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Jan 01, 2020, 07:14 AM
Son's Ground Crew
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Build Log

Royal Products 60 size FW190 repair & Rebuild

NOTE:This post contains practices already known to experienced builders and is really a catalogue of my learning for reflection after I maiden to see if indeed performance of my model has improved.

Summary of Alterations from Original Build

Weight 4.2kg Empty (-200g)/ 4.55kg Fuelled
Wing Loading 105g/cm2 (24oz/sq.In) (-5g/cm2)
Prop Size 14x6 2-Blade APC
Flight Time TBC
Stall Speed 46km/hr / 48km/hr
Centre of Gravity 95mm

Control Throws
Ailerons Low 17 Degrees / 10% expo
Ailerons High 23 Degrees / 10% expo

Elevator High 10 Degrees / 20% expo Need higher rates
Elevator Low 28 Degrees / 50% Expo Need higher rates

Rudder High 25 Degrees / 30% Expo
Rudder Low 15 Degrees / 30% Expo

Flight Characteristics
TBC on maiden

Around 6 months ago I maidened my first ever complete RC model build. Despite being a good looking scale model it has many issues resulting from a lack of build experience.

Amoung these were:
Very high wing loading (heavy build, heavy tail resulting in 400grams of nose weight)
Sluggish aileron response and precision (belcrank setup lagged and had free movement)
Snakey ground handling (tailwheel excess play and wheel axle mating was loose)
Overheating (airflow)

During a test ans buddy box run with one of my mentors, we overflew her fuel tank, the motor cut out and i had to deadstick downwind in the outfield. The resulting damage was a smashed nose, and split and heavily damaged wing.

This blog is going to track my alterations and repairs so i can recommend improvements to my original build log and see if i can achieve an improvement to the model without having to start from scratch.

The following is my list of alterations to my original build.
Increase nose length to remove the nose ballast
Add washout the the wing
Reduce weight ( lighter wheels, strip out cosmetic non essential items, larger fibreglass cowling, lighter balsa constructions)
Add firewall and rotate motor to exhaust under
Aileron servo pockets
Sullivan tailwheel

As of the date of this op i have completed the wing, rebuilt the nose and am mounting the new custom cowl. The will be detailed in later comments
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Jan 02, 2020, 06:39 PM
Son's Ground Crew
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Wing alterations

The plans nominates 2.5mm balsa sheeting. As i am glassing the wing, i have built the new wing in 1.5mm balsa to save about 50grams in weight.

I have done away with the bellcranks and gone with wing pockets for servos.

I also altered the ailerons to top hinge but with a 45degree chamfer for greater travel

Lastly, before trailing edge sheeting the top of the wing, i introduced a 5 degree washout to the wing by pinng down the wing and adding a wedge of 10mm (tapering to nil) to raise the trailing edge. I then glued on the tailing edge balso sheet to lock in the washout
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Jan 04, 2020, 05:58 AM
Son's Ground Crew
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Nose extension

I extended the F13 bearers from inside the existing fuse by bonding new f13 by epoxy.
Next i cut a 7mm plywoord firewall to the same diameter as F1 and slid it into almost the same location as the original f1.
In order to install my OS aluminium engine mount I had to cut a 7mm plate and sanded it down to a wedge to act as the 5 degree offset for the motor,
After planking the back half of the cowl, i then made a foam blank for the front half before glassing it with 4oz glass and 3 coats of epoxy (with equal part microballoons)
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Jan 05, 2020, 08:13 PM
Son's Ground Crew
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Test assembly and equipment changeouts

A couple of changes:

I changed from 3.5inch dubro low bounce wheels to 3.5inch dubro superlight wheels. This gave me more wheel well room (they are thinner)
Added the sullivan tailwheel to hopefully reduce the snakeyness of ground control (the previous internal tailweel had about 10degree play.
Changed the rudder servo to metail gear 34gram
Did away with the 55grams of silencer extension by rotating the motor and cutting out the cowl
Im in to finishes now

Total weight at this stage without Fibreglassing, painting, 14g Wing servos and Throttle Servo was 3.857kg
Adding the above items, weight without finishes is 3.926kg
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Jan 07, 2020, 02:09 AM
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Looking good
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Jan 11, 2020, 03:12 AM
Son's Ground Crew
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Finishes complete. Control tuning for maiden

Fully complete. The model weighs in at 4.2kg
Based on my previous weigh in, the weight of Fibreglass covering, epoxy coating of firewall and wheel wells plus all paint to the wing and nose was 274g.

I am a bit disappointed that i didnt get another 200g out of the model as i only got half way in saving weight that I wanted.

I didn't need any ballast to balance the model at 95mm CoG so that was successful.

Maiden expected 19January. Pused back to 26 January
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Feb 02, 2020, 02:30 AM
Son's Ground Crew
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Job done. Success.

Royal Products FW190A8 Post Rebuild Maiden Flight (4 min 32 sec)

Flys well at 4.2kg. I am very happy.
2 flights, this video was the second flight.

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