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Dec 09, 2019, 10:48 AM
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Settting Altimeter Zero and Meters vs Feet

HI there,
I use MZ 24-Pro transmitter and a GR12-L rx. Trying to set the original Graupner vario, it basically works but I didn't find how to set the zero height before I take off.
Also, even though in the receiver definitions (inside telemetry menu in the Tx) all appears in meters, the display and voice apears and sounds in feet. Didnt find where can I change it.
"Bonus question" - how can I save the fluent height data in the SD card (or any other way) to display a graph on my computer after the flight?
I've never tried to connect the Tx to the computer, but i have the module if needed. Im quite new to Graupner systems...
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Dec 09, 2019, 08:10 PM
You cannot set the zero height as it is being determined by the pressure sensor during startup.

The data is shown and announced based on the loaded voice files.

You can find the files for ether metric (global) or imperial units here:

Data logging of altitude data is made on the SD card which needs to be retrieved and inserted into the PC. Logging starts from the moment timer 1 is being activated.

You can use the firmware upgrade studio to load and review your telemetry data.
Dec 09, 2019, 08:10 PM
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Dec 10, 2019, 12:18 PM
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Is there a way to set an "offset" zero, so I will be able to hear the altitude above ground level?
I use it on a hand launched glider (DLG) and want to know and improve my throw (launch) so the interesting data is the height above ground.
Dec 10, 2019, 12:23 PM
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Just another thing -"being determined by the pressure sensor during startup." -means when I connect the power to the Rx the height is set to Zero? or is it always shows height above sea level?
"The data is shown and announced based on the loaded voice files." -I see the height in feet rather than meter also on the screen (telmetry screen) -is it also connected to the voice file?
thanx again
Dec 10, 2019, 04:40 PM
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The altitude is set to zero (current location) whenever you turn on the receiver with the connected Vario.

The loaded/installed voice file determines output in metric or imperial units.
Dec 19, 2019, 10:13 AM
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OK so all written in the previous replies (thanks!) works fine. I've downloaded the metric voice file and it looks fine. but i still cant get to hear the height and also cant see it on the telemetry screen.
Please see attached. I will be glad to get any hint since I've tried everything i can and invested hours in it.
At some time a while ago i did got the height in voice and screen but I don't remember what i did different
Dec 19, 2019, 11:13 AM
This should be very straightforward and take seconds to setup so there must be something else going on.

Can you please try to do a factory reset on the receiver.

- Press the SET button on the RX and keep it pressed while powering the RX.
- Wait about 5 seconds before releasing the SET button.
- Restart everything.

Please note that when on the sensor display page it only shows which sensor has been detected by the radio. This process takes place during the first 30 seconds after starting the radio. If you turn on the RX after the 30 seconds there will be no sensors detected by the radio.

Make sure that after you switch on your radio that the RX is powered within that time window.
Dec 20, 2019, 03:33 PM
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OK, the 30 seconds note was that! thanx at last i can measure my launch (throw...) height!
I've spent so many hours on this...
Now almost all is OK
Some less critical q's:
1. At every 20m the voice announces the height (20m, 40m,60m etc) even though all alarms in the Rx are off (and i didn't find anything in the Tx to shut this off).
2. another thing is that i found i can have a switch that cycle between Timer 2 (i really need this for F3K) and the Vario height. Didn't find a way to have a switch that announces only timer 2 and another, different switch to tell only the height. Is it possible at all?
3. Log on the SD card works great, and i can see it with the firmware software. But i didn't find a way to see the height on a time based graph. Could you advice on this?
thanks again for the great and quick support!
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