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Dec 05, 2019, 02:28 AM
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What are the design principles of multi-rotor drones?

What are the design principles of multi-rotor drones? The multi-rotor UAV design is a comprehensive system, in terms of structure, including aerodynamics, structure, strength, power, materials, technology, shape and so on. Through the overall design indicators, the system is modularized, the modules and the interfaces between the modules are designed, and finally the overall design of the multi-rotor UAV is realized through system integration.

A good industrial designer must be an excellent structural designer. As mentioned earlier, the industrial design of the drone is related to the overall shape, and the shape design is related to the external structural layout, so it is about the multi-rotor drone In the early design stage, the design of Tianma Starry Sky can be performed according to the design concept and design skills. Using divergent thinking, the basic content of the multi-rotor drone's use, function, structure and form is explained.


In recent years, with the rapid development of multi-rotor drone technology, there are more and more application scenarios. In military terms, multi-rotor drones are divided into reconnaissance and target aircraft. Reconnaissance aircraft are used to complete battlefield reconnaissance and surveillance, Positioning and firing, damage assessment, electronic warfare, etc .; civil aspects, such as border patrol, logistics and transportation, aerial photography, aerial prospecting, disaster surveillance, traffic patrol, etc .; in industrial design, multi-rotor drone specific needs to be considered The application scenario is designed by integrating the characteristics of industry applications.


Function is the basic relationship between the multi-rotor drone and the user. When the user uses the multi-rotor drone, the user gets satisfaction from the function of the product. The functional design of the multi-rotor UAV reflects the practical principles of the product. On the basis of practical design principles, considering the innovation and artistic principles of multi-rotor drones, function is the core point of industrial design of drones.


For the multi-rotor drone structure, there are four rotors, six rotors, and eight rotors. No matter the size of the multi-rotor drone, it basically includes: center plate, arm, flight control, ESC, receiver, altimeter. , Digital radio station, GPS, IMU, lift device and power device, etc. For industrial applications, the multi-rotor is generally equipped with a gimbal, image transmission, obstacle avoidance device, VR equipment, and mission load. The structure of the multi-rotor drone is related to the functional requirements of the product. Design needs are based on product positioning and market orientation.

4. Form

Formal beauty is the natural attributes of the external materials that make up a multi-rotor drone, as well as the unique aesthetic characteristics of their combined laws. The beauty of drone products is a highly unified complex of drones and forms. Vision is the most direct means for users to recognize drones. The appearance of multi-rotor drones depends on functions and performance. On the premise of satisfying functions and performances, good industrial design can stimulate customers' desire to buy.

What are the above design principles of multi-rotor drones? I will share them here. The design concept of multi-rotor drones is not just the appearance of multi-rotor drones, but through certain design techniques Achieve a certain degree of fit in shape, material, function and appearance. On the artistic side, there is a logical sense, and you need to find inspiration that matches the design, and then sublimate the inspiration.
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