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Mar 07, 2005, 06:38 PM
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Why do you like your sailplane transmitter?

It seems well varied as to what radio a pilot uses. I use a 9C, and I've seen people use a Stylus who loved it, people who had a 9Z and loved it or sold it within weeks of owning it, Evo's and Profi's, etc. I see each has their own need behind them, but what makes your radio good for your application? Darryl Perkins uses a Stylus, why does he like it? Just used to it? I think I'd love a Stylus simply because it's trims arent digital (I can't stand digital trims, way too slow), I'd like a 9Z for it's feel, etc etc.

This isn't so much a best radio thread, or a thread to explain why your radio is the best, I just want to see why you like your radio.

I like my 9C because it was cheap, and had lots of flexibility for it's price, not so much for it's feel, but it's plenty comfortable, and was quite a jump when going from a 4 channel skysport.
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Mar 07, 2005, 11:31 PM
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Originally Posted by e-sailpilot86

I like my 9C because it was cheap, and had lots of flexibility for it's price, not so much for it's feel, but it's plenty comfortable, and was quite a jump when going from a 4 channel skysport.
Well I would put it differently. I found the 9C to be a good value, or "best bang for the buck" compared to the other radios I considered.

I looked at the STylus and the evos. Nice radios but too rich for my blood. 9C gives me a nice balance of features, feel and price. I am very happy with it.

I use it for parkflyers, 3-8 channel sailplanes and 2-4 channel slope planes.
Mar 08, 2005, 06:49 AM
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I was flying an Airtronics Vision for a number of years, then a career change resulted in it going into storage. Cruising the winter swap meets, I located and purchased an Aitronics Infinity 1000.

It's a 10 channel transmitter, with 5 user configurable "C"-mixes, and 5 bi-directional "B"-mixes (perfect for "V"-tails). Also has embedded templates for a 6-servo wing. 8 or 10 model memory, I can't recall which.

Side sliders, and rocker switches on the sides, so no porcupine switches on the top to get broken off.

The rounded case feels good in the hands, and I believe it is a bit lighter in the hands than the Stylus (admittedly it is not quite as feature loaded as the Stylus with Glider card however).

The only thing missing is the synthesized RF module. It allows the user to change Tx channel from a touch-pad menu on the transmitter, and supported a matching receiver so that the entire available 72 MHz spectrum could be selected. Airtronics offered these allegedly, but I've never seen one.

It has all the mixing capability I've needed so far with one exception (and I can get around that by using an alternate setup if desired), comfort, reliability, and ease of programming for anyone familiar with the Vision.

Mar 08, 2005, 07:35 AM
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I love my Profi 4000 because it is so easy to progam, so flexible, so easy to customize and because it has 12 channels.

I had no appreciation for how much better this radio is than so many others until I gave up with my JR and bought one.

Mar 08, 2005, 09:28 AM
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I love my Profi 4000 because it is so easy to progam, so flexible, so easy to customize and because it has 12 channels.
Was about to post along those lines, SteveR beat me to it.....

Mar 08, 2005, 09:33 AM
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The answer to your question is as unique as each of us.
  • brand likes or dislikes
  • brand familiarity (already own brand X, so familiar with how they work)
  • experience
  • budget
  • financial temperament (frugal or not)
  • desire for latest/greatest
  • intensity of interest in the hobby
  • "programming" abilitiy of the owner in the case of computer radios
  • preference in programming model (infinite flexibility vs preprogammed template)
  • desire for a specific capability

All of these play a factor in what you choose to own. I see elements of my points in the choices folks have mentioned above.

Often when I hear people say why they like radio X or don't like radio Y. Their statement really reflects on themselves, which may not be apparent in the answer itself. They may just not like to spend top $$ in the hobby, or they've had a bad experience with brand X.

In short, know yourself and your preferences. Why you like X or Y. If you want to make a very informed choice, spend time reading the manuals. Most of them are online now with a little searching. I doubt most people read those manuals, but I read several of them more than once before buying a new transmitter last year.
Mar 08, 2005, 10:37 AM
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I have/had a Vision, Stylus, MPX P4000, JR 10X, 9C, RD8000, JR 6102, JR 9303 and a Graupner MX22

All were bought as a sailplane radio.

Overall I flew the Vision the longest and love it (mostly because there wasn't anything else in that class for a while). It kind of set the standard USA soaring radio and even today I try and keep the switches in the same location on my newer radios, stopped using it because Airtronics was running out of parts (I never needed any but was getting worried)

The Stylus once you get over the poor default menu is a Vision Plus! Will do everything a Vision ever did and more. Good solid TX and almost everything needed for todayís models. A new glider card would put the Stylus back on top. Sold it.

MPX P4000, Had one for a year and never flew a model on it. Got the mixing worked out but never felt comfortable with the box. Itís my problem not the radios. Sold it.

JR10X Reverse issue as the MPX for me, I got the programming working and LOVED the TX (Best ever IMHO) but didnít like the fact that I needed to use all available mixes to set it up like my Vision. I also didnít like the fact that the wing controls were aileron, gear, aux1, flap instead of LA, LF, RF, RA. Again mostly my problem. Sold it.

