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Mar 27, 2002, 10:41 PM
Elder Freak
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Yes they work, but by sensing IR radiation.... it looks for the difference between the land and air to find the horizon.

It only works outside with a clear view of all 4 directions and it may be more weight than you want to put on a micro heli.

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Mar 28, 2002, 12:14 AM
Helicopter Perfectionist
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I own one, but still haven't gotten around to using it. I wanted to use it to help me learn nose in & circuits when I might get disoriented. Now that i have my piccolo is flying great I think i'll try it again. The first time I didn't get it to work, but did confirm that the piccolo could handle the extra weight. Of course, on any micro flight times will drop. It should work on the FP hornet. No, it wont work on a CCPM helicopter so if your hornet is CP it wont work, but I hear they are designing one that will. It takes the temp. of the sky and the ground, which both remain pretty constant i guess. But things like trees, humans and cars can effect it. It doesn't need a advanced radio, but if you want to be able to turn it's function on or off, or control it's sensitivity from your radio, you will want an extra channel. Otherwise you can only do this on the helicopter. The only thing you should have to do to your heli is mount the equipment. I'll report back later, Jordan.
Mar 28, 2002, 12:19 AM
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FMA direct co-pilot for hornet?

i have just found about the FMA co-pilot system that can save you from a crash. i just have a couple of questions about it first before i even considering getting it.

first of all, can it work with the hornet? i heard that they work on some kinda of temperature reading. that dosent sound too realiable to me because temperature of anything is always changing. it would give it false readings all the time.

second, what does CCPM stand for? people say that you need a non-CCPM setup to use it. is the hornet a non-CCPM setup?

third, do you need some kinda special radio with all the bells and whistles to use it? will it work with a normal computer 4 channel radio? I use a JR XF421 radio.

do you need to make any kind of special modifications to your helicopter to use it?

do they really work?

it would be nice to have a divice like this to help me with my learning to fly my hornet. you wouldent have to worry about any crashes any more would you? heres the link if you need any info
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Mar 28, 2002, 11:34 AM
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Do you think the FMA direct co-pilot would be a better investment than buying a bunch of spare parts? I would almost think so because your not even going to crash with the FMA, so you woulden't even need any spare parts because your not even going to crash. I'm about to order my hornet, so I need to make a decision weather or not I should get all the spare parts I was planning on getting, or just put the money towards the FMA co-pilot. The cost of all the spare parts I was planning on getting is almost half the cost of the FMA co-pilot. And I would probably be getting more spare parts later on because of crashes. With the FMA, I wouldent have to worry about spares any more. It would save me more money in the long run. But is this a better investment? Does the FMA co-pilot really save you from every crash so that you don't need any spare parts? Is it a reliable enough system to not use any spare parts? What should I do?
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Mar 28, 2002, 08:57 PM
Making Cuisinarts Fly!!!!
purchase in order of importance:
1. Flight simulator.
2. co pilot
3. Spare parts.

The downsides to the co-pilot (that they don't tell you):
1. does not work indoors well
2. there is a need to retrim every time you recalibrate.
3. it does not control elevation. You can still hit the ground and be stragit and level.
4. Just because it is level doesn't mean that the heli won't chase you
5. It may be level but the tail will still come around and freak you out since you still don't know how to nose in hover.
6. The cable to connect the sensor to the controller is HEAVY!!!! It weighs more than either of the components and almost as much as both!

Even after all of these things I still would recomend it.

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