Snap Aerial Silhouettes Racing Canopies

RCGroups user snapsilhouettes shares his new racing drone canopies...


Hello All,

I am writing to present to you a new era of racing drone canopies, brought to you by a company called Snap Aerial Silhouettes.

These other worldly canopies feature innovative aerodynamic shapes that beat everything else out there, built from the ground up using ultra high quality 3D print resolution for even better aerodynamics. These designs leave no canopy mounting hardware exposed whatsoever, using all internally threaded mounting equipment, but also using each frame's stock hardware to mount up (yes, you don't have to buy anything extra when you wanna use our canopy).

On top of all that FPV goodness, Snap canopies come with the state of the art RunCam Racer Nano camera, lending minimal weight and a picture quality identical to that of the full sized RunCam racer. This nano camera also allows the head of each canopy to be extremely thin, again, making for better aerodynamics. On the topic of the camera itself, Snap has invented an industry-first camera saving feature that allows you to adjust the tightness of your camera by tightening or loosening the camera's mounting screws, which allows the camera to slide back into a protected area of the canopy during direct hits or hard crashes using specially designed slots in the design (yes, it works damn well, try it for yourself, we already have).

Snap canopies also integrate the electronics we all want to add to our builds, like industrial grade Nichicon capacitors, addressable LEDs, and Sunon server cooling fans on high speed hydraulic bearings. First and only canopies you'll be hooking up to your flight controller!

All highest quality components, and best build quality out there. Visit us at, and start imaging what you could build around one of our incredible canopy designs. We hope you enjoy them.

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