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Nov 29, 2019, 07:40 PM
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Smallest quad to lift and fly with a 250-gram payload?

Hi folks...

Thinking about getting rid of my DJI Phantom in favor of a small quad (flight controller will be a Kakute F7/similar, using Arducopter) that can fit in my backpack and can lift a 250-gram camera (Ricoh GR2...great sensor size to weight ratio). That's about the same weight as 2 GoPros.

The quad doesn't need to be'll be an aerial still photography just needs to be able to lift that camera (perhaps attached to a simple tilt-adjustable mount), fly up to a vantage point probably near me (within line-of-sight), take a few pictures, and come back. 10 minutes flight time would be plenty.

I want the new quad to fit in my backpack (for traveling) about the same way as my previous DJI Spark and my current DJI Mavic. The Spark is a 170mm that would be the max-ish size frame...though folding arms could make the actual flying size considerably larger...well...Mavic-ish size (335mm)

I saw a video where the Spark could lift about 180 grams (and barely fly). I saw a video where the Mavic could lift about 1000 grams (and barely fly) the power system I need is between those two.

I've built a few multirotors in the past...the specific help I need is figuring the right frame/motor/prop sizes. I'm guessing the all-up-weight at 750 grams? Meaning I'd need motors/props that can produce 1500 grams of thrust? I'd think a 2-to-1 thrust-to-weight ratio would be plenty considering the minimal flight performance I need?

I'm somewhat familiar with eCalc, but it confuses me as to what certain data fields mean...that said I found a tutorial (for an older version) and am reading that now.


1) Is it possible to build a 170mm frame that can lift and fly with a 250-gram payload?

2) Are there folding frames out there about the size of a Mavic? I've been looking and haven't found much. I've also thought about buying a cheap Mavic clone, ripping out the guts, and installing a Kakute F7 / Arducopter.

Oh...and it would be awesome if this same frame could do cinewhoop duties with a GoPro.

Thanks so much.
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Dec 01, 2019, 12:30 PM
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Thinking about a Shen Drones Squirt V2...of course it flies great with a GoPro...but would it fly well enough with another 130 grams?

Dec 02, 2019, 02:59 AM
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Way too small...
The problem I see with the cheap mavic clones I know, they are cloned at scale, 2-3 times smaller than their big brother, so not enough thrust.
250 grams payload, and at least 10 minutes flight, means at least three times total weight, but safer four times, so 750-1000 grams AUW. I mean well designed for stable flight, not barely fly...
This can't be done in less than 7-8" props, so foldable props are mandatory for your available space.
While typing I remember there are some 3D printed clones of mavic, at right size, I think you can use that shell for your project. Just search "3d print mavic"

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