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Nov 28, 2019, 08:53 AM
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A major breakthrough in the endurance problem of four-axis aircraft, and the long-las

The quadcopter is a product that is no longer unfamiliar to us, and more and more scenes are applied to the quadcopter in daily life. However, during the development of the quadcopter, battery life has always been a big problem. After all, the theoretical endurance time of the quadcopter is so few tens of minutes, which is completely unsatisfactory. As we all know, most of the batteries used in the current quadcopter products are lithium batteries. Although there are also methods such as solar energy, oil power, and oil-electricity hybrid, they each have their own disadvantages.

However, with the release of the world's first hydrogen-fueled multi-rotor quadcopter, this problem seems to be solved.

This new four-axis aircraft HYDrone-1800 jointly developed by the strong cooperation between Corbett and Black Shark Company uses a hydrogen fuel cell with more mature technology and more stable performance as the endurance, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also lasts up to 273 minutes. , About 4 hours, far longer than the battery life of other quadcopters on the market.

So, what is hydrogen fuel? Hydrogen fuel generally refers to liquid hydrogen fuel. The energy released by burning one gram of hydrogen is 142 kilojoules, which is three times the calorific value of gasoline. Moreover, the product after the combustion of hydrogen fuel is water, and the pollution to the environment is zero. At present, the application of hydrogen fuel at home and abroad is mainly concentrated in the automotive field as a solution to reduce automotive exhaust emissions.

So, what is the effect of using hydrogen fuel on a quadcopter?

We mentioned earlier that most of the quadcopters currently use lithium batteries. Comparing hydrogen fuel cells with lithium batteries, we will find that hydrogen fuel cells have significantly longer battery life, reduced performance during the life cycle, and hydrogen filling time. Short-term advantages. The lithium battery multi-axis four-axis aircraft generally has a battery life of 30-60 minutes, and the charging time is long, and the battery performance will decrease with the use of time.

Compared with the oil-powered quadcopter, in addition to the battery life, it is also environmentally friendly, because the hydrogen fuel emissions are only pure water, which is unmatched by powered quadcopters.

In terms of safety, since hydrogen is flammable and explosive, Cobbit has very comprehensive multi-level protection measures for hydrogen fuel cells, so there is no need to worry about safety. And for the safe use of hydrogen technology, after many years of development, there are also complete solutions.

Due to the large size of the hydrogen fuel cell, the models it carries will also be industrial-grade quadcopters, which will be mainly used in power, energy, military and police industries. Cobbit's quadcopters are used in power, petrochemical, military and police industries. There have been many applications, and in the field of agricultural plant protection, they are also exploring cooperation with their peers.

As a domestic industrial quadcopter industry leading brand, Cobit adheres to the development of various scenarios of industrial quadcopters, establishes research and development centers at home and abroad, deepens the research and development of industrial quadcopters, and provides high-quality industrial quadcopters for users in various industries. Axis aircraft service.

As a big data collector, quadcopters can penetrate into all areas of people's lives. At this stage, the quadcopter can not only serve as a flying work platform to meet the work requirements, but also can easily penetrate the fields of plant protection, power inspection, disaster rescue and aerial photography by virtue of its aerial working ability; the quadcopter is also used for excellent Data acquisition capabilities, so it can also be used as an Internet connection port.

The efficient operation and powerful functions of industrial-grade quadcopters will effectively promote the transformation of traditional industries, and the vertical application areas of emergency rescue, public safety, environmental protection, and oil line inspection of subdivisions of quadcopters will also promote The upgrading and upgrading of traditional industries.

In the field of industrial quadcopters, quadcopter companies with advanced technology, high reliability and good professional services will have higher and higher value-added products. The four-axis aircraft company that masters core technologies such as avionics system design, aircraft design, and advanced production technology will become the market's "civilian". However, in order to stabilize the industry tide, it is also necessary to “link up” the upstream and downstream companies in the industry chain, scientific research institutes in universities, etc., to achieve complementary and sharing of advantageous resources, and jointly break through the “blue ocean”.

A quadcopter is composed of the following components:
1. Flight control system (including various sensors such as GPS), used to control the aircraft, is the most important part on the four axes;
2. The ESC receives the flight control signal and drives the motor to rotate and achieve speed regulation.
3. The motor drives the propeller to rotate;
4. The propeller rotates to generate lift;
5. Rack, the carrier of each part;
6. The battery provides power for various electronic devices;
7. Remote control (including receiver), used by the controller to control the aircraft;
8, communication equipment, mainly refers to the radio, used to communicate with the ground station, in some cases can replace the remote control.
The above are the main components of the quadcopter, hoping to give the newcomer a whole concept.

The components needed to DIY a quadcopter can be purchased from electronic component distributors such as Amazon, Alibaba, Digikey, and Mouser.

wish you success!
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