isn't the best source of a CG measurement. This time the manual was very clear but when balanced where they suggest it was very tail heavy. Jet is scarred up but nothing major.
Should have it up for another try this weekend.
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