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Mar 14, 2005, 01:11 PM
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Past reviews and build threads

An excellent suggestion from Umi Ryuzuki is to compile a list of threads which give some detail to follow-on builders.

If anyone has found a particular thread of value or interest, please let me know by Private Message, or post a reply giving the Address of the first post in the series plus a line or two of what it is about.

This will remain as a 'Sticky' at the top of Scale Boats.

Thanks Aimee


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Mar 14, 2005, 02:48 PM
Sea Dragon-Lover
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How to Post Images

.................................................. ..........................

First time scratchbuilding
Build a Springer!!!

And for those in need of serious inspiration,
2010 IOS/OSV Society Meet in GŁtersloh, Germany


Find a Model Boat Club Near you...
Make a new listing if you know one.
Map Started by Modelboat Mayhem

.................................................. ..........................

Algie Crook his build and lasting tribute to RCgroups and its Members.

DSV Seawell
Drives Drives Drives...

He will be greatly missed...

.................................................. ..........................

Selected work by Pat Tritle

Father Goose - "Vrolijkheid", or "Catherine"

Plans for Pat's designs.

Latina Santa Maria

Latina Helen

Not a "Hellen" Anymore

Dumas 19' Racing Runabout

SS Minnow

Dumas Akula Class Submarine Build

CSS Hunley

Dumas "Jersey City"

Fiberglass For Mahogany Hulls -- How To

Dumas Typhoon, Kit Review

Legend Model Boats "Thunderbolt"

Legend Model boats "Cavalier"

The Warden Johnston, Alcatraz transport, modded from dumas tug.

Dumas U.S. Coast Guard 44' Lifeboat, Build up and Review

Dumas 1941 Chris-Craft Hydro

Dive Boat Wendigo - Scratch built (laser cut)

Chris-Dumas - Craft 27' Tripple CP Barrel Back

The Orca
Plans by Pat Tritle
By Catfish- First time scratch builder and Pat's Plans
As built by a Portland Modeler - Stern - - Bow
Pat Tritles buildup.

Buzzltyr builds Pat Tritles Marina

Ed Lokken builds Pat Tritle's Chloe

TFBowen builds Pat Tritles Yoda's Ark


An all aluminium Elco PT boat

Vac U Tug Review and detailing.
Vac U Tug Review
DanL details a Vac U Tug
rmdesignworks Mods a Vac U tug

Atlantic Harbor tug reviews opinions and mods...

ST-FTG class tug
Small Tug - For The Girl

Dumas Chris Craft utility

Parat Voith-Schneider tug construction
- Parat Build up and Real boat References in German

Smit Rotterdam
It's Finished!!!

WiltP, DanL, Dan.Lord and Jmarc
Calypso Billing Boats

Demonstrates the ease of a 1st time scratch build
And A How to make your own propeller tutorial.
RG does it Second time with some cost info.

Another First time scratch build.
Riva Aquamara

Scratch built Korean Turtle Ship

A recent first time scratch build.
River Tow tug
And pick013
Shelly Foss build ups

Mitch Landry
First time scratch build.
Tow boat



Scratch built Dearborn tug..
Scratch built YTL - 710 Tug
Foundation Franklin
Another Envoy Tug build
Baywatch Lifeguard Boat

Panair XX-P Seaplane Tender 3d Printed model boat

Dumas, George W. Washburn
Hobbico, Bristol Bay refit
Tian Jie 1:144 Yamato
All the in's and out's of building this kit proper.
Be sure to check out the magazine article...

Ye old Geocities webpages by PatMat

Leen Boers
Maersk Master, a masterful build.
Rebuiding the Controllable Pitch Propeller for the Maersk Master...

Peter S.
Abielle Bourbon, Salvage ship
Ulstein Xbow AHST, 1:50 scale

USNS Sioux (T-ATF-171), 1/48 scratchbuild

Angels Gate tug build up.
Aerokits Sea Hornet
A Modern Harbor Tug
Bait Boat scratch build

Winter's Project Hartman Tug


Los Angeles Fire boat #2 Scratchbuild, Voith Schneider
SDM Tug boat model - Scratchbuild
Springer summation
Coast Guard CG45 RBM 1/25 scale

JonNFL's Fire boat build

Control Setup for VS drives

Torpedo stern Lobster boat.

Dumas USCG 41' UTB

"Tug Lover", Ropanach and Englandpils
Build up the Model Slipways Envoy Salvage Tug

Jim Wilder tug
Tiger Sun - small kit by Gary King

Ghost 2501
Builds ups the Graupner Sydney Star April 2006

Billings Banckert

Scratch built Cardboard Ocean Liners
RCS Olympic - Cardboard build up
Musashi Japanese Battleship
R/C Mauretania - Carton to ship model in three weeks.

