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Jan 15, 2020, 07:30 AM
'Douglas' to his friends.
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Good Stuff, CB. Thanks for the tips; the photos help. Cheers.
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Jan 15, 2020, 09:52 AM
I like real wooden aeroplanes!
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Maybe it is peculiar to the printer or print program but I have never had any problems with tile printing on my HP Deskject 2540, it provides a small overlap on each tile and vertical and horizontal reference marks at each corner. I just trim two sides of each page to the reference marks, line the marks up and, as the Colonel says, tack them together with bits of tape. Simples! Examples are the sections of Scorcher and Bandit plans shown below which all line up perfectly.
Feb 11, 2020, 03:02 PM
'Douglas' to his friends.
Thread OP
I'm preparing for the start of this project, and have some reflections to advance for comments from others. Here's my current state of thought, but nothing is definitive as yet.
The plan is for a Control Line 'plane, and has been designed with that in mind. I would prefer to use a different type of structure, instead of the sheet box called for. I'd be more comfortable building a conventional 'former/stringer' fuselage, in much the same way as my recent Condor, to be covered with laminating film. Would this be acceptable as a deviation from the plan..?
I shall keep the elevator control, but not add rudder control, using instead motor differential. This works well enough on another couple of 'planes I have, such as the foam'n'card false Canadair made for The Littl'Un and a tiny C-17 that Our Eldest flies. As I'm not looking for aerobatics, I think this will suffice.
Slightly more technical, I'd also like to build the wing in a more traditional (for me...) manner. The plan has the wing fully sheeted on top, but appears to be open beneath. I'd like to leave off the sheeting, and just cover top and bottom with film. There is a 5mm spar up to the nacelle on the wing; should I extend this spar the full span of the wing..?
I used a procedure which worked well enough with my Kirby, in 3D-printing a pair of rib templates. I've printed a pair for this wing ...

... which I can use to trace around, then sandwich the wood between these for final shaping. I've made the ribs 5mm longer to the rear, so as to be able to slot them into the TE.
Any major flaws in the above..? It's not too late to change horses; I'm not even in the saddle yet, let alone cantering..!

Edit : It may help if I linked to the plan, so that my remarks make at least a little sense..! Here it is ...
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