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May 10, 2001, 06:30 AM

New Firebird XL...very cool!

As many of you have seen the full page advertisements and actually flown the little yellow Firebird electric beginner ARF from HobbyZone, comes the newer and more deluxe model!

I work for a local HobbyTown USA, where Ive been selling the Firebirds from HobbyZone for $99....sold over 50 to date. When we first got em, we got a demo model, and I was impressed by what this simple %100 ready to go model could do for $99. Many people have enjoyed the Firebird and moved onto larger, and better RC. Some found out that by spending $99 versus $499, this hobby isnt for them. What a great tool!

Last week, we saw shiptment of the new Firebird XL. This looks just like an all white Firebird with wheels. But after opening the box, its so much more! Its about %25 larger than the standard Firebird. It uses a Speed 400 motor (included), and 7.2 volt 900 Mah NiMH battery pack (included) and a 2 channel radio system (included). Assembly takes about 15 minutes and is virtually impossible to get wrong! With a lot more wing area and an even lower wing loading than the standard Firebird, this I knew had to be a winner! The included charger takes 3 hours to charge the pack...thats just crazy! However, HobbyZone now has a 30 minute "quick" charger for the field...only $20 too! Extra batteries are about $25. Not to mention, a nice 20 minute video is included to help with building and flying the Firebird XL....what a value at only $119!!! Everything is there that you need except 8 "AA" batteries!

After I charged the pack up on the included charger, I took her to the local schoolyard where I first test flew the standard Firebird months ago. A quick check of controls, throttle to full and a toss, and she was off! WOW, it had a LOT more power to climb out than the standard Firebird. But, when I went to turn, controls were sluggish. It took quite a bit to get it just to turn...a problem I found with the standard Firebird too. So I landed, and moved the control lines down to the bottom hole on the outside control horns. Had a LOT more throw. As stock, they leave it low so beginners cant overcontrol. But for guys like me, youll want the increases response! Tossed her up again, and control was much better. After 13 minutes of cruising around, I brought her in for landing. It had such a wonderful glide, I overshot, so I throttled on to make it back around. Came in for a super-smooth virtually mindless landing! Anyone can land this thing....just line it up, and cut power at 10 lands itself!

Im thoroughly inpressed. For only $20 more than the Firebird standard, I think its a better bet for windier flying and larger parks. This is tough just like the stock Firebird....I smakced the Firebird numerous times on purpose...some dents and cracks, but it never stops going! A new wing is only $15, and the other spare parts are super cheap! Its tough, simple and a GREAT addition to any fleet where you want to show beginners the ropes. I dont fear selling this to someone who plans to try it without help....its truly that easy to fly! Just wanted everyone to know how much luck I had with it, and I think its a great value. You can get em here:

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