Tugboat Andy's
Cardboard Mud puddle boat

Midwest 47 foot Coast Guard MLB - ARF assembly and customization.
Equipage- Venice 90
Rebuild of a Kyosho Harbor Star
Project "X" - A sheetboat killer...
Elliot Bay Steam launch
Rebuilding a Dumas Primetime Yacht.
Bristo Bay Trawler converted to a day Launch.
AMG Cigarette boat with Graupner outdrives

Dumas Trojan F-31

Barge build ups.
Ropanach's universal barge and modular tops.
Massey builds a barge of his own.
Just a simple barge
General barge FAQ
Brook's Cheap fun barges
Toesup proposes and builds a salvage barge.

Olscuzbut Logging barge build

Very large Freighter by Yacht Boy


Started as a barge, and became a full blown rc ship.
1/48 11' bulk cargo ship build

A quickie build up,... Invader tug
Mantua models - RMS Titanic
Marie Felling from caldercraft
Envoy Salvage Tug
Scratch built tug boat, and prize winner...
Bangarth tug
Titanic] Hartman tug[/url]
Lil Toot
Model Slipway Aziz

Hookpilot, Mike J.
1/32 Scale W.T. Preston Sternwheeler Build

Tito Neri by Graupner
Massey and others build and review the kit

Dumas, Myrtle Corey

Custom launch Douanes

Tian Jie S-100 Schnell boat.
1930 Dodge 21'6" Split Cockpit Runabout

Ed Crowell
Lord Nelson Victory Tug

Lord Nelson 1/8 scale (56") Victory Tug
1:8 scale, Maritime 34', 51" LOA, 20" beam

Dauntless build up

Wallypower 118

785boats, Paul,
Confederate Blockade Runner

Fleetscale HMS Hood

Popular Science Hydrofoil air boat....

47 Motor Life Boat
by Knotaddicted
47 MLB
Also by LClark

Vince Hoffman
Dumas 44 foot motor life boat.
Voith tug - Crowley Guard

Charlie Eaton
Cape Islander

Ed Crowell
Lord Nelson Victory tug

Lord Nelson 1/8 scale (56") Victory Tug

[ Bankert

Building a boat to display an antique outboard motor.

Damen Axe Bow patrol boat

Model Slipways Wyeforce tug

USS Canonicus Monitor Build

Builds up a Dufrense for Avidjeeper

MarkV Special Operation Craft
Micro Mahogany runabout... It's tiny!!

Bigdog jet drive push boat.

USS Hoga naval tug

Sailboat build up

Three V-32 Sailboats 2006

V-32 Sailboats 2006

foamy footy...

Vernon Hunt
Building a 10 Rater from scratch

Warren Jones
Scratch built Revenue Cutter

Tall ships putting to sea.
Follow Several builds of the Steel, Chapman & Hutchinson Ltd tall
Ships as they are built and put to sea.

Plastic kit conversion

Tony Oliver
Revell North Sea trawler

Steve Durrant
Queen Mary 2 1:400 scale R/C conversion

Lindberg Fletcher
Lindberg Fletcher again

Lindberg Fletcher

Lindberg Tug

Pat Tritle
Imex Bahrain conversion
A Gentlemen's Runabout - PT 109 conversion to Mahogany Runabout
LCVP in 1:35 scale from Italeri
Lindberg - Tuna Clipper
Imex - Tampa/Toyama Freighter

Revell Finnjet

Imex Toyama

Tug Jr. - Lindberg tug boat conversion.

IMEX 1:450 M.S.Trinidad cargoliner

Conversion of the RNLI Severn toy to Proper RC

Matthew's Model Marine.

Texaco Tanker

Patmat Discusses Gear Drives


Accessories and Other Helpful Info

Making Smoke

JJC mkII smoke Generator- uses only water to produce a cold steam
Out of production...

CGbob, and others help out on Navigation Lighting
Nav light redux...
LED lighting
Lighting online...

Servo as speed controls and Drive motor Mod
Marine Historical Society-Art of the Model builder Series
Step by Step with Patmat

What is a Stuffing Tube?
Questions and Answers on how to build a Stuffing tube.
Or, how to get the propeller shaft out of the boat.
Also check out Towboat Joes webpage

Great DIYs by Ken NJ

Build your own Kort nozzles.

Water cooling a Motor by Kmot

How to build a rudder and steering arm

A simple servo switch
Momentary, (or click on click off), switches mounted to servos

Another look for FWD/REV

Electronic Switch Options.

Voltage Regulators

Always on Proportional bilge pump Circuit

Photo Etching your own parts

Building and soldering Ship Rails.
By Metatron

The quick and dirty on hull construction.
How to plank the curve into the keel..Excellent example by Norgale(pete).
Excellent hull build up by Bluebird.( May need to register on the board to view pictures.)

Superstructure Framing and Cutting Windows

Quickie how to: Soldering Railings.

Build Windshield Wipers...

