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Mar 20, 2005, 06:23 PM
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Sounder unit

I took my Hamburg fishing boat out today for the first time this year. I fitted it up with a unit to make sounds and was asked by an onlooker for some pics as he wanted to do a similar thing. Here's the basic stuff I sent which may be of interest to anyone else.

I wanted some sound of an engine and a hooter of some sort. Ideally a horn and a single cylinder diesel would have been best. I'm not too bothered about the accuracy and the only unit I could get was a railway engine sound and whistle from a kit from Maplin here in the UK. That's what I bought and installed under the removable wheelhouse and deck unit.

At last, I've found a use for those large diameter output disks.The switcher is a standard Futaba cheapo servo with the large disk output cut to form a cam, the microswitches are the roller type. I use the right hand stick on the tx for throttle and rudder, and the left ' elevator' for switching. I removed the stick centreing springs and fitted it up with a ratchet like the throttle one. Full forward on the lh stick gives nothing - the unit is switched off. Putting the stick in the centre moves the cam to the first microswitch 'on' position which sets off the engine noise' a 'chuffing' sound. Moving the stick to the bottom keeps the chuffing thing going (if you'll excuse the expression) and makes the whistle sound as the second microswitch comes in. The first one is still working at that point. A little experimenting with the stick movement will give a suitable series of whistles.

In the second pic, the unit is in the off position and turns clockwise to operate.

There are more expensive and appropriate units on the market but this cost, I think, around the equivalent of 7 US dollars. It's all a bit of fun really but adds to the whole thing. Very easy to set up and use, it's self contained and has its own 9v PP3 battery supply. The volume and speed of the sounds is set by the two trimmers in the photos.

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Mar 21, 2005, 01:10 AM
Taking care of the pond.
Looks good. Gave me an idea.

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