9C I was looking for a less expensive sailplane TX and with the aftermarket modulation changing boards would fly all my Airtronics RX. To be honest it felt cheap in my hands (after handling the better more $$ units) and had some weird software issues and I didn't like the quality of the sliders or the way they were programmed. Sold it.

RD800 Good solid cheap TX but wonít handle 4 servo sailplane wings. Kept it for a while for 2, 3 servo slopers. Sold it.

JR 6102, I have all my PSS and electric models on this one and love it, easier to program than the RD8000. (thatís easy!) Still have it and plan on keeping it until a 6103 comes out Hello JR! Anyone listing!! Just add 1 more programmable mix and it will fly a full house 6 servo sailplane.

JR9303, My current TX. I like 95% of it right away. I think it needs a stick switch (like the Vision, Stylus, MPX, Graupner) and a little more switch assign ability and then I have the perfect TX for me. The more I use it the more cool things I find.

Graupner MX 22. Wow. Except for the price. This is all you would ever need in a TX for sailplanes. 12 channels, 4 or 5 flight modes (I forget) simple programming and complete switch assign ability so YOU can put what you want where YOU want it. I love that.

So after 26 years of soaring I have some old 4, 5 & 6 ch Airtronics Championship boxes collecting dust, a Hobby Shack 2 ch SS, a clean working Vision (for sale), JR 6102, Jr 9303 and a MX 22. The last 3 are what I currently use.
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Mar 08, 2005, 01:59 PM
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I started with a hitec neon, then a Eclipse 7, then a 9c, bought a Evo9(first one and the replacement would not xmit), Now I have a 9303h. I feel that the heli versions have a much better switch layout than the acro versions. Of all the radios that I have had since getting back into this hobby the 9303 is by far the best! Alot of the guys I fly with have jumped onto the EVO bandwagon, at least untill they tried my 9303h, now a couple have swapped theres for the 9303h. I had so much bad luck with the EVO's I had, that in my opinion they are not even worth having as a door stop!

Mar 08, 2005, 02:52 PM
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I'm not a fan of the plastic cases. I've been seriously thinking of stuffing a 9C into one of my old Hobby Shack metal transmitter cases. Or having a case bent up for it.

I like the idea of rocker switches. Problem is the switches used in/on the transmiters are wiper contacts. That is they wipe across the contact surface as they make and break the circuit. Keeps them clean. "Regular" contact switchs are a direct make. No wiping. Still I've had to replace the toggles on the 8UAF I've been using and have found them to still work after many years of use.
Mar 08, 2005, 04:29 PM
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My favorite transmitter is the Multiplex Cockpit. I use it whenever possible because of the feel, balance, and ease of programming. If I need more than the Cockpit can provide, I fall back on my Evo. The feel and balance of the Evo is almost as good as the Cockpit and the programming is at least logical but not as easy as the Cockpit. Under no circumstances will I go back to the clumsy feel, balance and illogical programming of the Airtronics, JR, Futaba, or Hitec transmitters. I might consider Airtronics if they will bring out a new transmitter in the Infinity case.
Mar 08, 2005, 05:40 PM
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I like my 8103 because it meets my needs and was priced reasonably. It has a quality "feel", and is comfortable to hold even after the many 1-hour-plus flights I frequently make..*cough*cough* Easy to program, too. I can go from an empty model memory to a working full-house program in about 5 minutes
The only thing I have run into is the 10 model memory. When I got the radio, I honestly didn't think I'd ever have 10 models ready to go. I think the 9303 may be in my future.
Mar 08, 2005, 08:56 PM
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All what you need is one good radio and just in case a backup TX

After ~30 years of soaring, I went from Simprop Tx to Futaba and 18 years ago finally to JR/ Graupner, even I knew some Multiplex guys I was never attracted to their software philosophy. And they had just in this time (early 80' first MPX 3030) some hardware problems Antenna / Batteries.

Except for some RXís issues (when I used different brands Rx on the JR Tx) I could never related a crash too radio failure.

I like the stick switches on my MC 24,also the tray provides room for tools and spareparts ( got some weird views on the slope in the beginning), nowadays Tx with tray are little bit more common in the US) and the handling of the MX 22.

Hardly use the 783 any more, I should sale it


Mar 08, 2005, 09:29 PM
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What transmitter's have metal cases? JR9303h? Aside from that, I'm thinking I should get a 12Ch or 14Ch tranny, something used, eventually. I'm looking to get rid of cheap feeling radios. Are those standard sliders on that MC24? I like! hmm, that bulk might not work well with a DLG... Can mc's transmit on upper and lower shift? I want to keep my futaba shifted recievers. Hey, futaba keeps claiming they make the most advanced radios, are they better in precision than most?

BTW, anyone seen this before? Looks like the 14MZ has a sister:

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Mar 09, 2005, 03:17 AM
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I'm voting with ChuckA. Multiplex Cockpit is small, light, sleek, comfortable and easy to use. My current goal is to never have a plane I can't fly with it. (We'll see...)

When I fly my buddy's plane on his Eclipse, it reminds me too much of when I played accordion as a kid.
Mar 09, 2005, 06:52 PM
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The JR 10X is the only aisan radio that I know of that has a metal case.


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