Millertime builds up rotating Fire Monitors

Model ship rescue
Retreivel Boat?
using a tugboat as retreaval
Amazing Boat Lift
Boogie Board RC boat rescue

Sinking model boats
Measures to save equipment.

Water activated Switch - bilge pump

Launching your Model boat
Kmot's Boat launching rig - Build up

Sound For your Boat

Tugboat bumpers and fenders.

Motor numbers...
What do they mean???

Boat support boxes at the pond.

Transport boxes and ship stands.

Brass Bollard build tutorial

__________________________________________________ ______________

Railroad Scale Reference Chart
__________________________________________________ ______________

The old "Lets See your Boats" thread

And the latest one. "Your Fleet"

Typically I wait till the model hits the water in some fashion.
If we are missing a good thread, let us know.
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Mar 14, 2005, 03:44 PM
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GREAT idea, Umi. Especially for us newcomers. What a wealth of information.
Jun 11, 2005, 07:51 PM
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FCC R/C Rule link

Here's a link to the FCC rules for personal radio, which includes R/C models. The R/C rules are sections 95.201 thru 95.401. R/C Rule 7 (Section 95.207) is titled "On what channel may I operate". I believe the Canadian rules are similar to those in the U.S.
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Jul 12, 2005, 11:13 AM
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Find the model frequencies for your country.

Select your country from the list in the top right pull down menu.

__________________________________________________ ____
__________________________________________________ ____

LEGEND MODEL BOATS "California Cracker Box"

Available at Mack Products

A simple Winch by DanL

Tugboat Andy's
Cardboard Mud puddle boat

Gill rc
Push boat

Tugboat, Phillip W

Tim B.
Thames RiverTug ( Tosher ) “SILVERDOT”
Opduwer Tug Boat model from Belgium
Mooring Tug from Germany

Takahashi, Yoichi
Scratch built Rescue boat (4wd)

Steve Mahoney
Two ATB static display models

Fred, "Goo-Glue"
Shelly Foss Build up

Dumas, USS Crocket

Building a large scale Dive boat Wendigo

Russel Tate
1947 Dumas 19' Chris Craft Utility
And the video version.

Building your own Z, Schottle drives

Don, the Ol' Rustbucket
American LST from Scratch

Large tow boat build.

Scratch built LARGE Happy Hunter

NHP651 - Neil
Ambulance Boat scratch build - or fiberglass mold and hull production
Lifeboat or two

Halvorsen 36

Scratch built Italian WWI dredging tug

Ueda san's SDM TUG

Bob's Dual Throttle transmitter MOD

AWVS- Wilhelm's
Billings Farimount Alpine (may need to register to view photos)

Heavy Cruiser's
1/72 AHTS Modern Ocean Towing/Salvage Tug

1924 Diesel tug Craig

Ray285 in the UK,
Building the Sidewinder/Dozer logging tug kit by Gary King, BC.

The Goon, Mark
Builds up a small push boat.

A couple of quick Frigates

Klimek Tug built from free plans available online.
Free plan links Post 12

Boomin Beaver Helicopter Tug

Lst 1180

Scratch built Pusher tug

Scratch built Titanic using fanfold foam

USNS Sioux (T-ATF-171), 1/48 scratchbuild

Backyard River System w/Lock Chamber(s)

USS Raleigh C-8

Wind Class Icebreaker, by Barracuda Boats

MV Muirneag, Deans Marine kit

Damen style Multi-Cat work boat

Nellie irene high speed tug build

Steve Mahoney
New Zealand tug, Koraki

Clyde Puffer


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Sep 15, 2005, 03:58 AM
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Thread OP

Uses for tape
May 01, 2006, 03:49 PM
no wings any more, just dust!
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thanks Umi for adding Celestia to the collection
Jun 15, 2007, 03:15 PM
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Lot of helpful stuff in here...glad I finally found it. Maybe it should be one level up as a choice in the boats section and not under the "Scale Boat" section?

Good job!
Jul 06, 2008, 10:36 AM
Custom Course Wrecker..
Yet once again, I dont deserve a mention. I guess no one else is building the Dauntless. Just forget it.
Jul 06, 2008, 02:17 PM
What is this a center for ants
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:d :d :d
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Jul 07, 2008, 01:23 AM
Custom Course Wrecker..
I'm in a bad spot...humble appologies.
Jul 27, 2008, 03:44 AM
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Thread OP
Add to the reviews that of Pat Tritle's Lyman build thread..

Suggested by frankg
Oct 31, 2008, 12:23 PM
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Motor Designation and It's Meaning

Found this neat guide - don't remember where........
Umi , if you want to add this into your post please do - if it has any value.

Nov 05, 2008, 11:09 PM
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Legend Model Boats 1950 Jersey Speed Skiff
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Feb 08, 2009, 04:22 PM
Tugs Rule!!
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